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Inferno marico setwet

  1. 1. Team – Inferno Anita Gupta-13050143059 (MM) Ipshita Banerjee-13050143067 (MM) Shruthi Raj-13050143088 (MM) Sumam Philip -130501430 92(MM) Blitzkrieg SET WET HAIR GEL
  2. 2. BACKGROUND STUDY OF PAST CAMPAIGN ‘Buri nazar waale tera muh kaala… ‘Campaign (Oct, 2012) • Agency : Taproot • The campaign took the plot a step forward showing the effect on the partners of the swooning women. The main concept of campaign is to show the jealousy in the usual men about the set wet man who has girls drooling over him. • Idea : The men-getting-jealous-of-SETWET-man • The campaign was premiered on the digital medium (YouTube and Facebook) before moving to TV • The cyber café was also used in campaign to create buzz in small towns • Agency : Triton (April 2009) • The concept was to campaign to show the appeal the SET WET man has on a woman. • Idea : The girls-will-lust-for-man-using-brand-SETWET TAGLINE : Very Very Sexy !!
  3. 3. BRIEF OF IDEA PROPOSED Target audience : Male of age 18-35 Segmentation : Middle and upper class in urban and semi urban areas Duration of campaign: 6 months Digital Media Strategy 1. Investment on posting and sharing ‘relevant content’ rather than merely ‘following’ on twitter 2. Creation of moments which initiate conversations 3. Target ‘power influencers’ who can promote set wet in public domain by re-tweeting technique 4. Focus on getting maximum engaged audience per post and finding the ‘triggers’ that will convert potential customers into buyers 5. Network building by following customers, suppliers, contact Invest on Attractive contests, games, blogs etc so that customer engagement can be achieved Print Media Strategy 1. To use eye catching advertisements to grab attention 2. To create awareness against myths about hair gel usage 3. To use quirky content and flamboyant design templates to promote ‘sexy’ brand image of Set Wet. Radio Media Strategy 1. To create a connect with potential customers. 2. To create platform for sharing experiences with the brand. 3. To garner interest in the brand. OOH Media Strategy 1. Funky and innovative posters and banners on highways, metros, bus stands, airports and railway stations to increase visibility and reach target audience. 2. Sponsoring events which have large youth gathering. Mobile Media Strategy 1. To inform customers about latest launch of Set Wet Hair Gel products/stores, schemes and discounts. 2. To create customer engagement with brand through entertainment and games. 3. To identify people who might buy Set Wet Hair Gel using GPS and apps.
  5. 5. Media Reason for use Impact Implementation creative Social networking Sites Twitter Facebook 1. Nearly all smart phones allow you to use the Twitter and facebook app 2. Non-smartphones with texting service (SMS) allow you to use Twitter using text messages. 3. Competitor brands have strong twitter and facebook following 4. As per IAMAI and IMRB the social media users in urban India is 66 million in June 2013 Live tweeting 5. Re-Distributing Content from Blog and Set Wet Web Site and link Sharing . 6. Brand Monitoring through opinion driven tweets, feedbacks 7. Streamline Electronic communications like mobile apps, mail,IM with twitter 8. Creating powerful trends 1. Create moments of common culture that create conversation 2. Building connect with new networks and strengthening existing customer base. 3. Engaging audience in real time 4. Making Strong Brand Presence 1. Share Twitter conversations on SET WET website using 'Twitter widget' and 'embedded tweets'. 2. Add 'tweet button' your blog/website to facilitate content sharing. 3. Create a timeline on SET WET website of photos of contest winners with details and experience of happy customers posted on twitter. 4. Link interesting videos about SET WET to twitter and facebook 5. Create unique hashtags for creating customer service and support 6. Facebook pages dedicated to providing information about new product or store launch and special discounts 1. online animated comic strip - Answer consumer’s questions and opinions using a cartoon character 2.'SET WET STYLE ICON' Campaign - Create an app which lets consumer design a hairstyle and share it online and the winner will be rewarded 3. 'Sexy Me!' Campaign - The people would be asked to post answer to - 'what's the sexiest thing about you?' on twitter/facebook 2. 4. 'The SET WET MAN Hunt' Campaign - The users have to upload their photos at their best and winner would be crowned the 'sexiest man of week' and his photo will feature on the website.
  6. 6. Media Reason for use Impact Implementation Online retail sites -ebay, yebhi, snapdeal, homeshop18, pepperfry, infibeans, kooves, indiatimes shopping, 1. To increase to convenience of customer to buy product 2. As per the study 'E-tailing in India: Unlocking the Potential' -E-tailing contributes 6% of the total e- commerce & is estimated to be around $0.6 billion industry in 2012 1. Customers would have easy access to purchase set wet To partner with popular online shopping sites so that SET WET is available on their sites for sale. Radio There are over 240 radio stations beaming across 90 cities in India • Radio stations generated a revenue of Rs 8 bn in 2008 ; expected to reach Rs18 bn by 2012 • Share of radio advertising was 3.3 per cent in 2008; expected to reach 4 per cent in 2012 • India has an estimated 180 million radio sets, reaching over 99 per cent of its one billion inhabitants radio has potential to reach 98.5% citizens . There are approximately 104 million homes that have radio-nearly double the number of homes that have TV As large population of teens and youth stay tuned to radio the target audience can be reached Launch a voice campaign where people would be asked to say the brand's tagline 'I am very very sexy' in different expression. the most popular voice would be featured in the ad campaign.
  7. 7. Media Reason for use Impact Implementation Mobile The amount of people accessing the Internet through a mobile device is rapidly growing worldwide. 87.1 million Mobile Internet users in India in 2012; an estimated 165 million in 2015 It can create customer engagement. Reaches a large customer segment .Mobile apps-creating an app where the hair styles can be suggested to the user if he uploads the picture .Video streaming of real time events Print Large reach. Newspaper is still a habit in Indianhousehold. More Credible Less Cost when compared to TVC Advertise in sports Segment, sports magazine
  8. 8. Thank You