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  1. 1. Blue Ocean Academy, an internationallyreputed brand for management training andconsultancy has collaborated with Francorp, a part of Franchise India Group an ace integrated franchise and retail Solutions Company in Asia to introduce world classlogistics and retail training solutions in ocean strategy framework
  2. 2. Trusted for its excellence in training, BLUE OCEAN ACADEMY has wideportfolio of unique industry specific training solutions that are endorsed andcertified by the worldÂ’s premier certifying bodies like the AmericanPurchasing Society, International Quality Federation, US, AmericanCertification Institute etc Headquartered in the UAE with presence in Londonand different Indian cities, Blue Ocean Management Training & Consultancyhas blazed a trail of success in the last decade The Blue Ocean mantra issimple Professionals are trained to be experts in their field Their skills arehoned through a series of innovative training modules in a simulated workenvironment It is an instantly rewarding experience and a passport to gainingrecognition in a multi-cultural work environment
  3. 3. With the countryÂ’s GDP growing at 9 per cent, the manufacturing sector isenjoying double digit growth rates and the logistics industry is at the mostdynamic point on the graph The investment in the logistics sector over the last2-3 years has outclassed the investment in some of the major sectors likeaviation, metals and consumer durables There is immense scope for logisticsprofessionals to learn the best practices in the trade and to have a great careerin this field Since logistics education in India is still at the nascent stage,training and certification from international bodies can help professionals aswell as students to get a foothold in logistics industry Blue Ocean has steppedin to impart world class training and international certification to the Indianmarket that will help to create a talent pool to support the booming industryFrancorp will leverage the comprehensive strategy, franchise model, franchiseproposition and recommendations, marketing activities, legal documentation,operation manual for Blue Ocean, thereby positioning the brand at its prime
  4. 4. Mr Sathya Menon, Program Director of Blue Ocean said, “In thebillion-dollar logistics industry, there are thousands of jobs that are beingcreated and fantastic salaries that are being offered to trained logisticsprofessionals with local experience The time is just right for logisticsprofessionals to seize the opportunity, enhance their skills to tap into theIndias booming logistics / supply chain market ” “We not only understandthe pulse of our students but also drive solutions that are accurate, focusedand designed specifically to make a world of difference to your career And ourclients/students get tremendous ‘value for money’ since they end up payinga very modest fee for the world class training and the international certification
  5. 5. that they receive,” Mr Menon added
  6. 6. On the association, Mr Gaurav Marya, Managing Director, Francorp said “Itgives us tremendous opportunity to design the overall franchise developmentprogram for Blue Ocean The franchising industry in India is expected to growat an annual rate of 30 percent and India’s education and training marketbrings more than $40-billion opportunities for investors I am confident that thisrelationship between Francorp and Blue Ocean will generate exciting businessopportunities for the potential investors & entrepreneurs " Various importantcourses offered by Blue Ocean are in the function of Logistics & Supply ChainManagement; Shipping, Purchasing Management; Human ResourceManagement; Business Administrator; Retail Management; AviationManagement etc About Blue Ocean Blue Ocean is an internationally reputedbrand for management training and consultancy
  7. 7. With offices in the UK, UAE and India, Blue Ocean Management Training &Consultancy has blazed a trail of success in the last decade Its diverseportfolio of unique industry-specific training solutions has highlighted its imageone of the most trusted names in the world of corporate training At BlueOcean, our mantra is simple We train professionals to be experts in their fieldWe hone their skills through a series of innovative training modules in asimulated work environment
  8. 8. It is an instantly rewarding experience and a passport to gaining recognition ina multi-cultural work environment We not only understand the pulse of ourstudents but also drive solutions that are accurate, focused and designedspecifically to make a world of difference to your career And ourclients/students get tremendous ‘value for money’ since they end up payinga very modest fee for the world class training and the international certificationthat they receive Our brand is trusted for its excellence in training Ourreputation has grown with our growing portfolio of professionals and corporateclients who have turned to us for their diverse training needs
  9. 9. Different government departments like DP World, Dubai Immigration, DubaiPolice, DEWA large conglomerates like ETA-ASCON, Grand Stores, AlFuttaim, Al Shirawi, multinational companies like ONE, Siemens, LÂ’oreal,Atlantis, JVC, BASF and healthcare companies like Baxter have also soughtour services and benefited from our outstanding training solutions AboutFrancorp Since its inception in 1976, Francorp has been the unsurpassedleader of the Franchise Consulting Industry globally Over the years, Francorpbased out of Chicago, has assisted companies in virtually every marketsegment with its patented processes and unmatched expertise The blueocean strategy framework clients include companies like Bridgestone, XEROX,Shell Oil, Hallmark Cards, Encyclopedia Britannica, Mad Science Group, PolloCamperio, Ace Hardware, BP, Fruehauf, and Gant, to name a few In India,Francorp has associated with Franchise India Holdings Ltd
  10. 10. and has coalesced in an experience of 34 years For media enquiries, pleasecontact: Ruchika Malhotra| PR & Corporate Communications Manager|09311911705| mruchika@franchiseindia in|For more information, kindly visit:www francorp in
  11. 11. blue ocean strategy framework