8 Tips To Improve the Bounce Rate of your Website


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This pdf file provides 8 effective tips to lower your website's bounce rate. It is presented by http://www.ppcadsmanagement.com

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8 Tips To Improve the Bounce Rate of your Website

  1. 1. 8 Tips To Improve the Bounce Rate of your website Bywww.ppcadsmanagement.com
  2. 2. Bounce Rate It defines the percentage ofvisitors who enters into thewebsite and leaves the sitefrom the same page withoutvisiting the other pages. It canbe measured by using theformula listed below: Rb = Tv/Tc Rb = Bounce rate Tv= Total number of visitors viewing one page. Tc= Total number of entries to page
  3. 3. You need to create a GoogleAnalytics account to keep atrack on all of your records.A healthy bounce rate for awell optimized website should lie below 40%.
  4. 4. Check out the below mentioned tips to lower your websites bounce rate :Aware of your Loading time You need to remain aware of your website loadingtime. Disable unnecessaryplugins and optimize eachof your image and code to improve your site loading time.
  5. 5. Reduce External LinksTry to add internal links at the top of your pages. Avoidusing too many external links. It is really harmful for your bounce rate. Try to minimizethe external links to keep your audience stay for a long time on your website.
  6. 6. Write Compelling content Content is the king so its necessary to provide fresh and appealing content toyour website. Write in a clear and simple language so thatits easier for your visitors tounderstand. Ask your visitors to share their views.
  7. 7. Website DesignDesigning of your website isreally important to grasp the attention of your audience. A user always prefers to choose clean and elegant websites. Try to use soothing color and proper user interface. Its necessary to emphasize on the designing part of your website.
  8. 8. Improve your Content readability It is not enough to provide relevant content unless you arrange a good readability platform for your visitors. Youneed to offer a wide area for the display of your content. Break your content in to short paragraphs. To highlight your points make use of bullets.
  9. 9. Easy and Proper Navigation Apart from designing, it is also necessary to have a proper websitenavigation to offer a bettersearch experience to your users. Try to include an “About Us” page next to your home page becauseit is considered to be the most visited page of your website.
  10. 10. Avoid Pop-up ads Stop using pop-up adsbecause it distracts the user attention. Put a prominent search box Search box is essentialbecause it allows the user to perform searches if they cant find any item they are looking for. Starting from a web design company to PPC company all can follow the above mentionedsteps to improve the bounce rate of their websites.
  11. 11. PPC Ads ManagementY8, Block - EPSector V, Salt LakeKolkata - 700091INDIAPh: +91-33-40200838email :info@ppcadsmanagement.com