6 Things HR Pros Needs To Engage and Attract Top Talent


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We asked HR Pros what their top concerns are and what they need to overcome them. The results are presented here, in 6 Things HR Pros Need to Attract and Engage Talent. Part 2 of the State of Talent Management series. Check out part 1, HR Off The Leash and download the State of Talent Management report and infographic.

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6 Things HR Pros Needs To Engage and Attract Top Talent

  1. 1. The State of Talent Management: Talent Acquisition 6 Things HR Pros Need To Attract & Engage Top Talent
  2. 2. Top Talent Acquisition Concerns
  3. 3. Creating culture that attracts and engages Finding sources of top candidates Recruiters adopt new technology faster Social media, company Websites, career sites Snagging Millennials Stop frustrating job seekers
  4. 4. 6 Things HR Needs to Attract and Engage Top Talent
  5. 5. Sound metrics You’ll need accurate metrics and measurement to show the best sources of hire.
  6. 6. Tools, Strategy and Goal Alignment Get your recruitment strategy, workforce plans, and technologies aligned so that you have a clear picture of the talent you need.
  7. 7. Multiple Sourcing Channels Branded web portals and social sites – nothing is one-size-fits all for candidate sourcing. Look to develop multiple channels to discover talent.
  8. 8. Make sure management is up-to-date on interviewing techniques and technologies. Everyone should have and know how to use the best tools. Managerial training in interview techniques
  9. 9. Scheduling tools... ...so interviewers and interviewees keep appointments. Interviewing is difficult enough, why let something like logistics get in the way?
  10. 10. Better Responsiveness e.g. automated notifications for candidates. We've all been there, wondering if our resume was received or if it ended up in an application abyss. Remove the mystery and you can begin the engagement.
  11. 11. About The State of Talent Management The State of Talent Management report draws from nearly 4,000 responses from HR professionals in organizations of all sizes and addresses topics ranging from talent acquisition and performance to Big Data and integration.
  12. 12. Want more State of Talent Management? Dowload the State of Talent Management Webinar Download the State of Talent Management Infographic 12