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Stunning Lingerie was
born out of a need to
be able to browse and
purchase beautiful
lingeries and
accessories, w...
Bridal Lingerie
Bra & Underwear
Top 3 Reasons Why Babydoll
Lingerie is So Popular
Babydoll lingerie has evolved over several
decades into what it is today...
The Perfect Bridal Lingerie
Wedding days make special memories for
couples. While preparing for months for that
one specia...
Handy Guide in Buying
Underwear for Women
You may think that buying some underwear for
women over the Internet is n...
To Buy or Not to Buy A Corset
Should you include a corset in your lingerie
collection? Perhaps you have been curious
Why Is It Important To Buy
Sexy Lingerie
Apparently, a lot of women take for granted the
importance of buying some sexy li...
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Stunning lingerie - Australia Online Lingerie Store


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Stunning Lingerie is Australia online lingerie store. Stunning lingerie have high quality range of intimate lingerie including bras, panties, corsets, bustiers, bodysuits, teddies, loungewear and a range of plus size lingerie. Shipping Australia wide.

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Stunning lingerie - Australia Online Lingerie Store

  1. 1. About Us Stunning Lingerie was born out of a need to be able to browse and purchase beautiful lingeries and accessories, without being embarrassed or feel like you're looking at a naughty site. We're here as an online destination for busy shoppers who want to feel spoilt, or to spoil a special someone, without spending a fortune. Keeping up with the latest trends and hottest fashions, we offer clothing, lingerie, hosiery to costumes and eyelashes, so you can shop online in the comfort of your home!
  2. 2. Bridal Lingerie
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  6. 6. Top 3 Reasons Why Babydoll Lingerie is So Popular Babydoll lingerie has evolved over several decades into what it is today: one of the hottest and most popular items ever when it comes to women’s intimate apparel. But what is it that makes babydolls so well-liked and attractive to both women and men? It’s actually three things: accessibility, charm, and sexual appeal. Accessibility One of the reasons why babydoll lingerie is so well-loved by women is because of its ability to elegantly complement the female form, no matter the shape or size. There may be several styles of babydoll lingerie, but they all revolve around the basic design itself, which is excellent for covering up the belly area while flaunting the cleavage. Depending on the length of the babydoll, you can choose a style that either shows off your legs or your cleavage, or both. No matter what style you choose, it’s always easy to find a design that can provide a flattering look for your body. Babydoll lingerie is perfect for all shapes and sizes, both petite and fuller figures can pick and choose the perfect type of babydoll to highlight and flatter their favourite assets. Sexual Appeal There’s simply no denying the sexual appeal of babydoll lingerie. Even men who wouldn’t be caught dead inside a women’s store can be seen lining up to buy babydolls for their wives and girlfriends. They come in sheer fabrics like silk, nylon, chiffon, and satin, allowing your partner to get a good idea of what’s waiting underneath. Babydolls often come with matching panties, or you can opt for styles that totally expose the bottom and breasts, if you so desire. You can find an extensive selection of colours and styles that can cater to almost every woman’s sense of fashion and eroticism. Do you want to appear as the cute, sweet girl? An array of pastel colours and patterns await you. If a demonstration of cheeky raunchiness is more to your personality, then red and black colours are your friend. While you’re at it, why don’t you try on some hot pink, leopard prints, and polka dots as well? Charm The overall design of babydoll lingerie revolves around the idea of innocent, playful charm that’s so suggestive of youthful qualities. The actual “babydoll” term came from a 1956 film with the same name, which starred Carroll Baker. The actress wore this lingerie item in the movie, which garnered widespread attention and acceptance by the public. Babydoll lingerie, is also associated with the boudoir, pin up look. Available in vintage styling to modern fun designs, it has definitely evolved from a simple sleepwear garment into one of the hottest lingerie styles in the market today.
  7. 7. The Perfect Bridal Lingerie Wedding days make special memories for couples. While preparing for months for that one special day, often times you think it’s only the bridal gown that matters most. Bridal lingerie should always be on your checklist. You need undergarments that will fit perfectly under your bridal gown. Wearing the right kind of lingerie on your wedding day will give that that extra boost of sensuality and sexiness and confidence for your magical day. Another consideration in terms of bridal lingerie is your wedding night/honeymoon lingerie. It could be a surprise for your new husband or a gift for your new bride. Here are some few points to remember when choosing the perfect bridal lingerie: White is your best choice. Most wedding gowns are white or beige, and you wouldn’t want a bright colour peeking through. Ivory, cream, rose, champagne and peach are also recommended since they’re light colours and will easily match any bridal gown. But if your gown is made of sheer fabric, you don’t need to wear a bra. Instead, you should have cups sewn in. A quick way to hide a tummy is by wearing a corset. It easily tucks you in and contours your waist giving you a flattering shape on your gown. There’s also what we call the “bustier” or “basque” piece. They are perfect to wear under a strapless gown as it lifts and supports your bust while tucking in your waist. These are perfect curve shapers that are perfect for all body sizes, from slim, curvy to plus sized women. Choose whatever works for you. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and breathable. You’ll be wearing it on your most special day, so it’s best that you choose the undergarment with the “almost bare” feeling. Comfort gives you confidence. When you feel comfortable and relaxed, you can truly enjoy your wedding day. Silk and cotton fabric lingerie is best to get that relaxed feeling. To achieve a smooth figure beneath that gown, try a seamless panty. There are lots of seamless thongs and bandeau bras to fit your strapless or backless gown. However, this may not be quite the sexy image you want for your honeymoon. Change into your sexy evening lingerie when the reception (or ceremony) is over and be sure to entice your groom on your special night. Create a feel of intimacy on your honeymoon with sheer, lacy, and satin lavish lingerie that will surely spice up the night. Reflect your personality in your choice of colour. The colour red stimulates him and gives a feeling of passion and seduction that he won’t be able to resist. White and cream are perfect for that innocent, pure bride and those that are rocking a tan. Your bright yellows, greens and blues reflect your fun and happy side. Purple, gold and pink lingerie shows off your romantic, feminine side while black can be your elegant or rebellious side peeking through. In choosing the perfect bridal lingerie for you, bear in mind that is should be comfortable, sexy, and functional. There are a lot of assortments from laces, sheer, satin and cotton that are reasonably priced in the market. Make your wedding perfect by choosing and wearing the right undergarment. Your special day shouldn’t be complete without it. You have found your perfect wedding mate, now it’s time to find your perfect wedding lingerie!
  8. 8. Handy Guide in Buying Underwear for Women Online You may think that buying some underwear for women over the Internet is not a really wise thing to do. It can be challenging and time- consuming, and you might end up spending more or choosing something regrettable. Indeed, many things can go wrong if you don’t know how or where to shop for women’s underwear online. But as technology advances, it is no longer that complicated to find fashionable yet practical and comfortable underwear for women even online. There are several important things to keep in mind if you want to buy women’s underwear through the Internet. Think about the pros and cons of buying online. Is it more beneficial for you to buy online than to visit various local lingerie shops? For guys wanting to buy some lingerie for their partners as gifts, online shopping may prove to be convenient and less embarrassing. And these days, most women shop for almost anything over the Internet. Know what to look for. You can avoid wasting your time and effort if you are to shop with the aid of some checklist. Most local lingerie stores do not allow the fitting of any underwear. Hence, it is no different when shopping for underwear for women online. This is why you need to create a checklist of all the things that could help you find the right underwear. Prepare the needed measurements including the most appropriate style and type of fabric. See to it that you know your size and the kind of cut that suits your body. Many women are quite uncertain of their dimensions, especially in terms of their underwear. Moreover, not all lingerie companies offer similar features and specifications. Thus, it’s wise to try different options until you can find the one that satisfies all your requirements. Be realistic. Provide adjustments. Don’t be in a rush. Just like when shopping in a local store, it pays to be patient and reasonable. Always be meticulous even when you can’t actually feel and fit the underwear. There are several factors to check and confirm for a more satisfying purchase. Look into the product details. If possible, contact a company’s customer service for assistance. Know as much as you can about the underwear. More importantly, compare as much potential options as possible. Be systematic. Comfort over Fashion, Quality vs. Quantity Try not to confuse fashion with comfort. A woman’s underwear is all about the right fit; a fit that is both comfortable and flattering. Remember, just because it’s fashionable or designer doesn’t mean it’s comfortable and practical. Look for undergarments that perfectly cling to the body or enhance a woman’s curves. Don’t fall for products that come in bargain packages. Start with few pairs. Scrutinize well. It may seem overwhelming and unreliable to buy some lingerie, particularly underwear, over the Internet. But with the plethora of tips and information regarding online shopping, anyone can come across the perfect underwear without having to spend a lot of time and energy. Aside from its convenience, you can also find a wide variety of remarkable yet cheap underwear for women.
  9. 9. To Buy or Not to Buy A Corset Should you include a corset in your lingerie collection? Perhaps you have been curious about it but are still skeptical considering all the myths associated with wearing such provocative garment. But have you not seen how much such clothing is now being used in movies and in the modern fashion industry? Many corsets are venturing outside the confides of the bedroom and into street wear – both day and eveningwear. Remember, wearing corsets has its own benefits. You just have to find the one that fits your needs and style. So what should you take into consideration when you are having a tough time deciding whether or not to buy and wear a corset? 1. Reasons for buying. Of course it will be such a waste if you are to buy some lingerie, which you have no intention of wearing. Do you have the confidence to wear corsets? Will it help you boost your confidence? It may help you improve your posture, contour your body into a more defined shape, accentuate your natural curves, and display your sense of style while adding a touch of vintage fashion trend. Some modern corsets, though featuring lacing or boning, have little or no effect at all on the wearer’s body shape. Therefore, you can always find something fashionable yet won’t cause discomfort. So whether it will serve as your occasional outerwear, a form of self-indulgence, a tool for fetish and sexual sophistication or perhaps a quick fix to feeling and looking exquisite, see to it that you understand the requirements of being a corset-wearer. 2. Ability to buy. Your inclination to buy a corset may also depend on your resources or whether you can afford a genuine tight-laced/well-boned garment. Nevertheless, the price should not be an issue if you truly require such lingerie (i.e for medical purposes, waist reduction/training, and attendance to a special occasion). After all, this kind of luxury is a really worthwhile investment. Thus, invest on high-quality ones; properly fitted and well-made corsets last longer than those cheap knockoffs. Be prepared, as most corsets, especially those custom-made by skilled corsetieres, come with a hefty price, depending on how long it took to finish the garment. Ready-to-wear corsets are also available. But you need to carefully examine the boning, the fabric, fastenings and laces. You should also ask about the specific measurements and style. Evaluate and compare the pros and cons of each option including when buying over the Internet. Learn more about this type of lingerie to avoid confusion and regret. You will never know if this is the kind of garment that will do wonders to your body or not if you won’t actually consider wearing it. This may be the time for you to explore more daring lingerie. But of course, you need to understand which style is perfect for your body, the factors affecting the quality of the corset, and whether you should buy online or visit a reputable corset maker for custom- made corsets.
  10. 10. Why Is It Important To Buy Sexy Lingerie Apparently, a lot of women take for granted the importance of buying some sexy lingerie. In fact, several married women believe that they no longer have to invest in sexy undergarments. Now this often leads to poor sexual relationships or the lack of physical intimacy in married couples. Surprisingly, many women are unaware of the benefits of sexy lingerie. There are also those who ignore its importance thinking it’s not a priority. According to a recent survey conducted for the intimate apparel market, lots of women do not make it a point to update their alluring undergarment collection unless necessary. Even a good number of single women as well as those dating or in a relationship have confessed about their failure to buy and use some fashionable or appealing lingerie. But there is more to wearing lingerie than meets the eye. The famous Dita von Teese said that wearing appealing lingerie is more about embracing womanhood than merely seducing men. Indeed, it should be considered a basic wear that enhances confidence instead of occasional clothing that challenges personality and beliefs. Jen Abercrombie of Panty Raid stated that lingerie ought to be the first layer of clothing that flatters a woman’s body not just during special occasions but something that anyone can wear comfortably every single day. Women should wear sexy yet comfortable lingerie as a form of personal expression, particularly in terms of style and fashion. It is extremely important to get a hold of the right types of sexy yet comfy undergarments as your confidence in wearing such clothing will not just improve your intimate relationship with your partner but will help with body insecurities. Many women swear the sexy lingerie even help their confidence in the work force and in social scenes. Aside from the fact that it boosts confidence and brings out the sensuality inside of you, your lingerie can motivate you to maintain a healthy and sexy figure. Some women who are aiming to lose some added pounds, make wearing their favorite sexy lingerie again a serious goal. Hence, not only does lingerie make you look good but you also feel good about yourself. In addition, one of the reasons why you should buy some sexy lingerie to be used on a daily basis is that because—you just never know. Indeed, you never know when the opportunity to flaunt your sexiness comes up. Do you have to run back home and change to your lingerie like it’s your costume? Remember how your mother keeps on telling you to “always” wear some decent undergarments? It is better to be safe than sorry. The more alluring lingerie you buy, the more driven you are to wear them and feel their wonders. After all, what is there to wear when you haven’t bought anything? Start with the basics then eventually move on to more daring types. Take note that quality should always be your priority rather than the price. More importantly, ensure that your chosen sexy lingerie suits your body type, skin tone and other factors affecting the experience and situation.