Tenchi Dungeons withhout Slide 10


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tenchi muyo as Non-Player Characters in a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

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Tenchi Dungeons withhout Slide 10

  1. 1. Can Tenchi Muyo Characters and Plot Spice up a dull Dungeons and Dragons campaign?
  2. 2. No Need for Group? The Tenchi Muyo Characters are powerful but have built in personality flaws that make them dysfunctional. They could use help. Arrgh ! I’m finally free to help Tenchi and you rip up my character ! You were CHEATING , Princess. Isn’t my character immune to mind control? Mind control, yes. Illusion, suggestion… roll. Come on Light Hawk Wings … 68 … Aw! Man! Didn’t your character die last round Tenchi? You started it, I was about to rescue lord Tenchi when you grabbed MY character sheet. Well that was interesting. Since Ryoko and Ayeka are no longer playing, that makes Sasami the only Jurain royalty left in the room. Kagato reaches out his hand toward you. Suddenly your back in Jurai, your grandfather is tucking you into bed… “How are your lessons going Sasami, what have you learned about controlling the Royal Trees?” Kagato’s Keep Room 101:
  3. 3. And More Help. (Poor Kiyone, always looking for that big score. Why do you think someone would leave all that treasure right in the middle of a room?) Alright, I’ll tell. I mean; No, I can’t. What will happen to Jurai if I tell him? Stop doing that! Your character doesn’t even have light hawk wings in this world. Come on Light Hawk Wings … 34 … Aw! Man! Don’t count on it. OK. Anymore chips ? I don’t know. Can someone show me what dice to roll? Alright Sasami, we’ll make this simple. Tell me how to control the royal Jurian trees or I’ll blast Tenchi’s character to bits and then the bunny gets it. Kagato’s Keep Room 101: Mihoshi, after Kiyone, we’ll roll out your encounter with the giant snakes. Mihoshi, where did you wander off too? Washu, Mihoshi’s in the room you’re in. Help her out. If she survives she’ll probably release you and you can join the group. Mihoshi P rescue = Ʃ [if 1 x if 2 x …] x Limit ( P right thing / P ) 1 P -> Mihoshi OK, Stop here for a second. Kiyone, you sneaked back down to the treasure in room 75. Come back to the table and we’ll roll out that encounter. Alright, I’m ready for this. I made a bad mistake … it won’t happen again. I’ll get right up there to help. ?!
  4. 4. Imagine what fun your characters could have adventuring with Tenchi and the Gang. Kagato! you cowardly knave. Unhand that little girl and cross swords with me if you dare . Girls, after what happened last time, I brought scotch tape and copies of your character sheets. Let’s kick this guy’s you know what. Good, keep him distracted and I’ll heal Tenchi. He’s the only one who has chance against that sword. He’s got a lot of magical spells up. I’ll cast a dispel magic first and see what I can knock down. That will also give us an idea of his level. http://www.airshipentertainment.com/growfcomic.php?date=20090830
  5. 5. Unless your Characters are more dysfunctional than the NPCs: I can’t play this. Kiyone can’t be here because she’s not in OVA 1 or 2 and Sasami was actually left behind in episode 5. Kagato can’t touch Tenchi’s sword ... While Kiyone plays out her encounter with the D.M. I’d like to talk to the rest of you about AMWAY. I’m a scientologist and I don’t believe in deities and miraculous healing. Let me explain how my cleric heals people through the power of their own mind. Yoo Hoo! Tenchi, I’m your biggest fan. When’s the next bath house scene. TenchiVerse I’m with you Princess … FLAME ON !!! AZAKA, KAMANDAKE …KILL THE HUSSEY!!! The Tenchi characters can work together if it’s important.
  6. 6. Of course the characters must be given backgrounds and skills appropriate to medieval fantasy rollplaying.
  7. 7. Not everyone can have a spaceship or even an airship. A magical mount is more appropriate for a ranger. And if that character couldn’t do her job without the onboard computer, bring it along too.
  8. 8. The characters need different background stories. Rather than a genetically engineered being created by a renegade super genius ... Genius … Jennie
  9. 9. And yet the characters must retain the same or similar powers, personality and problems.
  10. 10. Tenchi still must find the sword and release Ryoko. But since this is for a group of players, he’ll need help getting down here.
  11. 11. Ryoko must be able to shoot a cone of fire, like a dragon’s breath weapon. And it would be good to limit that to three times a day like a dragon.
  12. 12. Ryoko must be able to form an energy sword. But if someone wished a Dragon into human form, what might their powers evolve into over the centuries?
  13. 13. Even letting her throw her sword.
  14. 14. And Dragons do get spells, even high enough level spells to summon a 16 hit dice air elemental. But after 500 years of sleep, you might forget some of the quirks.
  15. 15. Ryoko doen’t need an airship, she can fly. Those metallic serpent dragons aren’t held up by those stubby wings alone. Dragons based on The Dragon Rides of Pern , can teleport too. Sasami seems to take care of Ryo-ohki anyway.
  16. 16. Ayeka does need a ship so I combined Ryo-ohke and Ryo-oh . This seems to be one the biggest disappointments so change it back if you like.
  17. 17. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed planning this and if you don’t like it.