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Transitional markers

  1. 1. TRANSITIONAL MARKERS Formality Levels for transition Words and Expressions transition Words and Expressions Compiled by Ms. Terri Yueh
  2. 2. timeTo clarify chronological order Sentence connector First, second, third, fourth, ….. Next, last, finally,…. First of all, meanwhile, after that, since then, subordinator Before, after, while, until as soon as, phrases The first (+N.), the second (+N) before the (+N), in the year, since the (+N)
  3. 3. Importance To indicate order of importance: Ascending order, Descending order, Equal importance Sentence connector More important, most important, above all phrases The most important (+N)
  4. 4. Cause & EffectTo introduce reasons  Coordinator for  Subordinator Because, since, as  Phrases Because of, as a result of, as a consequence of, due to, to result from, the result of, the effect of A on B, the consequence of,To introduce results  Sentence connector Accordingly, as a result, as a consequence, therefore, thus, consequently, hence,  Coordinator so,  Phrases the cause of the reason for, to result in, to cause, to have an effect on, to affect
  5. 5. Comparison & ContrastTo introduce a comparison  Sentence connector Similarly, likewise, also, too  Coordinator and  Subordinator as, just as  Phrases like, just as, just like (+N), be alike, Be similar (to), be the same as, both…and, not only…but also, to compare to, to compare with, In like manner,To introduce contrast (strong opposition)  Sentence connector However, in contrast, in (by) comparison, on the other hand, on the contrary  Coordinator but,  Subordinator while, whereas  Phrases to be different from, to differ from, To be dissimilar, to be unlike, to compare with,
  6. 6. Alternative & ConcessionTo introduce an concession Sentence connector however, nevertheless, nonetheless, still Coordinator but, yet Subordinator although, though, even though Phases despite + N, in spite of + NTo introduce an alternative Sentence connector Otherwise Coordinator Or Subordinator If, unless
  7. 7. TRANSITIONAL MARKERSFormality Levels Formality Levels for transition Words and Expressions Formality Levels Compiled by Ms. Terri Yueh
  8. 8. addition Basic form for informal and formal use also, first, second, etc. More formal additionally, besides, further, furthermore in addition, last but not least, next, not only… but also, too, Most formal equally important, moreover, similarly
  9. 9. Cause & Effectreasons or results Basic form for informal and formal use for, because, then, therefore More formal As a result, for this reason, since, thus Most formal according, as a consequence of, due to, to result from, consequently, hence
  10. 10. timeTo clarify chronological order Basic form for informal and formal use after a while, after that, also, at last, currently, earlier now, since then, eventually, finally, first, second, etc. In the future, in the past, next, last, finally More formal afterward, at the same time, first of all, meanwhile formerly, immediately, in the meantime, later Most formal concurrently, previously, simultaneously, subsequently
  11. 11. example Basic form for informal and formal use for example More formal for instance, in other words Most formal as an example, as an illustration, to exemplify
  12. 12. comparison Basic form for informal and formal use also, like, too More formal both . . . and, neither. . . nor, in the same way, compared to, likewise, as well as Most formal by comparison, in common with, similarly, in like manner
  13. 13. contrast Basic form for informal and formal use however More formal instead, nevertheless, on the other hand Most formal conversely, in contrast to, in opposition to, on the contrary,otherwise,still whereas
  14. 14. summary--conclusion Basic form for informal and formal use finally, therefore More formal after all, all in all, at last, briefly consequently, last, on the whole, in sum, thus Most formal accordingly, as a consequence, in brief, in short in closing, in conclusion, in summary to conclude, to summarize