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The Cost of A Career


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When making decisions about your career path, it is important to understand the costs of that career. Those costs will vary from industry to industry, but knowing what expenses to investigate can help you to make the best, most informed decisions.

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The Cost of A Career

  1. 1. When Making Decisions About Your Career Path, It Is Important To Understand The Costs of That Career
  2. 2. 1# Job Training You will be expected to invest in the required qualifications before you can be considered a viable candidate. The Cost of A Career
  3. 3. 2# Where The Jobs Are Determine whether or not you will likely need to relocate in order to find work, or whether the job requires a lot of travel The Cost of A Career
  4. 4. 3# Work Schedule The schedule you will be expected to work will have a huge impact on your life, and can led to costs both tangible and intangible. The Cost of A Career
  5. 5. 4# Health Impact Your job can impact your physical and psychological health, and this can lead to costly medical bills that should be considered. The Cost of A Career
  6. 6. 5# General Work Expenses There are several expenses hat employees are expected to bear regardless of the industry. E.g. You will need to cover the cost of transport to and from the workplace, along with your work appropriate wardrobe. The Cost of A Career
  7. 7. The Cost of A Career Embarking on a new career is an exciting and scary decision, but going in with the best knowledge possible will at least allow you to go in with your eyes open.