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Welcome to Cloud Computing World


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Cloud Velocity provides hybrid cloud software which can migrate your existing applications into the public cloud with no application modification needed and with a high level of security and control in the cloud.

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Welcome to Cloud Computing World

  1. 1. WELCOME TO CLOUD VELOCITY ! The Hybrid Cloud World …. Automated Cloud Migration and  Disaster Recovery Software
  2. 2. WHO IS CLOUD VELOCITY  Cloud Velocity was founded by a team with extensive expertise in operating systems, distributed systems, virtualization, cloud, networking and storage technologies.  The team has developed software that enables new and existing Linux and Windows multi-tier applications to run in the cloud without modification, automatically extending the enterprise data center to the cloud so that applications can access any necessary services residing back in the enterprise.  The result is the development of a new generation of cloud on boarding solutions, including cloud cloning, cloud migration and cloud failover, all based on the unique One Hybrid Cloud™ (OHC) Platform Architecture. Rajeev Chawla, CEO and Co-Founder
  3. 3. CLOUD VELOCITY BUSINESSES  Hybrid Cloud  Cloud Migration  Cloud Cloning  Cloud Disaster Recovery
  4. 4. ADOPT HYBRIDCLOUDSERVICES FOR BETTERACCESS TO DATA  The competitors and rivals of the company are waiting for the right opportunity for targeting the clients and acquire the trade. But it can be protected if you have the hybrid cloud services with you. Hybrid cloud services are the services in which the data is stored in network, rather than in files or disks of computers. It is the next generation tool of handling huge amount of data, without compromising with the safety. There are many benefits of hybrid data and the major one is huge space for storing unlimited data. Companies and organizations, often feel it difficult to store the data in their office or headquarters. They have to devote a particular space for storing this data and also take satisfactory measures to maintain its security. With hybrid cloud services one doesn’t have to worry about any such thing. On the network a company can hire as much space as they want and store their precious data about finances, clients, resources and projects in form of bits.  This data will be coded, and secured using username and password or any other such technology, depending on your requirement. Only those people can access it that is equipped with the username or password, and no one else. It certainly increases the safety of your priceless data. Moreover one can access it from anywhere, regardless of the location, which certainly increases usability of the data of the company. Opt for cloud migration services and enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud.
  5. 5. HYBRIDCLOUDSOFTWARE ANDITS BENEFITS FORCOMPANIES  Hybrid computing is used when the companies opt for software as a service module, where they need to transfer data from the cloud to their computer and vice a versa. With help of hybrid cloud software it is easy to manages the data on the cloud without any loss. One can connect to various applications and software which are available on the cloud and utilize them. This is a great way of reducing the cost of the company spent mostly on buying new applications and software.  The company needs not to buy any new device to run these hybrid cloud software as they are available with integration helping the cloud to integrate with your device easily. It is definitely a great way to stay ahead with the latest technology and protect your valuable data with cloud disaster recovery. Save your valuable finances, resources and data with help of hybrid cloud software and applications and enjoy the effortless management of technology and data. It will certainly benefit your organization.
  6. 6. HYBRIDCLOUDREQUIREMENTS  Perhaps the most significant barrier to a true hybrid cloud operating model is a wide gulf of manual processes required to run existing multi-tier apps and services seamlessly across data centers, colocation facilities and public clouds. That gulf is perhaps the largest barrier to the enterprise adoption of public cloud. A few years ago, through a series of challenges faced after Neopath / Cisco and while at Mayfield Fund, our team ran into how complex this gulf really was, and spent considerable time developing the CloudVelocitycloud migration solutions. Before I start talking about what we did to automate the processes and bridge the gulf, let’s first discuss the key hybrid cloud operating requirements. I would like to post what I think are at least the first three:  New and existing apps need to be able to run seamlessly across data centers and clouds.  Critical data center services (including data bases, file servers, authentication, and firewall settings) need to be available to those apps regardless of location.  Hybrid cloud operating models should be free of any lock-in traps, including having to standardize on a single virtualization platform, or modify your apps only with a specific vendor.
  7. 7. CLOUDMIGRATION MATTERS  A few days ago Cloud Velocity CTO Anand Iyengar posted a blog on why cloud migration is very different than image migration. In Cloud Migration is Bigger than Image Portability he talks about 12 critical hybrid cloud elements that frequently go missing when a complete app and service is migrated into the cloud. He then talks about the business case for each element usually missed by image migration. His point: the cloud migration journey is as (or more) important as the cloud destination itself.  Yes, Amazon’s AWS has built some powerful hybrid cloud capabilities as I am reminded by at least one of its developers. Yet if you don’t take advantage of those APIs and services within VPC they might as well be missing. That’s Anand’s point. Use your cloud migration to set the stage for fully leveraging AWS capabilities, not simply plopping an image of an app in yet another silo.  By migrating apps, configs, updates and critical infrastructure services together into a cloud, the real payoff begins, including enhanced agility, security, protection and scalability. Without that app and service cohesion you get increased complexity, risk, manual process and a much less interesting payoff, especially from an authentication and security standpoint. Since AWS has developed some advance enterprise-friendly features… why not use them? More info :
  8. 8. MORE INFO CONTACT CLOUD VELOCITY !   Phone:408.841.4800  Location:2350 Mission College Blvd. Suite 1250, Santa Clara, CA 95054  Website:  Thank You !