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Saab's offering in Civil Security - Solutions for a safer Society


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In a changing and unpredictable world with all kinds of threats, you can’t be prepared for everything. therefore, be prepared for the worst.

At Saab we have spent the last seventy years developing technology with the purpose of preparing and protecting both society and its individuals. today, this experience is
utilized into a wide range of affordable, net-centric security solutions – including training and support – which can radically improve your capabilities within areas such as critical infrastructure Protection, traffic Management for air, land and sea applications, national security and first

With Saab as your partner you will have access to a range of solutions designed to improve and secure flows and facilities. solutions that will not only strengthen the concept of prevention, but also help you to handle crises more effectively. and, by identifying potential dangers before they develop into real threats or disasters, it is possible to create a safer and more confident society.

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Saab's offering in Civil Security - Solutions for a safer Society

  2. 2. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer societykNOwINgIN AdvANCEin a changing and unpredictable world with all kinds ofthreats, you can’t be prepared for everything. therefore,be prepared for the saab we have spent the last seventy years developingtechnology with the purpose of preparing and protectingboth society and its individuals. today, this experience isutilized into a wide range of affordable, net-centric securitysolutions – including training and support – which canradically improve your capabilities within areas such ascritical infrastructure Protection, traffic Management forair, land and sea applications, national security and firstresponders.With saab as your partner you will have access to arange of solutions designed to improve and secure flowsand facilities. solutions that will not only strengthen theconcept of prevention, but also help you to handle crisesmore effectively. and, by identifying potential dangersbefore they develop into real threats or disasters, it ispossible to create a safer and more confident society. CONTENT net centric solutions 4 air transportation and airport security 8 energy production and distribution security 10 maritime transportation and port security 12 prison security 14 guard and event security 16 land transport and urban security 17 national security and infrastructure 18 police and rescue solutions 19 field facilities solutions 20 border security solutions 21 at your side – every step of the way 222 3
  3. 3. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer society NET CENTRIC SOluTIONS SOA – bRINgINg IT All TOgEThER soa stands for service oriented architecture: a common add functionality to the network via a service interface. the service range can include anything from sensors and ImpROvINg awaReNeSS, RedUcINg cOSTS information model that offers a standardized set of rules for sharing information over a network that is open and general. alarm systems to screening of passengers or goods, perimeter security, zone control, geodatabases and a number of other the main building blocks are a suite of services designed to information’s infrastructure are both complex and vulnerable environmental footprint and more cost saving and well- resource effectiveness legacy and future proofand involve a large number of stakeholders, each and organized operations. this creates new possibilities for The primary objective of our net centric solutions is to provide the Based on open modular technology a net centric solution is flexibleeveryone contributing their own piece of information to information sharing and brings a higher level of aware- ability to act in different situations with the right resources, at the right and easy to integrate with legacy systems or to upgrade with newthe whole. saab can provide fully integrated net centric ness to the decision making process and creates pre- time and in a co-ordinated way. This means, decision superiority that functionality. It also allows services to be accessed from anywhere will give you the maximum flexibility in the choice of equipment, the within the network, by any user or role having appropriate solutions that connect all pieces in the puzzle requisites for more decisive and pro-active operations. ability to improve personnel efficiency, and access to solutions that are Furthermore, it gives you the freedom to choose the best equipment,together to form a common infrastructure. saab’s net centric offer includes complete security easy to maintain, adapt and upgrade. In short, a higher level of security independent of centric solutions make it possible to increase flows concepts for airports and air transportation, ports and at a lower cost.of data, vessels and vehicles, people and goods in a maritime transportation, power plants and correctionalcontrolled and secure way. the result is increased facilities.efficiency, enhanced safety and security, lower4 5
  4. 4. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer society air energy transportation production and and airport distribution security security solutions solutions border maritime security transportation solutions and port security solutions SOLUTIONS FOR a SaFeR aNd field facilities solutions prison security solutions MORE EFFICIENT SOCIETY guard and event police and rescue security solutions solutions national land security and transport and infrastructure urban security solutions solutions6 7
  5. 5. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer society aIR TRaNSpORTaTION aNd an airport is an extremely complex and demanding environment within which a large number of actors must saab offers a wide range of solutions designed to support air transportation actors in optimizing and AIRpORT SECuRITY be able to collaborate in order to make the flow of aircraft, people and goods run securely and efficiently. this is a securing the different sectors of air transportation covering traffic management, ground handling and sensitive supply chain where even small disturbances or security. saab’s solutions support the transformation disruptions can cause severe damage in terms of delays of operational capabilities from reactive to proactive, and costs. at the same time, an airport encloses a large from tactical to strategic work. gathering of people in a relatively small area, which makes it an attractive target for terrorist and criminal forces. safety access control crisis ManageMentCOMMONINFORMATION securityMOdEl screening atM gooDs anD luggage net centric air transportation concept, ncat airport security air traffic management airport support ncat is a common infrastructure that connects all stakeholders involved and complete security solutions that cover all needs from perimeter protection to saab’s modular based atM and airport system, i-acs, is a family of user-friendly saab provides complete support solutions for everything from security to makes it possible for them to share information. the platform creates new luggage surveillance. through a command and control system a common systems that reflects safety and reliability standards. it is built to suit all environ- air traffic Management solutions. our offer include, for instance, electrical capabilities to improve the control of flows of data, aircraft, passengers and situational picture is created and distributed to patrolling guards, making sure ments, from regional to international airports. it works stand-alone or as an and mechanical maintenance, support of commercial aircraft, fuel systems, goods. the result is enhanced traffic capacity, increased safety and security, that everyone always has the information they need. our security solutions integrated atM and airport system, and provide the ability to add modules pilot studies, geodetic surveys, project management and technical lower environmental footprint and more efficient and cost saving processes. support the development of a more efficient and safer working environment when needed for future expansion. the system makes way for collaborative maintenance services. saab can also undertake detailed mapping surveys, bringing airport security to a higher level. Decision Making (cDM). We also provide solutions and services for navigation height determinations and airfield layouts incorporating landing aids aid, landing systems and flight inspection. as well as reference points for future surveys. 8 9
  6. 6. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer societyENERgY pROduCTION Modern society is dependent on its continuing access to energy. interruption anywhere along the energy saab has extensive experiences from the development of robust and reliable security solutions. our know-how inaNd dISTRIBUTION SecURITY supply chain can cause severe conditions for the society and enormous costs for producers and customers. combination with future safe state-of-the-art technologies, qualifies saab as an ideal partner for any energy prod- it is therefore of the utmost importance that every uction organisation. a partner that can not only support possible measure is taken to protect and safeguard you in developing a higher level of security, but also to energy production and distribution facilities from threats do it in a cost-efficient and affordable way. of any kind – natural as well as criminal. Making sure you have the capabilities necessary to stop any intruder challenging your security capacity. safety access control Weather inforMationCOMMONINFORMATION crisis ManageMentMOdEl PeriMeter control security screeningnet centric power plant solutions for energy production solutions for energy distribution solutions for the oil & gas industryour net centric solution for power plants is built on a service oriented architecture saab’s security solutions cover all surrounding areas above as well as below saab offers a complete security solution that meets governmental regulation oil and gas installations cover large areas both onshore and offshore.that allows various kinds of systems and equipment to co-operate and interact the surface and meets governmental regulation on nuclear energy produ- on energy distribution and covers the entire area of distribution. the security they are linked together by networks of pipelines and support facilities spreadover the network – regardless of physical location or supplier. the result is a ction. By creating a common infrastructure the command and control system platform also allows for a nationwide integration of security systems. throughout an area. this makes the infrastructure vulnerable and exposed toflexible and robust solution that is easy to maintain, adapt and improve to meet provides a common situational picture, which improves decision support and the this means that hundreds of sites with a mix of local sub-systems can co- sabotage. With saab’s robust solutions for harbour and industry security youchanging or growing needs. a cost-effective solution that will integrate with, ability to distribute information and monitor the activities in the controlled area in exist in a homogenous and efficient surveillance solution. it is also possible can improve your capabilities both above and below surface, from off shoreand empower, your legacy systems. an efficient way. our security solutions support the development of a safe and to follow and track actions within your distribution area and thereby prevent into the harbour. it will provide a common situational awareness, decision efficient working environment that will enhance effectiveness on all levels. expensive shutdowns. superiority and the ability to distribute information and monitor the activities in your area in an efficient way.10 11
  7. 7. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer societymaRITIme TRaNSpORTaTION today, more than 90% of the global trade is transported by sea, with ports and port cities acting as important saab has extensive experience of how to optimize and secure flows at sea and within the port. We offeraNd pORT SECuRITY nodes in a global supply chain. a large number of actors and stakeholders have to co-operate and share information solutions for coastal surveillance, port security, vessel management, and solutions for more efficient search in order to make this vulnerable supply chain as secure and rescue operations. solutions that make it possible and efficient as ever possible. to better safeguard and improve a global logistic chain and the maritime infrastructure – both above and below the surface. safety access control Weather inforMation crisis ManageMentCOMMON PeriMeter controlINFORMATION securityMOdEl screening surveillance freight ManageMent traffic inforMationnet centric port security traffic management port solutions coastal surveillance underwater security search and rescuethe net centric solution for ports is built on our the complex maritime environment demand saab’s port solution includes monitoring of a coastal area can be subjected to a great number controlling the underwater domain is vital for When an accident occurs at sea, time is absolutelyservice oriented architecture – an integration solutions with the ability to control and optimize vessels and securing the port from threats, all to of threats such as illegal immigrantion, smuggling, safeguarding the maritime environment. saab’s crucial. synchronization and co-ordination needsplatform that allows various kinds of systems and the flow of vessels and goods more effectively. keep the traffic running smoothly. the combination illegal fishery, oil spills, and in some parts of the underwater security system is a modularized, to run efficiently all the way from the moment theequipments to co-operate and interact over a saab can provide traffic management systems, of advanced technology and an efficient work-flow world; piracy. saab offers solutions that provide scalable and fully integrated solution. it is designed alarm goes until the mission is – regardless of physical location or secure ais (automatic identification system), support can also increase personnel effectiveness. you with the ability to monitor the coastal area from to facilitate the integration of both autonomous saab’s sar solutions provide shared situationalsupplier. the result is a flexible and robust solution ais base stations and network infrastructure solu- With modern surveillance and communication air, land and sea and to collect and distribute the underwater vehicles (auvs) and remotely aware-ness and facilitate co-ordination of allthat is easy to maintain, adapt and improve to tions as well as presentation systems and client equipment an improved situational awareness of the information gained. our coastal security solutions operated vehicles (rovs) in the performance of available resources that make it possible to operatemeet changing or growing needs. a cost-effective solutions.saab also provides advanced navigation activities within the port is achieved, making it pos- include naval and ground based surveillance radars, area reconnaissance, surveillance and inspection in the most accurate and efficient manner.solution that creates new capabilities to improve solutions. our marine gPs and DPgs products sible to optimize the flow of vessel traffic inside ports. ais, communication solutions, gMDss, vessel traffic missions, as well as interceptive actions. all in order to save lives. saab’s unmanned under-the control of flows of data, vessels, passengers are today used by the most demanding customers service (vts), system integration services and pres- water vehicles can further enhance our underwaterand goods. and allows integration of current sys- world wide. entation systems. saab also provides state-of-the-art survey capabilities when searching for people,tems as well as future upgrading. radar solutions, such as the erieye, and unmanned vessels or suspicious objects. aerial vehicles.12 13
  8. 8. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer society pRISON all over the world, the need for safe and secure corr- ectional facilities is increasing. the modern prison is a saab provides turnkey security solutions fully adaptable to specific customer needs and meeting the growing SECuRITY self-contained society. it does not just consist of cells, physical- and technical security barriers. it also provides demand for human friendly environment and personal integrity. By combining robust and reliable integration medical treatment, dentists, libraries, visitor areas, work platforms with civil command & control systems we areas, gyms, study rooms etc. in this complex and empower our customers with world leading situational enclosed environment there are a number of security awareness. Providing the ability of fast response to challenges that have to be addressed. the greatest of incidents and day-to-day operational management that these is how to handle logistics of personnel, inmates, will improve efficiency and security. visitors and goods. safety access control Weather inforMationCOMMON transPort ManageMentINFORMATIONMOdEl crisis ManageMent PeriMeter control security screening net centric prison security security management tracking solutions the net centric solution for correctional facilities – an integration platform that saab’s civil command & control systems provide the user with capabilities to our offer include solutions for indoor positioning of guards as well as inmates. allows various kinds of systems and equipment to co-operate and interact over lead the organization with accurate information at all different command levels the tracking solution also improves the ability to secure transportation of a network – regardless of physical location or supplier. from perimeter protection as well as all locations, both inside and outside, the facility. Between the inmates outside the prisons. gPs alarms and trackers for personnel security systems, transport management and access control, to cameras, alarm systems command centre and mobile field clients information can be distributed fast can also be connected. and intelligent cctv systems, saab can provide flexible, cost-effective and and efficiently using secure and encrypted technology. By integrating intelligent robust solutions that are easy to maintain, adapt and improve to meet changing cctv to the command & control system behaviour analysis capabilities are or growing needs. a solution comprising a complete and fully integrated acquired. it can give you advance warning by analysing the video information command and control system that allows connectivity to current systems as from any given camera. it tracks moving objects and creates alerts according to well as future developments. what the video image shows. 14 15
  9. 9. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer society LaNd TRaNSpORT aNdguARd ANd EvENT SecURITY uRbAN SECuRITYlarge-scale events gather huge groups of people. having the right information and communication safe and efficient transport capabilities on land are With saab as your partner you will have access to aone tiny incident can quickly develop into a crisis equipment, and well-designed guard administration essential for the modern society and a prerequisite for wide range of solutions that will support you in makingscenario if not handled correctly. common situational tools, will improve the overall effectiveness and development and prosperity. and, with a more complex transport safer and more efficient, without compro-awareness, coordination of guards and the ability to act security. combined with functions for information and vulnerable transport environment, there is a grow- mising the ease of use that society depend on are vital for the security of lives and assets. skilled handling, communication, dispatch, positioning etc. ing demand for solutions that can bring a higher level solutions supporting an environmentally friendly approachand well-equipped guards at the right place in the right saab can support you to further improve your ability of security and efficiency into transportation. intelligent while at the same time ensuring the security of peopletime can prevent incidents from growing into threats or to manage the resources effectively and secure. transport systems provide such capabilities that can and improving transport efficiency.catastrophes. at the same time the vulnerability of the radically improve safety and efficiency.guards themselves has to be for guarding companies secure logistics event security traffic management traffic information urban security public transportguarding companies operate in a very competitive the secure transport industry is subject to sys- saab provides technical solutions for all kinds of the modern traffic and transportation the use of information systems can to support our customers in securing safe and efficient public transporta-business environment where they have to prepare tematic illegal activities, which severely damage events that require a higher lever of security. our environment demand solutions with support the development of a more and safeguarding the urban traffic tion is essential for the modern so-for a wide range of challenges. effective and secure efficiency, security and quality in daily operation. systems give exact positioning of your guards’ the ability to control and optimize efficient, safe and environmentally and transportation infrastructure, ciety. By using our security solutionshandling of guard operations is an important factor saab provides a range of solutions enabling secure every movement and provide secure communi- the flow of people and goods more friendly traffic environment. saab’s saab provide solutions such as and intelligent transport systemsboth in competitive terms and for the safety of and efficient transport of valuables and dangerous cation. this gives the ability to lead the security effectively. our offer includes traffic offer include sensors, systems for command and control systems, (its) it is possible to bring a higherthe guarding personnel. By the use of modern goods. the security logistics framework consist staff in a precise way. the system supports role- management systems for road traffic dynamic speed control and road robust communications, surveillance level of security and efficiency intoit-systems, integrated communication, automated of several systems such as alarm centres, mobile based access and enables sharing of and distri- and public transport systems. saab weather information as well as sensors, access and perimeter transportation, without compromisingdispatch support and resource optimization saab applications, vehicle systems and work-order dis- buting information in order to provide all actors also supplies complete net centric solu- intermodal traffic webs and complete control, security networks and the ease of use that society dependcan support you in improving effectiveness and patch systems. the framework increases visibility with relevant information. tions comprising everything from traffic traffic information centres. We can solutions for cash and valuables on daily. our solutions support ansafety, and in reducing costs significantly. and improves the ability to control and manage management to handling and security support you in developing fully transportation. environmentally friendly approach, transport operations in an efficient and secure way. systems. integrated information solutions on ensure the security of people and all levels – from local to national. improve transport capabilities.16 17
  10. 10. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer societyNaTIONaL SecURITY aNdINFRASTRuCTuRE pOlICE ANd RESCuE SOLUTIONSthe dramatic events that characterize the first decade saab can provide the technology and know-how that effecting public security and social order is a complex When a situation occurs, time is often critical.of the 21:st century have forever changed our view on is needed to meet these new demands and to take on task requiring the support of systems and equipment, a common situation picture and awareness is vital forsecurity and how to make society a safer place. the challenges that lay ahead. our solutions support which empower functions such as policing and rescue how best to use resources and for decision-making.threats tend to be less obvious and constantly changing. and strengthen development of preventive capabilities services with effective and reliable mission capabilities. With appropriate systems and equipment, front lineat the same time societies institutions are sometimes as well as the ability to respond in all situations, from forces will be well prepared for their missions and have saab focuses on developing solutions, which establishnot agile enough to prevent, or respond to, situations daily-based operations to real crisis situations. continuing access to real-time information. and maintain a common understanding of the situationthat can seriously affect our community. this creates between command centres and mobile demands and brings new challenges on how tomaintain an acceptable level of security and safety.threat analysis services crisis management robust communications solutions special police forces police strategic command rescue services fire brigadesto be prepared, threat identification and analysis to manage crisis situations you need situation robust and effective communication solutions are special police units depend on the higher chain of command needs for the rescue services time is often saab offers systems for efficient lead-is essential. By analysing possible threats, creating awareness, an educated staff and well developed the foundation for availability and reliability of critical precision. the ability to coordinate updated reports about on-going life. this means that efficient commu- ing and coordination of operations.a functioning organization during crisis situation action-plans based on sound threat analysis. saab infrastructure. to meet these needs saab offers a operations and to act fast is crucial. activities on the field. By creating a nication tools can help them to save the system give the team leaderand developing detailed action plans, a crisis situ- offers technical solutions that provide your organi- range of communications system solutions for fixed common situational awareness is common infrastructure where all units time and thereby lives. saab provides access to maps, force location, realation can be managed, understood and possibly zation with the ability to respond to and manage and mobile networks requiring internal and external therefore of vital importance. saab can report their status to headquar- a range of tools that facilitate com- time communication and informationprevented even before it occurs. saab offers threat any crisis situation. We also provide training and communication, including data and telecommuni- provides these capabilities through a ters the police strategic command munication and information sharing solutions, which makes it possible toanalysis, qualified process management and a education of operators as well as training for the cations as well as advanced radio communication. system that gives exact positioning of can follow the situation in near real- between ambulance centres, vehicles follow and coordinate forces.structured process through consultancy services. organization in how to manage crises. your forces’, robust and secure com- time and know when to react and and hospitals. all to make it possible munication, and provide all actors how use their resources in the most to optimise resources available. with relevant information. effective way.18 19
  11. 11. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer societyFIEld FACIlITIES SOLUTIONS bORdER SECuRITY SOLUTIONSBuilding a base camp or a field hospital often means support and controlled termination of operations at the in today’s global and fast changing world, border a universal and more open world has a growing need foryou have to create a complete infrastructure. Moreover, end of the mission. control must include preparedness for a range of new more efficient ways to control borders. saab can provideyou probably have to do it in remote areas and rough or upgraded threats, not only covering traditional complete and fully integrated border management saab can also provide complete turnkey solutions forterrain. surveillance and control operations, but also criminal solutions as well as specific systems and products for a range of field facilities, comprising of everything from activities such as trafficking, drug smuggling or illegal surveillance and control. our products and systems areWith saab at your side you will have access to a wide equipment to operations and maintenance services. immigration as well as environmental control. prepared to operate in network environments and canrange of services designed to facilitate and secure the Whenever and wherever there is a need for cost- support you in creating and providing a common andbuild up of your field facilities – from the provisioning of effective and mission optimised field facilities saab can real time situational picture.clean water, electricity and communications networks provide a solution and the necessary the overall operational responsibility, maintenancecamp solutions medical care solutions airport support border management green border protection airborne surveillance coastal surveillancesaab’s camp solutions are geared to meet the saab can support you every step of the way in setting saab provides complete support solutions com- saab can provide complete border saab offers a unique border protec- saab’s range of airborne surveillance coastal areas have to deal withneeds and requirements of peacekeeping and up temporary medical care centres for surgical prising of everything from electrical and mechanical management solutions as well as tion program that effectively seals solutions includes, for instance, the threats such as illegal immigrants,expeditionary forces, as well as civil emergency, teams and dental care units in camps or other maintenance, to support of commercial aircraft fuel equipment for border gates. for high- borders against illicit and uncon- eriey new generation airborne early smuggling, illegal fishery, oil spills,rescue and safety organisations and authorities. areas. We provide the medical equipment and systems, from pilot studies and geodetic surveys, risk areas we offer dense surveillance trolled passing. our offer includes Warning & control system, a high- and piracy. saab provide solutionsyears of direct, hands-on involvement in the provi- permanent or mobile modules in order to build your to project management and technical maintenance systems, multi sensors, watchtow- solutions for high-risk areas, border performance, long range Mission that can monitor the coastal areasioning of different camp systems has also afforded centre, including transportation. services. We also undertake detailed mapping ers and uavs. our solutions for gates, low risk areas and complete system for aeW&c. the system can from air, land and sea, and collectus extensive know-how in forming a camp to a fully surveys, height determinations and airfield layouts maritime border surveillance covers management centres. Due to the be installed in a variety of aircraft, and distribute the information gained.integrated system environment. incorporating landing aids and reference points for all dimension, from below the surface use of open standards and modern including regional jet or turbo prop our coastal security solutions include future surveys. to the sky. Based on modern sensor communication technology all our airliners. saab also offers unmanned naval and ground based radars, ais, technology our solutions improve systems are interoperable. this aerial vehicles designed for airborne communications, gMDss, vessel awareness and create decision also means they allow and facilitate surveillance in support of support sea traffic service (vts), system integration superiority. integration of legacy systems. as well as land operations. services and presentation systems.20 21
  12. 12. solutions for a safer society solutions for a safer societyaT YOUR SIdeEvERY STEp OF ThE wAYour commitment is long-term and our offer include a number of very capable and cost-efficient training andrange of solutions that identify us as a partner stand- simulation systems, a high quality, fully integrated lifeing by our customers all the way – from analysis and cycle support concept and a range of qualified consul-preparation, through operations and into the support tancy services providing world-leading expertise andand development phases. our offer also includes a solutions training and simulation consultancy servicesLessons learned show that reliable and As your partner in training our mission is At Saab we are convinced that preparednessaffordable support solutions are vital for to increase your preparedness for real-time in crisis situations comes as result of routinesmission success. At Saab we have a long operations from unit level up to the joint and internal structures that are implementedhistory of providing cost-effective support agency management of a critical incident. in the every-day activities. The way of workingsolutions tailored to precise customer needs That is why our solutions are adaptable to is already implemented and everyone involvedand requirements. By combining an all your precise needs with realistic exercises and knows what is expected of him or her.embracing life cycle-based support concept enhanced evaluation capabilities. Saab has Saab offers a range of consultancy servicesand an extensive range of support products the full support in order to cover your force’s aiming at improving preparedness and yourand services, we are able to offer high quality, learning process. From training and educa- ability to act accurately in a crisis situation.fully customised and integrated support tion on new systems and environments, over By analysing your organization and detectingsolutions designed to minimize costs and training scenario preparation and high quality and identifying needs and vulnerabilities in itto maximize functionality and availability. exercises and evaluation, Saab is your partner. you can create an organization that is preparedWithout compromising security. At Saab, we are well aware, that the ability to to the fullest. Our Consultancy Services includeOur support offer includes complete sup- obtain success requires being prepared, in all services, such as, threat analysis, advancedport solutions compromising everything aspects. We also know that the threat scenario process management and a structured process.from pilot studies, technical maintenance is non-static and requires a flexible and electricity supply monitoring, We can today rapidly create learning environ-to Integrated Logistic Support, Logistic ments where time to value is well balanced.Support Analysis and overall operational The Unit Training range comprises situationalmanagement support, without comprising awareness for exercise manager, support ofsecurity. small-scale exercises and integrated combinedWe provide extensive engineering support function training in all types of terrain andservices and capabilities to assist in the environments. Education support is providedinitial specification and development of through e-learning, distance learning, collabo-requirements for a new system. Once opera- rative learning and knowledge management,tions are well established, the main focus as well as fully customised solutions. Andis efficiency. Here we are able to provide our crisis management training offer consistsa broad range of services, throughout the of a combination of methods and technol-life of any system spanning the logistics, ogy developed to support different types oftechnical and operational areas including exercises – from training need analysis andhelpdesk, operation, maintenance, upgrades table top and computer aided exercises withand modification to meet these needs and use of serious gaming through to simulationoptimize the operation. and evaluation tools.22 23
  13. 13. solutions for a safer society - english - 1-2009