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Welcome spain


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Welcome spain

  1. 1. Welcome to Spain!
  2. 2. Something about Spain• Spain is the biggest country from three countries on Iberian Peninsula• The language in Spain is Spanish• Spain is a kingdom. The Spanish king is Juan Carlos I
  3. 3. Flag
  4. 4. CurrencySpanish currency is EURO.
  5. 5. CapitalSpanish capital city is Madrid. Madrid is thelargest city in Spain (607km2). About 3 millionpeople live there.
  6. 6. King Juan Carlos I He was born on 5th January 1938.He’s been a king from 22 nd November 19’75.
  7. 7. FAMOUS PEOPLEAntonio BanderasHe is a famous Spanish actor.He was born 10th August 1960 in Málaga. Penélope Cruz She is a famous Spanish actress. She was born on 28th April 1974 in Madrid.
  8. 8. Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso was a famous Spanish painter.He was born on 25th October 1881 in Málagaand he died on 8th April 1973. He painted alots of works. But not many people know thathe was a great sculptor. Some people don’tunderstand his paintings, because they arestrange. His most popular painting is Guernica.
  9. 9. CorridaCorrida is traditional Spanish spectacle on thespecial arenas. This is a fight between matadorand torres ( men and bull). This is verydangerous. A men need to kill the bull. If hewin, he will get one ear, two ears or two earsand a bull’s tail. It depends from his skillsand from people on the arena, especiallywomen, which wave by whitehandkerchiefs.
  10. 10. FlamencoFlamenco is traditionalSpanish show coveringdance, music and sing.It is very beautiful.
  11. 11. Traditional food • Tortilla á la espańola • Jamón Iberico de Bellotto • Paella • Seafood • Gazpacho • Fishes • Cuajada
  12. 12. Barcelona Barcelona is a city in the north-eastern Spain. It’s the capital of Catalonia. It is countrys main industrial centre. Barcelona has got a big harbour and an airport. There are lots of monuments and nice places to visit, inter alia:La Rambla- the most popular avenue in Barcelona FC Barcelona’s stadiumMuseo Picasso- there you can see his works
  13. 13. Madrid It’s a city in the middle of Spain. It’s once of the largest cities in EU, after London and Berlin. It’s a government’s, parliament’s and ministry’s seat. There you can see a lots of monuments:Plaza de Toros- large corrida’s arenaPuerta de Alcalá- gate on the Independence SquarePuente de Segovia- this is the oldest Spanish bridgePalacio de Cristal- „Cristal Palace”
  14. 14. Malága Malága is a city in the south of Spain, in the Andalucia region. It’s known from the Pablo Picasso’s museum- he was born in Malága. Thanks to mild climate in Malága grown oranges, bananas, figs, cotton, vines and sugar cane.There are a lot of monuments, too: Alcazaba- ruins of Roman fortress Gibralfaro- Castle ruins in Alcazaba Pablo Picasso’s museum- there you can see his works and his house
  15. 15. Specific things from Spain! Olives Wines
  16. 16. Festivals and Holidays celebrated in Spain:Religious holidays, New Year’s Day(1stJanuary), Feast of tapas (February), Feastof Fire (9thMarch), Spring festival (April), TheWorlds Largest Festival and Show Corrida(15thMay), Harvest festival-vintage(September), Pilar festival(October), anniversary of the discovery ofAmerica by Columbus(12thOctober), Slaughters Night of theInnocents- Day of Innocents (28th December)
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  18. 18. Thank you!!! Prepared by Julia Skowronek and Magdalena Wachta for EUrope eTwinning project 2011/2012