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Beyond Tech: Confusion, Conflict, and Lost Productivity

Riaan Nel: Regional Scrum Gathering South Africa 2019 Presentation - Cape Town

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Beyond Tech: Confusion, Conflict, and Lost Productivity

  1. 1. @rambling_riaan Beyond Tech Confusion, Conflict, and Lost Productivity *The views expressed in this talk are my own and do not represent that of my current or previous employers.
  2. 2. @rambling_riaan Confusion Conflict Lost Productivity!
  3. 3. @rambling_riaan How did I get here? (it was a meeting)
  4. 4. @rambling_riaan Source: Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels “Requirements are changing…”
  5. 5. @rambling_riaan Change isn’t always fun But it’s okay
  6. 6. @rambling_riaan Source: Reddit
  7. 7. @rambling_riaan No ‘us’ and ‘them’ We work towards common goals
  8. 8. @rambling_riaan A story about fixing email (we see things differently)
  9. 9. @rambling_riaan Source:
  10. 10. @rambling_riaan Don’t jump to conclusions Seek to understand before you try to fix
  11. 11. @rambling_riaan Getting out of buildings (it’s a matter of context)
  12. 12. @rambling_riaan Source: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels
  13. 13. @rambling_riaan Context matters Make sure that you’re on the same page
  14. 14. @rambling_riaan Electronic rodents (and the problems that they create)
  15. 15. @rambling_riaan Source: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  16. 16. @rambling_riaan Source: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Source: Wikimedia Commons
  17. 17. @rambling_riaan Have empathy Your job is to help your customers
  18. 18. @rambling_riaan Into the woods (a happy, cheerful, terrifying place)
  19. 19. @rambling_riaan Source: Photo by Matt Hatchett from Pexels
  20. 20. @rambling_riaan Eliminate uncertainty It’s scary if we don’t know what’s happening
  21. 21. @rambling_riaan A weird, wonderful world (where we find ourselves)
  22. 22. @rambling_riaan Source: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  23. 23. @rambling_riaan Different worlds Understand yours
  24. 24. @rambling_riaan Source: Reddit
  25. 25. @rambling_riaan Different languages Learn to speak a common tongue
  26. 26. @rambling_riaan Resources, tips, and tools (specifically, things that I like)
  27. 27. @rambling_riaan Books Domain-Driven Design (Eric Evans) The Mythical Man-Month (Fred Brooks) The Lean Startup (Eric Ries)
  28. 28. @rambling_riaan Reading Mob Programming - OfferZen Source The Collaboration Blind Spot – Harvard Business Review Brown Bag Meeting - Investopedia
  29. 29. @rambling_riaan Video What makes us feel good about our work? (Dan Ariely, Youtube:
  30. 30. @rambling_riaan Learning
  31. 31. @rambling_riaan Information <your company’s website>.com
  32. 32. @rambling_riaan Summary • Change is okay • No ‘us’ and ‘them’ • Seek to understand • Get and provide context • Have empathy for others • Eliminate uncertainty, be transparent • Learn about your world.
  33. 33. @rambling_riaan Questions?