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Our town: Puente Genil


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Our town: Puente Genil

  2. 2. THE ORIGINPuente Genil is a town in the south ofCórdoba. People first lived in PuenteGenil about 300 years ago.Its name was Pontón de Don Gonzalo andonly 9500people lived there . Thepopulation is about 35000 now.
  3. 3. The Genil River is the most importantaffluent of Andalucía.It is born in Sierra Nevada and flowsinto Guadalquivir.It is 359 km long and it goes underour wonderful bridge.The Genil River
  4. 4. Places with the names offamous peopleIn the town there are many streetswith names of famous people fromSpain.For example: Federico García Lorca orPablo Picasso. Also, there are highschools:Manuel Reina, Ramón y Cajal, AndrésBojollo.And of Course, COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍASCHOOL!
  5. 5. Famous PeopleAntonio Fernández Díaz(Fosforito) was born in 1932 inPuente Genil.His father was “Juanillo elCantaor”.Fosforito is a famous flamencosinger.
  6. 6. Famous People.Juan Rejano: He was born in 1903 inPuente Genil, he was a famous Spanishpoet. Some of his works are:1921 “Pandereta andaluza”.1928 “El Modernismo en la literatura yen el arte” (ensayo).1939 Memoria en llamas1943 “Fidelidad del Sueño”.
  7. 7. Some photos of PuenteGenil
  8. 8. The end