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ESB Irish Anna


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Anna has left behind progeny who continue to produce international quality horses for eventing.

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ESB Irish Anna

  1. 1. ESB Irish Anna By Glenside RID Ex Annaghdown Rose 1980 - 1991 WARNING: some people may find these images distressing.
  2. 2. ESB Irish Anna RID ESB Irish Bea By Na Wak Wa (TB) ESB Irish Enough By McCartney (TB) ESB Irish Descent By McCartney (TB ) Kirby Park Irish Hallmark By Balmoral Boy (TB) Kirby Park Irish Imperial By Balmoral boy (TB) ESB Irish Edition Out of Crescent Bay (TB) ESB Irish Endeavour Out of Tolsay (TB) < Is the Dam of > Is the Sire of : Kirby Park Irish Jester Out of Yellow Empress (TB) Is the Dam of: The foundation mare of the ESB breeding program
  3. 3. As a 2yo Matured She led the Grand Parade at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1990 By Glenside RID, she came all the way from County Cork in Ireland
  4. 4. To help promote the Irish Draught and Sport Horse (IDSHS) in Australia
  5. 5. She foaled with her fifth foal, ESB Irish Fella on January 12 th , 1990 I checked the foals correct position, feeling for two feet and a nose
  6. 6. ESB Irish Fella Born 12.01.90
  7. 7. Content and happy for the first 24 hours
  8. 8. Then disaster struck with post partum laminitis – unknown cause, usually retained placenta – Six weeks (top right) Seven weeks (Bottom left) and Ten weeks (Bottom right) later.
  9. 9. When laminitis sets in, the laminae become inflamed, The deep digital flexor tendon is attached to the back of the pedal bone, is constantly elastic in an upward direction ... ... which causes the pedal bone to rotate down through the sole of the foot. WHAT HAPPENS IN LAMINITIS CLICK TO WATCH releasing their hold on the pedal bone.
  10. 10. Despite daily nerve blocks and 8mls of ACE a day to keep her off her feet, she didn’t want to give up! ESB Irish Fella was weaned at 3mths of age to conserve Anna’s energy. He was boxed next to her to keep her company.
  11. 11. Her pedal bone rotated and came through the sole of her foot. We placed heart bar shoes on her to try and minimise the rotation. We did hoof resections to remove the necrotic tissue and reduce the pressure on the coronet band and minimise separation of the hoof wall.
  12. 12. After many consultations with experts around the world, we decided to do a tenotomy on all four limbs and cut the deep digital flexor tendons to release the pull on the pedal bone. After I realised that she wasn’t going to walk, she and I slept the night in the garden. The next day she got up and stood with NO pain!!!
  13. 13. Things were looking up! Her feet were healing, the sole of her foot was clean and healthy. The hoof wall was falling off the near side and had half fallen off the off side. I was focusing on making prosthetic feet for her when she suddenly developed colic.
  14. 14. She put up a huge fight. Now free from pain – may she rest in peace. I just hope she knows how special she was. ESB will continue until her contribution to the sport of eventing is realised. As a complication of long confinement, Anna obtained a bowel obstruction. We raced her into the vet clinic but after 3hrs of surgery she passed away later that night on April 25 th , 1990.
  15. 15. Her grandsons continue to promote her legacy. ESB Irish Enough ESB Irish Bea ESB Irish Edition ESB Irish Descent
  16. 16. A huge number of horses suffer from laminitis without us even knowing it. If ANYONE needs help dealing with laminitis, please feel free to ring for ideas or support. Phone Vanessa: 0417 363 710