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Tugas aplikom


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tugas aplikom

  2. 2. 1975, Rubin: good language learners facilitate their learning. Good language learners: - willing and accurate guessers who have a strong desire to communicate, even appear fool. -attend to both meaning and form of their message. -practice and monitor their own speech as well as others.
  3. 3. Background (cont.) In order to maximise (good) language learners potential and contribute to their autonomy, they need training in learning strategies. Learning strategy training: training students in the use of learning strategies in order to improve their learning effectiveness
  4. 4. Example in the textbook (Larsen- Freeman, D.,2000,p.160) 1.T reads Ss’ learning journals- finds Ss’ learning problems. 2. T decides to have Ss to work on the strategy of advance organisation. 3.T models the use of the strategy
  5. 5. : Example in the textbook (Larsen-Freeman, D.,2000,p.160) 4. Ss practice the new learning strategy (‘hand-on’ experience). 5. Ss evaluate their own success in learning the strategy and modify it to meet their own learning needs (self-regulated, self-assessment).
  6. 6. Principles Teacher’s job is not only to teach lang. but learning. Strategies should not be taught in isolation, but rather as part of the content-area or language curriculum. Help learners to continue to learn after completing formal study of the target language.
  7. 7. Meta cognitive strategies Use to plan, monitor and evaluate a learning task. Arrange the conditions that help one to learn. Set long and short-term goals. Check Ss’ comprehension during listening or reading.
  8. 8. Cognitive Strategies Learners interact and manipulate what is to be learned. e.g.: replaying a word or phrase mentally to ‘listen’ to it again. learn a new word by associating with a familiar word by creating a visual image.
  9. 9. Biografi Penulis Nama:Rosmawati, Lahir di Birem Rayeuk pada tanggal 29-07-1992 Alamat: Kp.Birem Rayeuk kec.Birem Bayeun Kab.Aceh Timur. Hp: 082364135258 gmail: Studi: SI jurusan Tarbiyah , Prodi: PBI NIM : 141000446