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Digital Disruption in India's Media Industry

The Indian connected consumer is already a different person than he or she was just a year ago. How will the evolution of the digital experience in India pan out as more and more people get connected?

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Digital Disruption in India's Media Industry

  1. 1. Digital disruption in India’s media industry: Who will win? Internet use in It took 2 decades for the first 200 million connected consumerswill jump as high as The number of Internet users in India to come online The average consumer today spends 3 to 5 hours a day with media Mobile devices are the most popular means of consuming digital media Digital consumers spend 35% of this time online India is soaring Media consumption is moving online in 2018 550 million In 2018,India will see big changes in who’s online Older Rural Female From 40% to 54% age 25 or older From 29% to 50% in rural towns and villages From 25% to 35% ofallusers 23% use feature phones Digital consumption increases with digital maturity Vernacular content is on the rise Non-English online content is estimated to increase from 2013 2018 45% 60% Less than 1 year More than 1 year More than 3 years More than 5 years Amount of media consumed online Experience as an online consumer 30% 34% 39% 42% Only 20% of connected consumers use PCs or laptops 35% The key question: Can traditional media players translate off-line print and TV dominance into digital attraction—or will “digitally native” upstarts disrupt the industry and erode traditional players’ positions? The big opening? Creating digital destinations with vernacular content that cuts across genres (e.g., news, sports, gossip, Bollywood) 56%usesmartphones Read BCG’s latest insights, analysis, and viewpoints at © The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. 2015. All rights reserved. To find the latest BCG content and register to receive e-alerts on this topic or others, please visit Please direct questions to