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SmartCLIDE Project Pitch presentation

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SmartCLIDE Project Pitch presentation

  1. 1. "The Stairway to Cloud"
  2. 2. Organizations Faster Effective Development Cloud Big DataCode Novice Expert Secure Reuse Quality Services Trust Cost Learning Tool
  3. 3. Cloud C Example E Discovery D IDE I Learning L S m a r t
  4. 4. Targeted Users Developers (primary users) UX / Product Design Scrum Master / Agile Coach Product Owner Product or Service Increment User Test User Centric Sponsor
  5. 5. "The Stairway to Cloud" Cloud Video: - nosolomarcas

Editor's Notes

  • Welcome to a brief introduction to the SmartCLIDE Project, a project to boost the adoption of Cloud and Big Data Solutions.

    Cloud computing can be considered to be a primary enabler of digital transformation, since it allows organisations to disengage their growth from the need to acquire more powerful infrastructures.
  • SmartCLIDE will provide organizations with faster and more effective development of cloud and big data services, gaining deeper insights on how cloud and code works for the novice to expert.
    It will provide more secure and easy ways to reuse quality code and automated cataloguing services, encouraging trust and facilitating the reuse of services. 
    It is a code learning tool that will support a deeper understanding of the cost of Big Data and Cloud
  • You’ll see that we’ve adopted the name from the key elements of the project solutions.
    [C] SmartCLIDE will be a Cloud-based IDE and will boost the adoption of Cloud solutions. The cloud nature of the environment will enable collaboration between different stakeholders, and the support for cloud solutions will pave the way for the digital transformation.
    [L] It will make use of a Deep Learning Engine to automatically categorize the available resources before presenting them to the end-users.
    [I] SmartCLIDE is a new smart cloud-native Integrated Development Environment, based on the coding-by-demonstration principle. It will support creators of cloud services in the collaborative discovery, creation, composition, testing, and deployment of full-stack data-centred services and applications in the cloud.
    [D] It will allow the Discovery of IaaS and SaaS services, and will facilitate the composition and deployment of new services for staff with no previous experience in programming or the administration of systems and infrastructure.
    [E] SmartCLIDE is based on the coding-by-demonstration or programming-by-example principle. It was conceived in the early 1970s to teach new behaviours to computers by providing them with specific examples. The disruptive approach of SmartCLIDE is that it will make use of this principle with the objective of generating the underlying software that makes the computer behave in a specific way.
  • [Developers] Our main user targets are developers. The tool facilitates the developer’s work through automation and pre-established commands. These commands increase efficiency in tasks such as version deployment, security tests according to established acceptance criteria, or software development according to the highest quality standards.
    Other groups that will benefit from SmartCLIDE include these groups. 
    Autonomous teams, with end-to-end responsibility, dealing with the full development stack, must also be able to select the best options for application deployment and make it available to end users. SmartCLIDE helps in dealing with the associated complexity and multiplicity of available technologies.
    [UX/Product Design] Situated between Business and developers, User Experience and Product Design teams can work with feature specification, user stories, and acceptance testing.
    [PO/SM] SmartCLIDE provides Product Owner, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches,  with an effective overview of the project. It provides information about the speed and performance of the team, with metrics appropriate to these roles. It encourages collaboration through User Story Maps, Kanban, etc.
    [Sponsor] SmartCLIDE will also provide metrics and a Product Roadmap for the Sponsor or other Stakeholders, simplifying the general monitoring of the product that is being built
    [Tools (missing)] In addition to supporting the team, SmartCLIDE provides value to the overall project in the form of integrations with other tools such as Zeplin for development processes, User Test tools such as Invision and Lookback and Jira or Trello for general management.
    [End User] Finally for the end-user the benefit is in the product that that team has produced with processes that ensure greater control throughout the development cycle.
  • For more information visit our webpage on  Thank you for watching!