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Expository writing


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Expository writing

  1. 1. Expository Writing
  2. 2. What is an Expository?An expository contains the following elements:1. Specific topic2. Clear thesis3. Organization appropriate to topic4. Evidence • Facts • Examples • Quotations
  3. 3. An Expository is NOTAn expository paper is not a persuasive paper. It should not have any personal pronouns present or any opinions infused.
  4. 4. FormatWe are going to use a standard five paragraph format for this essay. If this is not familiar to you, consider your hand.Your thumb and pinky are shorter and will represent your introduction and conclusion which hold less information. Thus, they are shorter.Your three fingers in the middle will be the body paragraphs of your paper. They are longer fingers and will hold more information in your essay.Let’s take a look.
  5. 5. IntroductionThe introduction will state your topic. Leave out the personal pronouns. Don’t say, “I’m going to tell you about . . .”Mention what your support will be, but do not give details at this point.
  6. 6. The BodyThe body should support the topic with examples. The examples can include facts and quotes. The use of facts and quotes adds power to your believability.
  7. 7. Transition WordsTransition words are verbal indicators to the reader to signify structure and flow. You should use them at the beginning of each paragraph except your introduction.
  8. 8. Transition WordsFirstSecondAlsoNextIn additionAdditionallyFinallyIn conclusion
  9. 9. ConclusionYou should restate the focus of the essay and summarize your main points again for the reader. Be careful not to say it exactly the same as you did in the introduction. Use a thesaurus and find some friendly synonyms.
  10. 10. AssignmentChoose a type of government to explain. Explain who is in charge, how are decisions are made, how much control do the people have?Notice the topic first. Then notice that the question gives three subsections of the topic. The three subsections are questions to answer in your supporting paragraphs.You may use prior knowledge or you may want to research several types of government that are different from the United States.Research papers are often types of expository writing. This is not a formal research paper, but I am looking for facts. Therefore, I am not looking for references and documentation in this essay.
  11. 11. AssignmentEmail only your expository outline by Sunday. I will evaluate your outline and suggest options or changes before you write your final copy. You may outline or use the hand format. You may do it hand written if you would like and scan it to send to me.
  12. 12. Government Links••• Also consider monarchy, oligarchy, anarchy, democracy, and republic. Please view these links with a parent and discuss them together.