How to sell online advertising


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Presentation for newspaper sales reps that offers basic concept and tools to introduce both print reps and customers to online advertising.

Includes research on results of advertising online, professional and consumer media choices, percent of overall budget to allocate to online, value of a click thru, the loss of not selling available inventory, sell online like an insert, and basic advice for media sales representatives.

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How to sell online advertising

  1. 1. Yes! I want to sell online advertising… but I’m completely lost. By Carol Doane @TheClassicCarol © 2010 Carol Doane
  2. 2. I don’t get it Secret codes: URL, SEO, SMS Odd terms: optimization, widget, rails, flash, analytics, impressions, views, hits, tags © 2010 Carol Doane
  3. 3. Print is easy Advertisers understand the benefit of print because they’ve used it and it’s worked © 2010 Carol Doane
  4. 4. Print is stable Advertisers can hold the newspaper in their hands, touch their ad, and the ad never moves off the page © 2010 Carol Doane
  5. 5. The known zone Sales reps stay focused on primary products, bundle online with print, or use it as value added © 2010 Carol Doane
  6. 6. Unknown Zone The terminology may not be second nature, but unless you move forward, you’re locked in with few choices © 2010 Carol Doane
  7. 7. Imagine You’re trapped in a tower, you’ll be there for a long time. You can have only one media. Which one would you choose: Radio Television Cell phone Newspapers Kindle with unlimited books Computer with internet access © 2010 Carol Doane
  8. 8. Maybe you didn’t choose internet But a majority of your customer’s prospects did They wouldn’t want to live without it Can your advertisers afford to create marketing campaigns without online? © 2010 Carol Doane
  9. 9. Clients survive with good strategy They purchase when they perceive real value They rely on you to present the options and communicate that value © 2010 Carol Doane
  10. 10. But, just wait Online advertising is still confusing—to me and the customer And nobody knows if it works (Nobody?) © 2010 Carol Doane
  11. 11. I want to know. Do online ads work? © 2010 Carol Doane
  12. 12. Yes. Online advertising boosts retail sales an average of 9% Research: comSCORE and dunnhumbyUSA via Media Week
  13. 13. Professionals making advertising decisions chose: Internet 92% Print 88% Radio 46% TV 46% Cell-phone ads 39% Research: Brandweek
  14. 14. When given a choice, 42% of consumers chose the Internet as "most essential" Survey: Arbitron, Edison Media
  15. 15. What percentage of the marketing budget should be invested online? © 2010 Carol Doane
  16. 16. 10-15% of an advertising budget should be allocated for online Study: Cross Media Optimization
  17. 17. I know how to sketch a print ad. How do I conceptualize an online ad? © 2010 Carol Doane
  18. 18. Sketch out several frames Storyboard it like a movie Create an ad of moving images that communicate the customer’s message © 2010 Carol Doane
  19. 19. My Customer complains he’s not getting enough click thrus © 2010 Carol Doane
  20. 20. 80% of display clicks come from only 16% of internet users Web users who are younger and lower paid comSCORE and Publishers Association
  21. 21. Those who viewed but did not click drove the majority of sales Clicks don’t measure the cumulative impact comSCORE via Greg Stuart, CEO of IAB
  22. 22. Anything else? © 2010 Carol Doane
  23. 23. Yes. We’re going to have to go video “The one big shift in the next three to five years is going to be video advertising” Nikesh Arora, Google Global Sales via Reuters
  24. 24. Video? Yeah © 2010 Carol Doane
  25. 25. Oh, and next is mobile And all those things that haven’t been invented. . . yet © 2010 Carol Doane
  26. 26. This isn’t a static world or career It’s constantly bombarded with new concepts. Evolving. Grab the opportunity to excel. . . now © 2010 Carol Doane
  27. 27. Plan your strategy Study Practice Learn Practice, again © 2010 Carol Doane
  28. 28. Start with small customers If they say “No,” you lose small dollars, but you gain experience © 2010 Carol Doane
  29. 29. When you feel confident Go after the ‘big fish.’ © 2010 Carol Doane
  30. 30. Just make sure You’re talking to the real decision maker © 2010 Carol Doane
  31. 31. Because unsold online ads . . . Are just like disappearing air time © 2010 Carol Doane
  32. 32. Once an online visitor has left There is no second chance to recapture that page view It’s lost opportunity © 2010 Carol Doane
  33. 33. Selling online is basic Identify if the campaign is branding or call to action Create a storyboard Choose locked position (guaranteed) or roaming position (ROS) © 2010 Carol Doane
  34. 34. Sell enough to be effective As if you were selling inserts into the paper Minimum per day Pulse don’t dribble © 2010 Carol Doane
  35. 35. Market yourself after the sale Say, “Tell me about the success of your advertising campaign” Know what is working, adjust what isn’t, secure testimonials © 2010 Carol Doane
  36. 36. Be a media pro Learn new terms Practice Improve your presentation Never stop © 2010 Carol Doane
  37. 37. Go, team! Start, today © 2010 Carol Doane
  38. 38. Thank you Carol Doane Twitter: @TheClassicCarol © 2010 Carol Doane