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Why you should have a mobile ready website.

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  • Mobile and tablet usage is on the rise and according to Gartner research is expecting it to be a more popular way of accessing the web than a PC by 2013.Mobile data traffic nearly tripled in 2010, which also happened in 2009 and 2008.
  • Cisco predicts that mobile video traffic will account for over 50% of all mobile data.
  • People are increasingly using their phones and tablets with the most popular use being: Playing Games, Searching and Email.
  • There are many challenges to mobile sites such as touchscreens; you can’t do all the same things with a touch of a finger as you can with a mouse. For instance you can’t do scroll-down menus or rollover buttons.
  •  Orientation can also be a challenge and is something to keep in mind when designing your site. Most devices will change the orientation of the site depending on how it’s being held. The site might be viewed horizontally or vertically.
  • HTML5 and Flash are not mutually exclusive. The use of both can be very beneficial. Though both can have their drawbacks. HTML5 is not recognized by all browsers and Flash won’t work on iPhones and iPads.
  • There are ways to make your site assessable on a mobile device using stylesheets. But even if you aren’t familiar with HTML and CSS you can still make you site ready for the web with the use of sites such as Mobify.
  • Some companies have really done well with their site to accommodate for mobile devices and others not so much. I read that Flickr had a great mobile site but I had problem after problem when I tried to access it use my smartphone. The site didn’t recognize that I was using a mobile device and it wouldn’t load at all. When I went straight to their mobile site it still didn’t work the first time. Finally on the third try I was able to get the site up on my phone but half the photos didn’t show up.
  • Bestbuy on the other hand worked perfectly. Itimmediately recognized that I was on a mobile device and it loaded their mobile site. The home page was clean and loaded quickly. It looks just like a mini version of their site.
  • People are wanting more and more to search, browse, shop and read on their mobile device. Companies that produce great mobile ready sites are pushing ahead of the crowd and will be better prepared for the future.
  • Miskin sherstin project4

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