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Stacie's Cambodia


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Stacie's Cambodia

  1. 1. Between 1874 and 1921, the total population increased from about 946,000 to 2.4 million.
  2. 2. Public holidays National Day, Haul Cheam, Independence Day, Labor Day (May 1), Day of Hatred (May 20), Feast of the Ancestors (Sep 22).
  3. 3. Memorial Day, June 19. Holiday in honor of the founding in 1951 of the revolutionary forces of Cambodia. Celebrated with parades in Phnom Penh. Day, June 28. Holiday in honor of the founding in 1951 of Memorial the Revolutionary People's Party of Cambodia. Celebrated with parades in Phnom Penh. Republic Constitution Day, May 12. Commemorates the Khmer constitution of 1972. Day, April 17. The Lon Nol dictatorship fell on this Independence day in 1975. Also called Victory over American Imperialism Day. Day, January 7. Commemorates the fall of the Khmer National Rouge in 1979. of Hatred, May 20. Day Cheam, occurs in April. Cambodian New Year celebration Haul equivalent to Thailand's Song ran. The celebration lasts for three days of water fights. Boucher. Visa Day. See Buddhism. Visa
  4. 4. The country of Cambodia is a wonderful travel destination. Te country of Cambodia is located in the southern region of the Asian continent. The country is loaded with tourist attractions and the natural scenario is also awesome. There you will get many options for things to do in Cambodia. Sightseeing is one of the most interesting things to do in Cambodia. There are plenty of tourist attractions spread all around the country of Cambodia. So you will surely enjoy visiting these interesting tourist attractions in the country. However there are some other very interesting things to do in Cambodia also such as Shopping in Cambodia. There are also various arrangements for sports and recreation in Cambodia. Various amusement parks are there. You must visit those and involve yourself in those recreational activities. Enjoy these interesting things to do in Cambodia and make your trip to Cambodia more exciting and enjoyable.
  5. 5. Shopping is one of the most interesting parts of traveling. You must take some unique things to your home that is special in Cambodia. There are numerous shopping malls in the country of Cambodia. Jewelry and gemstones are very famous in Cambodia. Besides these, handicrafts and carvings are special in the country. You can be rest assured that souvenir shopping is one of the most enjoyable things to do at Cambodia. Along with shopping in Cambodia, you can also enjoy Nightlife in Cambodia and Sports and Recreation in Cambodia. The nightlife in Cambodia is really very colorful and enthusiastic. When you feel tired of shopping and visiting the tourist attractions in the country, come to the restaurants and bars in Cambodia and enjoy the nightlife there. The bars and restaurants are the ideal places for gossiping. Spend some time with your friends and near and dear ones. Some of the famous bars and restaurants in Cambodia are Le Louisiana Bar and Restaurant, River Street Bar and Restaurant, the Garden Center Café and so on.