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The CEO Summer Drink Series 2013


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Why have one drink when you can turn it up to 11? From the Mark Cuban Libre to Google’s Glass Monkey, this SlideShare features great summer cocktails inspired by some of the leading visionaries in technology today. Cheers!

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The CEO Summer Drink Series 2013

  1. The CEOSUMMER DRINKSSeries 2013RECIPES & TRIBUTES BYSHANE ATCHISON, CEO of POSSIBLEFrom the Mark Cuban Libre toGoogle’s Glass Monkey, here aresome great summer cocktailsinspired by some of the leadingvisionaries in technology today.
  2. TheMarkCubanLibreTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESMark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas MavericksMark Cuban is a terrifically successfulventure capitalist and nothing if not free withhis opinions. That’s why we’re honoring himwith the Mark Cuban Libre.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 2 shots white rum• 1 lime• CokePut ice in a highball glass, add rum, anda big squeeze of fresh lime. Fill with Cokeand garnish with a slice of lime.
  3. TheGlassMonkeyTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESLARRY PAGE, CEO of GoogleThis cocktail, based on a premixeddrink made famous by the Beastie Boys,celebrates the most anticipated new techproduct ever.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 1 oz. rum• 1 oz. vodka• Orange juicePut ice into a highball glass and addthe vodka and rum. Fill with orange juice,stir, and serve.
  4. TheHarvardWallbangerTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESMark ZUCKERBERG, CEO of FacebookHe helped build Facebook into apowerhouse while still at Harvard, andthis drink is nothing if not likeable.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 3/4 oz. vodka• 1/4 oz. Galliano• Orange juiceTake a small glass, fill with ice. Add thevodka and OJ. Float the Galliano on top.Garnish with a majorly hacked orange slice.
  5. TheMayeritaTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESMarissa Mayer, CEO of YahooMarissa may have shaken things up at Yahoo,but we suggest a gentle stir for a deliciousMayerita.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 3 oz. tequila añejo• 1 oz. Cointreau• 1 lime• SaltFill a dish with coarse salt. Wet the rim ofa glass with water, dip in salt, and fill withice. Add tequila and Cointreau, and thensqueeze in the lime. Stir and serve.
  6. TheOldFashionedTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESTiM VANDERHOOK, CEO of MySpaceMySpace is back, and this cocktail celebratesit as one of the first successful hubs formeeting and greeting online. Making a goodOld Fashioned takes a while, but it’s worth it.HOW TO MAKE IT:• Rye whiskey• 2 dashes Angostura bitters• 1 sugar cubePlace a sugar cube in the bottom of anOld Fashioned glass and dash the bittersover it. Muddle until sugar has a uniformcolor. Then add ice and fill with whiskey.Stir until it tastes delicious (warning, this cantake several minutes or more).
  7. Checkson theBeachTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESDENNIS CROWLEY, CEO of FoursquareNext time you check in at your favorite baron Foursquare, order up a Checks on theBeach and see where the night takes you.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 2 oz. vodka• 3/4 oz. peach schnapps• Cranberry juice• Pineapple juiceTake a collins (or tall) glass and add ice.Pour in the vodka and peach schnapps andfill up with equal parts of cranberry andpineapple juice.
  8. TheAviationTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESRICHARD BRANSON, CEO of Virgin EverythingWhat else for the CEO of one of the world’sfavorite airlines? In case you’re wonderingthis cocktail gets its name from its gunmetalgray color.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 2 shots of gin• 1/2 shot lemon juice• 1/2 shot Luxardo marachino• Splash of crème de violettePut all items in a shaker with ample ice.Shake well, then strain into a martini glass.Garnish with a cherry.
  9. TheAlaballmerSlammerTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESSteve Ballmer, CEO of MicrosoftThe Xbox One will be a great way to hangout with your friends, but so is taking downa delicious round of Alaballmer Slammers.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 1 oz. Disaronno amaretto• 1 oz. Southern Comfort• 1 oz. Sloe Gin• 2 oz. orange juiceFill shaker with all the ingredients andplenty of ice, and then shake vigorously untilyour fingers are really cold. Strain into shotglasses and enjoy with friends.
  10. TheAppleMartiniTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESTiM COOK, CEO of AppleApple deserves nothing but our praise,and the Apple Martini is one of the veryfew cocktails recognized as official by theInternational Bartender’s Association.Well deserved.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 3 oz. vodka• 1 oz. Calvados• 1 oz. CointreauPut ice in a shaker and then add all ofthe ingredients. Stir thoroughly. Strain intoa martini glass and serve.
  11. Dell-OShotsTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESMichael Dell, CEO of DellRemember the Dell dude with this greatthrowback from college. My favorite versionuses cherry gelatin.HOW TO MAKE IT:• 1 part Jell-O™ of your choice• 2 parts water• 2 parts vodkaBoil water and pour Jell-O™ into a bowl.Add water and stir until dissolved. The stir inthe vodka. Refrigerate until cool but not set.Pour onto a sheet pan. Refrigerate at leasttwo hours until Jello is fully set. Cut up andserve cold.
  12. TheMulletG&TTHE CEO SUMMER DRINK SERIESShane Atchison, CEO of POSSIBLEI come from a tiny, rural town in Washington,and this drink always brings me back home.HOW TO MAKE IT:• A couple of big sloshes of gin• Tonic water• LimeFill a stemmed mason jar with ice. Pour inthe gin and a squeeze of lime. Fill with tonicand slosh around. Drop whatever lime youhave left in the glass.