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Win with Satisfaction Factor!
JSS-Tripler has a very high "satisfaction factor":

You can start with just $10.
Every day, your 2% earnings are added to your account. You can log in and see your daily earnings.

With JSS-Tripler, "something happens" every day , and you can see it by logging into your account.

With many programs, there are many days when "nothing happens" because you "wait" to cycle, for others to provide you with spillover, etc. "Nothing happening" can be frustrating for most people.

JSS-Tripler has no sponsoring requirements.
You don't have to do any work to earn. This tends to be very satisfying!

90 DAY PLAN - Recommended (invest money earned and returned in 90 days!):
Day 1: Add Money
Days 2 - 25: Reinvest 100% of your Daily Earnings by buying new JSS-Tripler positions until your Balance is 50% bigger (25 days).
Days 26 Onwards: Whatever the maximum number of JSS-Tripler positions you can buy on Day 25.. then buy that exact same number of positions everyday from then on.
Days 27 Onwards: Cashout excess balance everyday after buying your daily JSS-Tripler positions.

You start with $1,000
25 days later that has grown 50% to $1,500
$1,500 x 2% = $30 per day
Now buy 3 JSS-Tripler positions ($30) from now on everyday without fail and start to cashout the remaining balance everyday when at least $20 or more.. your original invest money will be paid back to you within 90 days
Note: you will be able to buy those 3 JSS-Tripler positions everyday into the future earning you Indefinite Income!

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Jbp jss tripler explained

  1. 1. JBP Explained
  2. 2. Tripler "positions" are purchased in increments of $10.00 Earn 2% daily= $0.20 per day, per position for 75 days
  3. 3. For example: 1 position costs $10.00 10.00 X 2%= $0.20 $.20 X 75 days= $15.00 ($5.00 profit) 4 positions cost $40.00 4 x 2%= $.80 $.80 x 75= $60
  4. 4. 100 positions costs 1000.00100 x 2%= $20.00 per day20.00 per day for 75 days1000.00 turning into 1500.00
  5. 5. 10 positions earns 2.00 per day25 positions earns 5.00 per day50 positions earns 10.00 per day100 positions earns 20.00 per day500 positions earns 100.00 per day1000 positions eans 200.00 per day
  6. 6. After 75 days, each position matures and expires and will nolonger earn the 2% per day.Free Bonus: Every 4th position that expires, earns 1 FREE BONUS JSSSynergy Surf matrix spot, worth $20.00 if one was to purchasethis spot and when this matrix fills, you earn $60.00.This is a 2X2 forced matrix. In other words, your free spot willbe above 6 empty spots.
  7. 7. This is how you have tripled the amount you have funded4 positions purchased @$40.00 4 x 2%= $.80 per day 75 days earning 2%= $60.00 Bonus matrix filled= $60.00$60.00 + 60.00= $120.00 120/40=3 (Tripled)120.00 divided by 40.00= 3
  8. 8. Referrals1st level= 10% commission earned from every position theybuy= $1.00 each, 5.00 for every matrix of theirs that fills2nd level= 5% commission earned from every position theybuy= $0.50 each, 2.50 for every matrix of theirs that fills
  9. 9. Example of Referral Commissions1st level referral John purchased 16 positions @ $160 John will earn $3.20 daily x 75= $240 Your 10% commissions = $16.00 John will earn for filled matrixes= 16/4 x $60= $240 Matrixes commissions when filled= 16/4 X 5.00= $20.002nd level will be the half commissions of 1st level referral
  10. 10. Important to knowThe matrixes can be but, need not be filled by referrals or byyour own expiring groups of 4.These are forced and will be filled by other members groups of4, as whos have expired next.
  11. 11. Your referrals will be "preferred" before others, helping you tofill your matrixes.Up to 50% of your own tripler positions can be used to fill yourown matrixes.
  12. 12. More stuffTo be eligible for the bonuses, as well as matrix commissions,you must be upgraded to at least JBP1,which is a $15 fee and due once every 3 months.
  13. 13. Good To KnowIf you dont really understand the JSS matrixes, thats ok ..youhave 75 days to learn about those :)There are many avenues for you to turn to get help! ● Web Conference- open nearly 24.7 ● Support help@justbeenpaid.com ● Your Sponsor ● FAQs ● TutorialsWebRepOverall rating
  14. 14. More Links● How To Fund & Buy Triplers● How To Withdraw● JBP Updates● Alertpay● Solid Trust Pay● Disclaimer