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Why have your Colours Analysed?


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Why have your Colours Analysed?

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Why have your Colours Analysed?

  1. 1. Why have your Colours analysed? Siân Davies Colour and Image Consultant House of Colour
  2. 2. Colour is a powerful force in our lives. From a very young age it affects your appearance, moods and choices whoever you are whatever you do. When you first meet someone that initial first impression is assessed by the way we look. Colour hits the brain fastest so by wearing colours that flatter your skin tone and hair and eye colouring you will look healthier, younger and fresher looking. The film industry knows this and when they want an actor to look mismatched to their colours they will deliberately dress them in unflattering colours. A good example is Javier Bardem in the Skyfall film.
  3. 3. Javier Bardem needs cool colours not the warm blonde hair and tan suit he wore in Skyfall
  4. 4. Patsy Palmer as Eastenders Bianca looks washed out in pink
  5. 5. Colour Analysis finds your palette of ColoursLooks at the Qualities of Colour and what suits your skin tone best ● Temperature- warm or cool ● Clarity- bright or muted ● Tone- depth or lightness ● Density- how solid or translucent
  6. 6. By trying different coloured drapes we can discover your unique blend of colours that harmonise with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour.
  7. 7. Your leather bound colour wallet will remind you of your most flattering colours. Choosing clothes in your best colours will ensure your wardrobe will work together and mix and match to create many more outfits. This will save you time and money and will guide you to buy flattering colours rather than making expensive mistakes that don't get worn.
  8. 8. Siân Davies Colour and Image Consultant 07899 844 033