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Gkt Practice Quiz


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Published in: Education
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Gkt Practice Quiz

  1. 1. GKT Practice Quiz 1. Which is NOT a redundant phrase? A. consensus of opinion B. team cooperation C. personal opinion D. whether or not 2. The word, phrase, or clause to which a pronoun refers, understood by the context, is a: A. pronoun B. modifier C. antecedent D. superlative 3. One kilometer per second is equal to approximately how many miles per hour? A. 2,237 B. 1,322 C. 0.6213 D. 2.2369 4. Which is NOT a true unit of measure? A. zettagram B. picogram C. petagram D. yondogram 5. A child's swing can demonstrate the relationship of ____________________ without being notably influenced by weight. A. mass and volume force, mass, and acceleration B. gravity, momentum, and acceleration C. mass, momentum, and motion