Tips to Enhance Google AdWords Quality Score


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This pdf file reveals relevant tips to increase Google AdWords Quality Score. It is presented by

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Tips to Enhance Google AdWords Quality Score

  1. 1. Tips to Enhance Google AdWords Quality Score By
  2. 2. What is Quality Score Google AdWords serves to be an excellent advertising platform to reach your target market. Like organic search results, Google looks for quality in sponsored links also with the help of dynamic variable named Quality Score. In order to improve visitors experience they introduced this variable which is measured on a scale of 1-10. This score is assigned depending on the relevance of your advertisement to users search queries.
  3. 3. Quality Score affects the following things mentioned below: • Ad position • Cost-per-click
  4. 4. Tips To Enhance Quality Score of AdWords campaign Check Keywords Volume: Search Carefully choose your keywords depending on its search volume. Don't use generic terms because they hardly converts. Make use of long tail keywords to generate quality traffic for your business.
  5. 5. Create Targeted Ad Groups : Don’t stuff your ad groups with too many keywords rather create multiple tightly themed ad groups within your campaign. If any keyword doesn't match with the other keywords within a ad group then it is better to create new ad group for that particular keyword. This will dramatically enhance your Quality Score.
  6. 6. Write Target Specific Ad Copy: Create target specific ad copy. Write at least two different version of ad copies for one ad group. Make proper use of keywords within the ad copy. This will help to enhance the overall Quality Score of all keywords within that group. If you fail to add your targeted keywords within your ad copy then it is very difficult to succeed. In order get qualified leads you need to add your potential keywords within the title and description of your ad copy.
  7. 7. Enhance Click-Through Rate : CTR gives the measurement of how many times your ad gets clicked by how many times it has been shown in Google search results. With the increase and decrease in CTR your Quality Score gets affected. So tweak your ad to enhance your CTR which in turn helps to enhance the Quality Score of your advertisement.
  8. 8. Create High Quality Landing Pages for Specific Ad Groups: Landing page is considered to be the most important element of your campaign. This is the page where user lands after clicking on your advertisement. This page determines whether the visitors will turn into loyal customers or bounce back. It is necessary to maintain relevance between your landing page and your ad text. For example if your ad copy is about web designing then your landing page also leads about web designing.
  9. 9. Choose the Right Location: It is necessary to specify the geographical location where you actually want to display your advertisement. Your Quality Score get influenced by the geographical location. So identify your target market and specify it in order to generate quality leads. Follow the guidelines mentioned here in order to enhance Quality Score of your AdWords campaign. If you want to know more, then please click here.