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Project who we are


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Finished and complete presentation

Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
  • Congrats on your complete presentation, 'Year 7' from 'Las Candelas School' and their teachers Mabel and Laura! You've covered many different aspects in very interesting ways... Way to go!
    Gladys (Buenos Aires - Project facilitator)
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Project who we are

  1. 1. WHO WE AREFrom:Las Candelas school7th gradeMiss Laura and Miss Mabel
  2. 2. Argentina in the world!Argentina is located in the southern part of the world.In this map it is pointed with an arrow.
  3. 3. Mendoza in Argentina!Mendoza is located in the western part of Argentina. In thismap it is pointed with an arrow.
  4. 4. The culture of Argentina is as varied as thecountrys geography and is composed ofa mixture of ethnic groups.
  5. 5. .Tango is the Argentina’s musical symbol. It ismostly danced in Buenos Aires.. Argentine rock , also called national rock, is themost popular music among young people. Bandssuch as Enanitos Verdes or, and composerslike Charly García , are referents of nationalculture.. Traditional folk music has been defined in severalways: as music transmitted by mouth, as music ofthe lower classes, and as music with unknowncomposers. One famous singer is: Mercedes Sosa.
  6. 6. He is a singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitaristand bassist from Argentina with a longcareer in rock music.It is a successful rock triofrom Argentina, formed in 1979 in thecity of Mendoza. Throughout theircareer they have managed to gainimportant positions in Argentina andLatin American rankings.
  7. 7. She was an Argentine singer who was popularthroughout Latin America and many countriesoutside the continent. With her roots inArgentine folk music, Sosa became one of thepreeminent exponents of new song.
  8. 8. The cinema of Argentina has historically been one of the three mostdeveloped in Latin American cinema. Film production in Argentina, supportedby the State and by the work of a long list of directors and actors, became oneof the major film industries in the Spanish-speaking world. Argentina has wonfourteen Goya Awards for Best Spanish Language Foreign Films, being the mostawarded country; and is also the only Latin American country that has wonan Academy Award.
  9. 9. The most important and famous movies in Argentina are “Thesecret in their eyes” and “The official story”.
  10. 10. The secret in their eyes is a 2009 Argentine crime thriller film directedby Juan José Campanella and written by Eduardo Sacheri and Campanella .The film, a joint production of Argentine and Spanish companies, is starredby Ricardo Darín and Soledad Villamil. The movie also won an Oscar award.
  11. 11. The official story is a 1985 Argentine drama film directed by LuisPuenzo, and written by Puenzo and Aída Bortnik. It was starred by NormaAleandro, Héctor Alterio, and Chunchuna Villafañe, among others. Inthe United Kingdom, it was released as The Official Version.
  12. 12. The most famous actors in Argentina are : Ricardo Darin, Jose Campanella, andGuillermo FranchelaDarin CampanellaFranchella
  13. 13. Colon Theatre• This theatre is in the capital ofArgentina, Buenos Aires. This theatre is one ofthe five most important theatres in the world.• Here in this theatre, a lot of people startedwith their careers of actors. Some of them are:• Pietro Mascagni• Manuel de Falla• Juan Jose Castro
  14. 14. The Cathedral• It is the main Catholic church of BuenosAires, Argentina . It is located in the citycenter, overlooking Plaza de Mayo, in thecorner of San Martin and Rivadavia streets, inSan Nicolas neighborhood
  15. 15. The Cabildo• The Cabildo is a very important place inBuenos Aires, Argentina. This place has a lot ofstories and it has been remodelled a lot oftimes. The Cabildo is the place where theRevolution of May took place.
  16. 16. Famous writers:José HernandezJosé Hernandez was a poet. He was born in Buenos Aires, in 1834. He founded thenewspaper “El Río de la Plata”, but he is known because he is the author of thebook “Martin Fierro”. Martin Fierro is a book that talks about “El Gaucho”. In 1870he was exiled to Brazil, but he returned to Argentina in 1872. Fourteen years laterhe died because of a heart disease in his house.
  17. 17. QuinoJoaquin Salvador Lavado Tejon known as Quino is a Cartoonist. His famous comic isMafalda. He was born in Mendoza. Quino studied in Bellas Artes School inMendoza. He lived in Italy several years before he wrote Mafalda in 1964. Mafaldaappears in the newspapers and is very popular in Latin America and in countries ofEurope.
  18. 18. His complete name was Florencio de los Ángeles Molina Campos . He was born in Buenos Aires in August 21st 1891.He was an Illustrator and painter, recognized by many people. His first exhibition was at the Central Hall of theArgentine RuralCenter.He painted a lot of things, for example the Three Gentlemen. Finally he died in November 16th 1959.Famous painters: Molina CamposQuinquela MartínBenito Quinquela Martín (March 1st, 1890 – January 28th, 1977), was a recognized painter who was born in LaBoca,Buenos Aires.His paintings of port scenes show the activity, vigor and roughness of the daily life in the port of La Boca.Quinquela painted this in La BocaPainted by Molina Campo.
  19. 19. Argentina has its own kind of music.“Chacarera”, for example, is one of our mosttypical dances. In the following slides you’llsee our characteristic dances and music.
  20. 20. Time ago, Argentina had its own musical culture, developed with difficultybecause of the low economic quality. Some examples are Gato, Chacarera, andZamba. Danced by gauchos and paisanas, this music marked our culture and it isdanced until today, in our patriotic acts.
  21. 21. It is one of our typical dances, mostly practiced in BuenosAires. It is classically interpreted by six people, and its mostimportant or significant instrument is the bandoneón. Thechoreography is based on the hug of the couple and it issensual and complex. Usually, it expresses sad or romanticmessages.
  22. 22. Since the 60’s, National Rock is a very popular kind of musicbetween young people and adults. Mostly played withelectric guitars and drums, this music expresses lots ofmessages, like love feeling or rebel things.
  23. 23. Famous People FromArgentina
  24. 24. FranciscoPope of the Catholic ChurchMarch 13th, 2013Francis; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; 17th December 1936 isthe 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, a position which alsoincludes being the Sovereign of the Vatican City State, leader ofthe Catholic Church, and the bishop of its Diocese of Rome.Born in Buenos Aires as the son of Italian parents, Bergoglioworked briefly as a chemical technician beforeentering seminary. He was ordained a priest in 1969. From 1973to 1979 he was Argentinas Provincial Superior of the Society ofJesus, became Archbishop of Buenos Aires in1998, and Cardinal in 2001. Following the resignation of PopeBenedict XVI, on 13 March 2013 the Papal conclave electedBergoglio, who chose the name Francis in honour of SaintFrancis of Assis. Francis is the first Jesuit Pope; the first Popefrom America, and the first from the Southern Hemisphere.
  25. 25. Birthday June 24th, 1987Birthplace ArgentinaAge 25 years oldBirth Sign CancerProfessional football player in The League for FC Barcelona andcaptain of the Argentine national team. He won seven cups:- Kings Cup- League- UEFA Champions League- Supercup of Spain- Super Cup- Best player Champions League 2008/2009- Best Forward Champions League 2008/2009
  26. 26. She is the Queen of Netherlands. MáximaZorreguieta Cerruti was born in BuenosAires, Argentina, on 17th May 1971, she is theKing William-Alexander’s wife.
  27. 27. Argentina is filled with holidays and traditions of many years ago. Ones are based onhistorical events, because this country had to fight to be an independent country, we weremany years conquered by Spain. Our historical heroes are:Juan José deSan MartinMariano MorenoManuel BelgranoDomingo FaustinoSarmiento
  28. 28. The May revolution celebration occurs every year on 25th May. In 1810, the peoplestarted to protest and proclaim. This was the starting point to become a freecountry. For that we had a patriotic government, different from the one that Spainhad. The role of this government was toreach the total liberation from Spain. But they didn’t attain it , we liberated from apart of Spain. Patriotic people had meetings in the Cabildo of Buenos Aires.
  29. 29. In May revolution the patriotic government liberated from a part of Spain,but in 1816 we liberated from all the Spanish people.Since that event we have:•Democratic government•The national constitution•The population can express ideasThis event is very important for us because we are a FREE country.
  30. 30. Mendoza, our beautiful province in Argentina. It isfull of incredible and dazzling landscapes andtouristic places. Most of them are relaxing, and inviteyou to think. One example is Aconcagua. It is thetallest mountain in Argentina
  31. 31. AconcaguaAconcagua is Mendoza’s tallest mountain. It is 6960meters tall. It attracts lots of tourists andmountaineers or climbers. Nice to take photographsand make snow sports like ski.
  32. 32. Las LeñasLas Leñas is another great touristic place. It islocated in Malargüe, it is cold and full ofsnow, what is useful to practicesnowboarding and ski. There are somecottage resorts to rest and be warm.
  33. 33. Peñaflor WineryPeñaflor is our most poplar winery, whereyou can taste our delicious and wellelaborated wines and appreciate ourvineyards.
  34. 34. •Thank you forsharing our projectwith us!!