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Turn the Page: Mobilized Communication


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Effective communication is a key skill in today's homeowner industry. The use of digital communication (including computers, mobile devices, and applications) is currently dominating the communication landscape. This webinar gave attendees the basic knowledge required for effective mobile communication in the homeowner industry.

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Turn the Page: Mobilized Communication

  1. 1. Mobilized Communication
  2. 2. Look familiar?
  3. 3. 72% of Americans own a smartphone
  4. 4. Are your communications mobile-friendly?
  5. 5. Mobilized Communication is... Portable
  6. 6. We have them on our person the majority of the time, a relationship that binds the individual to the device, not the technology.
  7. 7. Mobilized Communication is... Pedestrian
  8. 8. We take our devices with us on our daily journey and make them a part of our real-time life as it happens.
  9. 9. Mobilized Communication is... Personal
  10. 10. We customize and personalize mobile devices and consider them an extension of our personal identity.
  11. 11. For more information, watch James Garner’s webinar “Turn the Page: Mobilized Communication” at