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Participate! P4-7 Assembly 26.1.18


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On Friday 26th January we celebrated the many ways pupils are already participating and making their voices heard.

P6 pupils Eve and Hannah told everyone about their recent visit to the 'Burns Unbroke' Exhibition at Summerhall, including an ‘Oor Rabbie’ performance by Andy Cannon. This was a follow up to two wonderful art workshops with the artist Ciara Veronica Dunne where the class explored the poem Tam O’Shanter, chose favourite scenes from the poem and used Indian ink to create final masterpieces now on display at Summerhall. Huge congratulations to James H, Hugo and Oscar whose recreation of Alloway Kirk was chosen as the winning design for a Burns Unbroke tote bag. A wonderful opportunity to pARTicipate in one of the first Year of Young People events.

P7 Grange Captains Flora, Iain, Maisie and David explained their plans for a House Quiz and P6 pupil Dylan encouraged everyone to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Watch at the weekend. P7 pupil Camille explained her idea for creating Bug Hotels with the ECO Group. We are grateful for advice and encouragement from Anne O'Connell and Sarah Tolley organiser of the Meadows Community garden and head of community group "Greening our Street." P4 Fern and P7 Alejandro showed their new ECO Suggestion Boxes and siblings P5 Sam and P6 Eliza encouraged us to participate in forthcoming Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club events.

P7 pupils Isaac and Nils explained their Marathon in a Month idea to raise awareness of Asthma UK which will be supported by PE Specialist Mrs Walker at P7.

Pupil Council members were at Blackwell's Bookshop with Ms French today and will report back on their suggestions for purchases. P7 pupil Niamh shared examples of books which provide strong female role models and will also contribute her ideas for future book purchases at school.

Sports Captains congratulated the P7 Basketball Team on their recent win in the first round of the Hope Trust Basketball Cup and presented certificates. Thank you to PE Specialist Mrs Walker for organising and running the event and to Mrs Tariq for accompanying the team.

Everyone was encouraged to continue to 'Participate! 'and 'Have a Goal' this session, sharing and celebrating achievements with us.

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Participate! P4-7 Assembly 26.1.18

  1. 1. P4-7 Participate Assembly 26th January 2018
  3. 3. Taking part in: Culture Learning Health and Wellbeing Equality Sport Enterprise Environment YEAR OF YOUNG PEOPLE 2018 Your voice heard Taking the lead Celebrating success LOCALLY NATIONALLY GLOBALLY
  4. 4. P6 Year of Young People Art Exhibition #culture
  5. 5. P6 Year of Young People Art Exhibition #culture
  6. 6. P6 Year of Young People Art Exhibition #culture
  7. 7. House Quiz led by P7 Captains
  8. 8. RSPB Garden Watch P6 Dylan 27-29th Jan #environment
  9. 9. ECO Group Bug Hotels P7 Camille #environment
  10. 10. P7 Camille #environment
  11. 11. ECO Suggestion Box P7 Alejandro and P4 Fern #environment
  12. 12. By Sam and Eliza
  13. 13. How to orienteer Find a number which is labelled on your sheet and find that post with that number. It will look like this  You will have to either write something down or scan something. When you are finished you get what time you did it in.
  14. 14. levels • White Course—for the beginner. • Yellow Course—for the experienced beginner. • Orange Course—for the intermediate level orienteer. • Green Course—short course for the advanced orienteer.
  15. 15. information • Get more information here • Orienteering is a sport which involves good navigation, compass skills and speed of running between each post. • And information here:
  16. 16. Thank you for listening Any questions or comments
  17. 17. P7 Isaac and Nils Marathon in a Month #participation
  18. 18. Pupil Council Selecting Books #participation
  19. 19. P7 Niamh and Alice Gender Equality Books #equality
  20. 20. Building Resilience We’re On This Road by Stephen Fischbacher
  21. 21. Having goals is good for our health and wellbeing and helps us Be Resilient
  22. 22. Skipper has found that these ten tools help him to cope with the river of life
  23. 23. Building Resilience For as long as Skipper can remember, he has wanted to write his very own book. He decides to set himself a goal to write a book about his sailing adventures. He is really excited about it. Skipper sets himself a goal
  24. 24. Building Resilience Setting a realistic goal helps to motivate us
  25. 25. Building Resilience Sometimes we fail or make mistakes and that is okay
  26. 26. Building Resilience Skipper asks some people to read what he has written. They point out several mistakes and make new suggestions. Skipper is very disappointed and considers giving up. Skipper asks for feedback
  27. 27. Building Resilience Failures and mistakes are okay because: 1. They are normal and happen to everyone. 2. They can give us the chance to reflect on whether we are on the right path. 3. They give us the opportunity to try a creative new way or new idea. Learning to overcome setback helps us to cope with future ones What would I do differently?
  28. 28. Building Resilience One of the adventures that Skipper has been writing about was about the time he was on the river of life and there was a storm that blew him off track. Skipper remembers a time he dealt with failure before Can you remember how he was able to cope with this?
  29. 29. Building Resilience Once Skipper remembered he had dealt with setbacks before, he had the confidence that he could do so again. He realised he needed to take his friend’s advice on board if he wanted to make the book better. Keep working towards your goal Every challenge we successfully overcome strengthens our confidence to confront future ones.
  30. 30. Building Resilience It is important to celebrate achievements
  31. 31. Building Resilience Skipper finished his book and felt proud to hear that his stories would be shared with others. Skipper achieved his goal
  32. 32. Building Resilience When we reach our goal, take time to enjoy the feeling of achievement and thank those that helped you. Think about what skills you learned along the way. Celebrate your achievement When was the last time you felt proud of someone or something?
  33. 33. Building Resilience We have learned that… Having goals helps our health and wellbeing, motivates us and helps us to Be Resilient.
  34. 34. Have you set your goals? Aim high. Let your ambition fly!
  35. 35. Keep recording progress towards your goals in eJASS
  36. 36. Reading Passport Goals • Record books you have read. • Rate books by colouring in the stars. • Add notes about what you liked and didn’t like about the book. • Note recommendations from your friends.
  37. 37. Building Resilience Family Activity Work together on a goal. The goal can be anything you want to improve. Think about who or what will help you achieve it. How will you celebrate achieving it? Bring your ‘goal’ in to share with your class. Share some examples at next week’s Assembly
  38. 38. Going for Gold! Rights Respecting Schools Thursday 31st May Fri 26th Pupil Council at Blackwell’s Mon 29th P6 & P7 Cross Country Trials from 1.20pm Tues 30th Oxgangs PS pupils visiting playground Thurs 1st St John Vianney pupils visiting playground Fri 2nd Visitors from Iceland (Rights Respecting Schools) Mon 5th-Fri 9th P6 at Benmore Ms Anstruther Monday-Thursday Ms Christie retiring at Easter
  39. 39. What have you done today that makes YOU feel proud? Basketball Winners of First Round!
  40. 40. Building Resilience We’re On This Road by Stephen Fischbacher It’s a long road It’s a winding road It’s a beautiful road It’s a rocky road You might be running You might be jogging You might be walking You might be crawling x2
  41. 41. Building Resilience Aah – Aah –Aah – Aah We’re on this road We’re on this road You, me, everybody, together x2 You might be winning You might be losing You might be grinning You might be snoozing x2
  42. 42. Building Resilience Aah – Aah –Aah – Aah We’re on this road We’re on this road You, me, everybody, together x2 It’s a long road It’s a winding road It’s a beautiful road It’s a rocky road
  43. 43. Building Resilience Aah – Aah –Aah – Aah We’re on this road We’re on this road You, me, everybody, together x2 Yeah, yeah, yeah…yeah!
  44. 44. This week’s house points Tantallon Lauder Sienna Grange