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These are some of The Voice's capabilities we can offer your business. Contact us!

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The-Voice Capabilities Video

  1. 1. Capabilities Overview 2014 !
  2. 2. What do we do? We help our clients make money.
  3. 3. Who is The Voice? We are a nimble, highly creative shop just outside of NYC, delivering for discerning customers: •  all aspects of video production, from concept to edit •  integrated Marketing Communications assessments, advice & direction, strategy & implementation •  classic advertising campaign development — copy & art direction •  online & digital websites, web & mobile apps, emails and the like •  corporate branding, graphic design and communications systems •  social media advice & management
  4. 4. The Team Matthew Hallock Creative Director/President Dan Randmer Video Production Services Rachel Olivera Senior Account Manager Anthony Russello Art Director/Animator Nicole Salamone Art Director/Animator Breana Burek Social Media Manager Divjot Arora Programmer Paul Kardas Sales and Development
  5. 5. Why we are different We’ve create an energy here, a spirit that is distinctly The Voice. The open layout is a feng shui blend of private workplaces and public spaces. The furniture and walls of The Ad House are a journey through the history of advertising and design, giving it a museum-type feel. Music plays. There is a large eat-in kitchen. The sounds of a shoot come from The Whitebox production studio. And above all, there are the people: The Voice is not quiet like a church, with the huddled masses yearning to type into their keyboards. There is an ecosystem — a sharing of ideas and culture and views an thinking — (mostly) on our clients’ behalf. There is music and vibrancy and above all an enjoyment — a thrill that we’re working on interesting projects with smart people.
  6. 6. Apprentices Much is made of The Voice’s interns; approx. 40 talented individuals have gone through the program since our inception. This 12-week curriculum, a mix of guided and self-directed learning and real-world assignments, is an immersive experience that often serves as a bridge between higher education and the private sector. Benefits: For interns, it’s twice the learning in half the time they can get at school or working The Voice, it keeps us current, as apprentices arrive with a generations’ culture, values, fluidity with a digital world. They are the Farm — we hire the best as team members after their internships are completed. In an age when companies are constantly recruiting, The Voice has built a system that guarantees us a continual supply of the brightest, most talented creatives and account people — trained best serve our customers.. Misconception: It is NOT an opportunity to get work on the cheap. Interns generally do not work on client-facing projects, save to answer the phone or perform routine administrative tasks. The Voice is a professional services firm that place the bar high in terms of client deliverables. Interns simply do not have the experience to flawlessly meet client expectations.
  7. 7. Why us? Better •  Top-drawer deliverables •  Highly responsive •  Firm principles are directly involved •  Experienced strategy and concept development teams Faster -  Responsive account services -  Concentrated staff is nimble and amazingly productive -  24 hour proposal turn-around Cheaper •  Pay by the day, quarter or project •  Efficient operation — customers don’t pay for overhead
  8. 8. Some of our valued clients
  9. 9. See Our Gallery of Work at
  10. 10. Get in Touch Our Office: 170 Brookfield Ave. Fairfield, CT 06825 Our Number: (203) 296-2800 Our Site: Our Email: