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Hashtag nestle nescafe

  1. 1. Team #Hashtag Nestle-Nescafe Shalaka Pradhan Sumana Suresh Vaishali Kasture
  2. 2. Background Study of Past Campaigns • Segmentation: Nescafe has divided the country into two segments i.e. southern, northern India. The southern segment consumes more of hard and roasted coffee whereas the northern segment consumes more of instant coffee • Targeting: Initially Nescafe was targeted at morning people. Then with the use of youth icons like Deepika Padukone, Purab Kohli and Vir Das, they targeted the entire youth audience • Positioning: Nescafe Classic is positioned as a symbol of shared happiness All the TVCs and the print ads show people sharing a cup of coffee. Another communication was- 1 coffee cup 1 good feeling with Nescafe
  3. 3. A Brief Of The New Idea Proposed The main aim of the communication will be to reinforce the concept of drinking coffee whilst staying awake, all the while saying that Nescafe Classic is the coffee to have You have your end semester exams tomorrow and there are miles to go before you sleep. Your head repeatedly drops on the desk, and you realize you need something to keep you going. Instinctively you reach out for that packet of Nescafe Classic. Your true-blue midnight companion You are at work, and have a deadline of 8 am the next morning. The big idea just refuses to formulate, and just before you fall asleep on your desk, you reach for the packet of Nescafe Classic. Your true-blue midnight companion Time: 1:00 am Venue: Hostel room/Office desk/Couch at home Friends are home to play board games, watch a movie and chill out. You’ve a long night ahead, and you break open your packets of Nescafe Classic. Your true-blue midnight companion
  4. 4. Practicality and Feasibility of the Campaign • While coffee has always been a silent companion to the concept of ‘staying awake’, Nescafe, India’s market leader in the space of coffee has never been positioned as a coffee for the nocturnal owls • We believe that by positioning it in this way, we are tapping into a market that has always been there but never really been tapped into, and by doing this we hope to just throw some light on the existing culture of drinking coffee whilst trying to stay awake late, the coffee being Nescafe Classic • We believe this to be a very feasible option because while it is not changing the product in itself- people staying awake for work are not looking for coffee that is particularly low on caffeine, but we are looking to target a new segment of coffee drinkers and give them a coffee brand that they associate with ‘midnight’ • Also since we are targeting a very different segment, our communication strategy in terms of mediums being used will be considerably different as their consumption varies from the mass audience- it is mainly digital
  5. 5. Implementation of the Campaign The launch campaign will be entirely done on a digital medium Pre-launch teaser campaign Launch Campaign ‘Coffee Mug’ campaign Twitter Campaign True-blue story contest It will start with a teaser campaign –a series of videos which just show the TG trying to keep awake, and them reaching out for something all the while saying “Where is it, where is it?!” Once this has driven the curiosity about what this brand could possibly be, the same videos will be re-launched wherein the TG will be shown reaching out, and cutting open packet of Nescafe Classic with the tagline- Your true-blue midnight companion
  6. 6. The launch campaign will be followed by the ‘Coffee Mug’ campaign where there will be timed 5 sec advertisements that run on channels such as Youtube and Facebook(analytics can help determine the most visited sites in this timeframe by our TG) between 12:00 and 3:00 am. When you are on the site for more than 3 minutes without any activity, a Nescafe coffee mug appears implying it is your silent midnight companion. The Twitter campaign will run in parallel with the ‘Coffee Mug’ campaign. The usage of certain words (coffee, tired, night, etc) will trigger an automated word-specific tweet to the tweeter Our next step would be to announce a consumer engagement contest wherein the best ‘True-blue coffee stories’, all on social media – Face book, Twitter, Instagram, blogs in the form of text or picture/video would win customized (based on their social media profiles and using analytics) surprise hampers from Nestle, thus reinforcing the brand and the parent company brand as well
  7. 7. Campaign Costs Creative Developing the campaign Communication Strategy Content development Creative concepts/design, Copy writing/editing Other consultants costs, e.g. photography Research and evaluation Qualitative and quantitative research Post campaign monitoring and evaluation Production Website Launch Talent or artist fees Media advertising Web-Only digital
  8. 8. How Will This Campaign Help The Product/Brand And The Parent Company The new Nescafe Classic campaign taps into a new segment of consumers. This will help Nestle as the parent brand in expanding its market and acquiring/increasing its market share via the new consumers. The brand of Nescafe is one that needs absolutely no reinforcement. Being a market leader, they are TOM. However with Bru close on their heels, this diversification of the brand, we believe, will help the brand make a new statement that they are not JUST your morning cup of coffee
  9. 9. Thank You