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No such thing called agile testing


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Keynote talk in Agile Testing days Asia - Mar 2-3, 2017 Bangalore

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No such thing called agile testing

  1. 1. There is no such thing called Agile Testing A keynote address in an Agile Testing conference ShriniKulkarni Feb 2017
  2. 2. Agile Height of Tolerance and inclusivity …..
  3. 3. One Team Dev Test BA QA /Process SDET/SET One Team Once upon a time …..
  4. 4. Time Changes ….. What is the profile of Tester in Agile? Is it not same as requirement analysis by testers and testability check? When and why on the earth we should have part team approach? Who created these partitions ? why and when on the earth this responsibility is vested on one team ? Faster Feedback - All of a sudden – the word feedback has become very important Why now ? Every one in the team is responsible for quality – Whole Team approach …. Help business stakeholderto write testableuser stories and acceptance criteria – We do not have any testers in our Team. Everyone Tests .. BUT
  5. 5. So many words in Agile world that contain “Test” TESTFIRST TESTEARLY TESTLAST TESTDRIVEN LEFT SHiFT TESTING TEST ALONG – TESTWITH DEVELOPERS ContinuousTESTING What testers in Agile projects do ? ExploratoryTESTING Acceptance TEST driven ============= BDD SBE MDD FDD DDD ? Anything that everyone in the team (can) (should) (would) DO
  6. 6. Identifying Agile ….. & Products of Strong Culture and Rituals - Stereotypes
  7. 7. Stereotype Agile Tester • Manual Testing is bad …. 100% tests should be automated • All testing is some sort of extension of programming activity – anything left if at all – it is exploratory testing. • More worried about stuff that others do than testing • Eats cucumber Salad - Executable requirements … • Discontinuous integration ? • Is a good Chef - DevOps • Someone who is very conscious of his/her T-shirt Size So WHAT ?
  8. 8. If there is nothing called Agile testing … why are we here…. Listening to you ?
  9. 9. There are some beautiful ideas …. • Dev Test Pairing • Continuous Integration • Agile Pyramid • Light Documentation of Testing artifacts • Unit Testing • Agile Quadrant • BDD/Gherkin Stories • Embrace Change • SHOW and TELL – Value of Seeing • Open source tools repository Anything else ….. That is good in Agile ? Independent to Interdependent Breaking functional Silos
  10. 10. What successful testers do…. • Learn technology, programming – write code, install software, create test data • Practice testing (doing testing) • Work with developers • Learn business domains • Talk to customers, prod support • Read requirement documents • Support activities for the team if time permits • Dissolve walls between teams
  11. 11. Programming | Automation | Networks | Internet | Database | Mobile | SDLC | Domain | Unit Testing | Design Cognitive Skills • Questioning • Critical thinking • Imagination • Modeling/Design • Skepticism • Math/Logic/Stats People Skills • Persuasion • Communication • Delegation Tester Role when came into being as distinct from that of a programmer – Skills looked some what similar to this. Agile did not change to a great extent. Agile made some of the broader skills mandatory Ability to work outside core area SpecialtyandKeyExpertise
  12. 12. Culture change we are seeking to make Agile truly work WILL NOT HAPPEN A Prophecy ….
  13. 13. Why …. ? • Humans … [ we seek Processes, Tools, Best Practices ] • Humans are unpredictable, often lazy, Greedy … • We are never happy … • With Humans - Can’t Scale … • With Humans – Can’s make continuous profits • Yet we see AI as future when have not understood intelligence fully • Can you explain why many intelligent people do silly and unimaginable things • But you can’t take humans out of equation … You can change culture in which Agile Truly – Take humans out
  14. 14. Some Takeaway for everyone …. Managers … • Seek people with real skills • Do what works in your context • Bring Diversity in the team All others …. • Bit of critical thinking and understandinghistory of ideas helps • Refocus yourefforts on delivering value • Have fun Testers With Agile Title ….. • Improve testing skills • Do not get locked to specific toolset or methodology • Get involved inthe team • Kill the tiltle Testers Without Agile Title ….. • Improve testing skills • Develop Broader skills that make you acceptablein variety of contexts • You are fine with out being called as “Agile Tester”
  15. 15. Keep your Vigil On ….. “ This …. shouldserve as a reminder to us all... Talk aboutthe virtues of what we know and avoid bashing that which we do not. You obviously see Agile as a threat, you should blog about that! ”
  16. 16. Thank you @shrinik