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Welcome to central web power point

  1. 1. Welcome toCentral Elementary School Go Eagles!!! 2012-2013
  2. 2. Notes From Mrs. MizellDear Parents, We thank each and every one that has made time toeat lunch with their child this quarter and encourage those ofyou who haven’t made it yet, to come and join us. We alsothank the volunteers who have helped us run off copies andhelp shelve books and other tasks that have helped us have agreat start to the school year. We encourage you to keep usinformed of change of address, email, and phone numbers.Weather is turning cold, so please label all jackets, coats andsweaters. We ask for your participation and support. Our goal isto provide your child, our students, with a positive learningenvironment. Sincerely, Cindy Mizell
  3. 3. From the Counselor…… October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Red Ribbon WeekStudents will spend the Red Ribbon Week is October 19th-25thfirst half of the month During this time, students take a stand against drugs.learning about bullying, ---------------------------------------------------------------------how to report a bully, Friday – Be a Sport and Don’t Do Drugs – wear a sports shirt or uniformand how to stand up Monday – Color the World Drug Free – wear asagainst bullying. It is many colors as possibleimportant for everyone Tuesday – Drugs are Ridiculous – students dressinvolved to know bullying crazy or ridiculous (mismatched, backwards, etc.)is one sided and Wednesday – From Head to Toe We Say No – wearintentional. crazy socks and a hat Thursday – Black Out Drugs – wear black Amanda Ming - Counselor
  4. 4. Announcements• December 11th: PTA Meeting 6:00• December 13th: Winter Carnival 5:50-7:30• December 17-21: Santa Shop• December 24-January 4: NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)• January 7th: First Day Back from Winter Break• January 21st: NO SCHOOL (Teacher PD)
  5. 5. Congratulations to our district wide poetry slam winner,Allison Baxter!!! Here is the poem that she took first place with!!! Loose Tooth by Allison Baxter Wiggle. Wiggle. My loose tooth. Can’t wait to pull it out. It feels funny in my mouth. Bit an apple. Crunch! It’s still there. Chewed some caramel. Is it gone? Nope. Wiggle. Wiggle. Try to pull it out? Ouch! That hurts. Tie a string. Slam the door. BAM! Wiggle. Wiggle. Still there. Dad can help. Open wide! Don’t cry. Close your eyes. POP! OK. All done. Tooth Fairy, here we come!
  6. 6. October Kindergarten News• Reading- This month we are reading story books and students are re-telling and discussing characters in the story.• Writing- This month we are writing like scientists. We have been observing our surroundings in nature.• Math- This month we are working on counting numbers and comparing sets of numbers. We will also work on measurement.• Science/Social Studies- This month we will be talking about Pumpkins, Columbus Day, and physical environment.
  7. 7. What are we studying?? Reading: Getting to know Characters in books. Writing: Persuasive and Opinion Writing. Math: MeasurementMake sure your child is reading 3-4 times a week at home! Makesure to sign the log!! Make sure you1stGraders Use Technology in study your Sightthe Classroom…… Computers, Word Lists!! iPads, Promethean Boards, etc…
  8. 8. What’s up in grade 2nd this month??? Reading For the Months of December and January we are focusing on Series Reading and Cross Genre Reading Writing For the Months of December and January We are focusing on Opinion Writing Math Our focus in math for December is Collecting Data and Graphing. Science/Social StudiesWe will be learning about Force and Motion.
  9. 9. Reader’s Workshop: Series Books: Read many books with the samecharacter this month…Remember to read 20 minutes each night-talk about what you read with someone.Writer’s Workshop: Realistic Fiction: Writestories that could be real- make your character real. Celebration comingsoon!! Math Workshop: Keep working on those additionand subtraction strategies! Work on countingmoney!! $$ PARENTS!! Be on the look out for… • Spelling Bee • Laura Huckabee, Weather woman 40/29, visit on October 23rd • Parent Teacher Conferences October 25th
  10. 10. Look What’s Happening in 5th Grade Math/Science• In Math this month, we are finishing up our unit on volume. The assessment will be Friday, October 12. We will then study subtracting where we will be practicing different subtraction strategies and subtracting large numbers.• In Science, we are studying plant and animal Literacy/Social Studies cells. We will study cells under microscopes and make models of cells. Our next unit will • In reading, we are studying characters be on ecosystems. We will start this toward and reading in partnerships. the end of the month. • In writing this month, we are beginning our unit on interpretive essay. • Social Studies is in full swing with our Native American Unit. Students are reading about MANY different topics in this unit, and each child will choose their favorite topic from this time period and complete an end of unit project.
  11. 11. Central Elementary Media Center Our Book Fair is Coming!Friday Oct 19 through Thursday Oct 25 At the Book Fair you will find thelatest and finest titles for kids, as well as books of interest to parents. See you there.
  12. 12. Drop off and Pick up• Bus drop off and pick up will be located behind the building on North 22nd Street.• Car drop off and pick up will now be located in the front of Central Elementary School on North 24th Street.