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Can an intelligent system exist without awareness? BDS18


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Marco Baena, Head of AI at Stratio, presented at Big Data Spain 2018 "Can an intelligent system exist without awareness?"


Is a system without awareness a truly intelligent system? Here he showed why it is a mandatory approach to pursue awareness and how an Awareness-Centric model is the key of any competitive modern business. In addition to this, he also showed the technical benefits of such systems and how Stratio proposal is a reference when following this model.

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Can an intelligent system exist without awareness? BDS18

  1. 1. Can an intelligent system exist without awareness? Marco Baena
  2. 2. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? Intelligence is the ability to achieve goals in the face of obstacles by means of decisions based on rational (truth- obeying) rules. Steven Pinker
  3. 3. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? Definitions will be a challenge since every person has a different one. Intelligence and Consciousness
  4. 4. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? Which scenarios are more intelligent?.
  5. 5. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? Google's artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, won for the second time a master of the ancient Chinese strategy game Go. The system did this without using historical data. According to Google there are more potential positions in a Go game than atoms in the universe. Chinese Game Go 01 “AlphaGo made some moves which were opposite from my vision of how to maximize the possibility of winning”
  6. 6. 02 Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? Boston Dynamics Robot Dog have learned how to open doors for said friends. A robot is seen struggling to get past a locked door. Once opened, the robot keeps the door for a second robot to pass. It is not known if the robots act autonomously or if someone is controlling their movements behind the scenes. Hey Buddy, Can you Give Me a Hand
  7. 7. 03 Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? A vehicle that takes missions like going from point A to point B, making necessary decisions under not known scenarios. It knows about itself, the surroundings and the relationship between them. Self Driving Car
  8. 8. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? What are their differences? Which one is a more “Intelligent” system?
  9. 9. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? Awareness in a system implies… Awareness
  10. 10. The system has objectives, Driven by objectives
  11. 11. Systems should have capabilities, not services or programs.
  12. 12. Ability to manage resources Ability to access data. Ability to transform data into knowledge. Ability to plan. Ability ...
  13. 13. The search something bigger than us, should be a discovery path.
  14. 14. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness? SpaceAI… in the path to awareness discovery
  15. 15. Thanks. Cananintelligentsystemexistwithoutawareness?