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Official corporate presentation of social gaming company Gamester. For more information please visit or send an e-mail to

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  • Gamester Corporate Presentation

    1. 1. interactions full of entertainment
    2. 2. WHAT IS “SOCIAL GAME” ?
    3. 3. WHAT IS “SOCIAL GAME” ? simple gameplay allowing game play in short time periods ability to get results easily
    4. 4. WHAT IS “SOCIAL GAME” ? social games depend on shared experiences of friends
    5. 5. WHAT IS “SOCIAL GAME” ? title also refers to distribution channel; “social networks”
    6. 6. image by pete kim on flickr social interaction made social networking sites popular and grow instantly.
    7. 7. image by .dr4gon on flickr “if Facebook were a country, it would be the 8th most populated in the world”. - Mark Zuckerberg, January 7, 2009
    8. 8. new technologies TRANSFORMING industries, changing CONSUMPTION habits.
    9. 9. image by galessa's plastics on flickr our focus should be not on emerging technologies but on emerging cultural practices. Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture
    10. 10. image by 1773 on flickr without a doubt, music industry is changing the way it works because of emerging technologies.
    11. 11. image from gaming trends pres. game industry is also experiencing 16 | 57 this change...
    12. 12. image from duck hunt players want next-generation experiences instead of next- generation hardware.
    13. 13. image by nod young on flickr then, what motivates players ?
    14. 14. biggest motivations 12 3
    15. 15. our focus should be not on emerging technologies interaction with friends but on emerging cultural practices. Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture playing with real-world friends and meeting with new friends adds a new dimension to the game and multiply the experience. image by pete kim on flickr
    16. 16. gaining social status is at the top of the hierarchy of needs it’s important to feel a sense of acceptance and belonging.
    17. 17. SHARING experience playing with/against friends increase the emotional value of upgrade playing.
    18. 18. rise of social games huge growth in terms of number of players, social games, investment in a short time period.
    19. 19. by march 2010 top social game stats for
    20. 20. our business is designing new age digital entertainment models.
    21. 21. image by marcus nielsen on flickr creates social interactions with full of entertainment.
    22. 22. design game ing s for b est SOCIA IN TERA C L TION RE EC YIEN AR LE P XP E
    23. 23. our vision is to offer cross-platform entertainment with maximizing the social interaction and player experience. online/mobile/console/...
    24. 24. our first title
    25. 25. Follow Us THA NKS