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My ple 2


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My ple 2

Published in: Technology, Education
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My ple 2

  3. 3. PLE Are systems that help students create their own learning, using social networks and internet accounts stimulating learning in itself.
  4. 4. FACEBOOK Facebook is a social networks , that helps us to have a communication with people around the word, so my purpose to use Facebook is to have communication with my family that is in other country, and also to meet new people, specially English speakers, to practice my English with them And I also use Facebook as a tool that help me to be connected with my classmates and to work in our homeworks because, there we have a group which have been created with the purpose to help us in our homeworks. It is like a student group online.
  5. 5. TWITTER It is a social network that helps us to show our personal tastes, meaning that, through Twitter I can show what I like, following pages or people that I am interest on.
  6. 6. MY BLOGGER I created my Blogger with the purpose of showing my homework to my classmates or other people who are interested to gain knowledge, through my blogger. So I think the Blogger is used to present information about a particular topic.
  7. 7. YOU TOBE It is a social network that helps me to watch instructional videos for a better understanding of the theory, and for learning how to do something better. But also, I use it to listen to music, most of the time in English to increase my vocabulary.
  8. 8. HOTMAIL It is an internet account that I use to send and receive messages and I consider this is like a big mail box that save the e-mails or others social networks.
  9. 9. Google This is an internet account that I use to learn, because it`s like a big book where I can find a lot of information about everything that I need, and I think that with Google I have access to all type of information.
  10. 10. GMAIL Is an electronic mail service, I use Gmail because for me this is a source of emails that I can send and receive messages and documents, which can be from friends, family or classmates. So, for me Gmail is very useful to exchange information.
  11. 11. ZUNAL Its a portal that allows you to perform an online Web Quest. So I use zunal as a tool that help me to create my personal profile as a teacher.
  12. 12. RUBISTAR Its a tool used by teacher, becuase with rubistar the teacher can create assessment rubrics in different activities.
  13. 13. TWITTERFEED Internet is an account used to link different accounts like Facebook and twitter, so here twitterfeed helps to link accounts and social networks.
  14. 14. All the social networks and internet account have been created with the purpose of improving the lifestyle of people, so that have changed the way of searching information and it has become easier, and funny too, so with the help of social networks learning has become easier.
  15. 15. REFERENS • http:// • • / • • •