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The a dvengers minute maid

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The a dvengers minute maid

  1. 1. BLITZKREIG TEAM THE ADvengers! Aditi Mathur Kriti Mathur Sampan Kamble Vaani Malik
  2. 2. MINUTE MAID INDIA CAMPAIGNS2007: The launch campaign strategy was to drive home the USP of the brand. The ad was highly successful in communicating this basic differentiating point. The task of the commercial was to tell the consumer that Minute Maid has more Orange Pulp in it. a-coca-minute-maid-india-2008-tv.html 2011: Launch of ‘Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh.’ The communication initiative talked about remembering the ‘First love’. The new communication campaign can be best explained by the tagline "Khatti meethi yaadon ka ras.” In-addition to leveraging mass media, the entire communication effort was complimented by a range of initiatives including, out-of- home (OOH) media, radio, in store & on- the- ground activation across all key markets.
  3. 3. IDEA AND IMPLEMENTATION #GiveAMinute – 60-day Campaign • Objective : Top of the mind Recall • Target Segment: urban youth, both male and female, smartphone users, active on social media • Positioning: A minute is what it takes to change lives • Packaging: – Logo on the Packaging will be scanned which will then redirect them to the #GiveAMinute microsite where they can play various games for a minute. • Microsite : – One minute online minute maid branded games targeting young adults. – Live Progress of a large sized replica of the Minute Maid bottle with 1000L mark supported by a digital OOH placed at strategic locations – This digital integrated campaign will run for 60 days • Consumer Gratification: – Once the bottle is filled, a village with an acute water scarcity will be adopted for life by the company, promising them a “refreshment for life” • Trigger Campaign: – Social media campaign creating buzz about this campaign, encouraging people to “give a minute” out of their busy lives in helping make a difference. • Youtube Campaign: – Post the adoption of the village, multiple one-minute videos showing how it was a ‘people- led campaign’ supported by Minute Maid
  4. 4. FEASIBILITY OF THE CAMPAIGN  Community’s perception of the importance of the need for which money is to be raised: • After the survey of 69 talukas in 10 districts of Gujarat, the government has found that there is a situation of scarcity in 939 villages and other 2,979 villages are facing partial scarcity. • The impact of the scarcity is visible in Saurashtra, where the Maldhari (pastoralist community) has started migrating. With the water supply being scarce across the towns in Saurashtra, public anger too is rising  Feelings about the organization • Price a major hindrance for the brand in local markets- slightly overpriced in comparison to others • Pulpy orange widely accepted and recognized  Size of the potential donor base and its ability to give • The population in the age-group of 15-34 increased from 353 million in 2001 to 430 million in 2011 (The Hindu) • Smartphone shipments are expected to rise sharply from 11.2 million units in 2011 to 73.4 million units in 2015E comprising 25% of the total mobile handsets market in India. • The younger demographics' desire to use mobile Web technologies could see the smartphone markets revenues soar. (Research and Markets, Smartphone Industry 2011-2015 Report)
  5. 5. • Internal resources available for the campaign and the preparedness of the organization to undertake it  Addressing the water scarcity through the strong distribution network of the parent company: • In India, The Coca-Cola Company has an extensive distribution system comprising of customers ( the grocers, small retailers, hypermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores and millions of other businesses that are the final points of distribution in the Coca-Cola system), distributors and retailers.  Strong Social Media Presence (Official Statistics) • Facebook: Minute Maid. 686513 likes · 13179 talking about this. • Twitter: 1544 Followers
  6. 6. BUDGETINGTHE SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: Step 1: Social Media Strategy- is already in place, however Outsourcing requires an investment of $5,000 to $10,000 and a solid month of time. Step 2: Social Media Build- Already exists but includes the creation of custom skins for pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Step 3: Content Development- area of major investment for our strategy. Involves both pre and post campaign content generation and consumer engagement. Effective social media marketing content should include: Blogging (a minimum of two to three new posts per week), Infographics or other illustrations, Online videos (professionally done preferred), Professional photography (products, live events), Recorded webinars and webcastsA good budget for content development per month can range from $3,000 to $5,000 per month at a minimum. Step 4: Social Media Channel Management- hiring a professional or team to manage content delivery, engagement in groups, outreach, commenting, and fan/follower/connect building. Expect to budget at least $3,000 to $5,000 per month for this work to do it right. Step 5: Social Media Management and Monitoring Tools- Although the social networks themselves provide some level of reporting (LinkedIn profile analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.), there are specific tools such as SocialOomph, HootSuite, and Radian6 that can take your social media management to the next level.(HootSuite at $10 per month, Radian6 type at $5,000 per month and up)
  7. 7. Estimated Consumer Engagement through the Campaign Brand stickiness is the single most important metric for engagement and measures the ability to retain a new player beyond the first visit; it’s a measure of what hooks a user and keeps them coming back for more. Stickiness in social games can be calculated as: Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users. Here are some stickiness ratios: Facebook Zynga (entire catalogue): 22.5% (source: Scrabble, Gamehouse: 30% (source: Gamesbrief) Bejeweled Blitz, Popcap: 27% (source: Gamesbrief) Mobile Angry Birds, Rovio: 10% (source: the app side) Parallel Kingdoms, PerBlue: 30% (source: inside social games) Glu Mobile: 11.7% (source: Pocketgamer, 9/8/12: 3.4 million DAUs /29 million MAUs) •Average time spent playing online games: 64 hours in 60 days •Share of gaming in the internet usage pie in India: 54% •Expected engagement on our microsite: at least 30 hours for the campaign period •Estimated Social Media Impressions: •Twitter: (No. of people tweeting with a hashtag+ No. Of followers) x No. Of tweets •#minute maid: {Approx 30 (From Dec’12 to Sep’13)+1544} x 100= 1,57,400 •Estimated Walk-ins in a shopping mall (OOH Visibility): 18,600 footfalls in one mall for 60 days •Footfall in a mall in India: 7000 on weekdays, 12,000-15,000 on weekends •*These estimates do not include brand awareness through word of mouth.
  8. 8. BENEFITS TO THE BRAND THROUGH THIS CAMPAIGN • From Pulp to Minute: The focus on the word ‘minute’ will drive brand recall • Specific Reach: One of the key takeouts from the previous campaigns was the fact that an Integrated Marketing Communication Mix was used only during the launch of new variants/products. However, the proposed strategy only targets at consumer engagement to a TG which is active on social media. We therefore focus on a social media campaign supported by OOH that would help generate visibility specifically within the desired target group • Creating a path for rural markets: The brand remains a premium brand within the rural markets. However, a campaign like this would help build awareness and goodwill around the brand, acting as stepping stones for penetration into the rural markets • Catalysts of Change: The insight for this campaign lies in the fact that even though people, especially the urban youth do not actively involve themselves in helping the society, they don’t mind doing their bit through social media. The perception thus created for the brand in their minds- “Am helping make a difference in someone’s life, and Minute Maid is helping me with it.”
  9. 9. THANK YOU• REFERENCES: • fruity-minute-maid-ooh-campaign-in-kolkata&Itemid=3 • orange • • • scarcity/20130522.htm • govt/20130326.htm • • • • • • • • Consumer Perception and Acceptance of Minute Maid in Puducherry, Dr Ganesh L, IJMBS, Vol 3, Issue: 2, April- June 2013 • The Internet’s New Billion: BRIC Countires, BCG Report, September 2010

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