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Background story sasami


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Background story sasami

  1. 1. SASAMI’S STORY Page 1 The players do not have access to the following information. They will have to figure it out or research parts of it through bard’s tales or magical means. This information is for the Game Master only in order to understand and rollplay Sasami correctly. The information in the NPC Player’s Sheet is sufficient to hand it to someone, say a player’s girlfriend or wife, who wants to play. (It does happen.) And while this may give other players insight into Sasami, it won’t blow the mystique or ruin the campaign. Sasami is Aeyka’s little sister and is a 3rd level monk, however most of her abilities come from a terrible accident that would have killed her when she was a toddler. When Ryoko attacked Jurai, Sasami took a terrible fall. Tsunami (a goddess of the Elves and of trees) who was watching her, had pity on her and placed the life force of one of her lesser angels within her to keep her from dying. It is believed and prophesied that the final fate of Jurai rests with Sasami and not Ayeka. Angels are the opposite of demons. Type I demons teleport and gate and have other evil powers, while type I angels teleport and gate and have other good powers. The abilities that Sasami has are not yet controllable by her, but manifest themselves as follows: a) She will detect good and evil, knowing that she likes or does not like people that she meets. b) Light. If she feels lost, alone or frightened in the dark, she creates a light spell about her. c) She radiates a protection from evil 10’ radius about her. d) Site of her within 10” turns undead as cleric her level. e) She can cure light wounds once per day per level. She doesn’t know this but if she is allowed to bind wounds and or doctor injuries it happens, at least a few times. f) She teleports away when she is under attack or in the direct line of an attack. (If a guest player was playing Sasami and combat arose, you might inform the player that the monster jumps up and is going to bite the head off your character, do you want to move? Where would you rather be? If the player tries to teleport at other times, it just doesn’t work, or give her a 3% chance for a 3rd level Sasami.) g) If she is in distress and crying she has a 10% chance per turn of gating in another type I angel (abilities same as Sasami). If this angel cannot help the distress, she will begin crying with Samsami to gate in another. Add the number of Type I angels crying for a percent chance to gate in Tsunami. This is an ace in the hole, if Ayeka or another character is killed. Each turn there is a 1% cumulative chance per turn of Sasami just falling asleep from all the crying and ending the process. The distress must be real, no crocodile tears.
  2. 2. SASAMI’S STORY Page 2 Like Ayeka and other monks of the Jurain royal line, Sasami can dodge both missile and melee attacks by making her saving throw verses Paralyzation. Sasami is extremely cheerful. She shows great organizing skills when setting up for who gets what chores to do. She is an excellent cook, the only NPC so far who can cook.