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Working Out with Brides by Stephanie


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When you work on the go, it can be easy to overpack not knowing what you’ll need. Just ask Stephanie Navarro, founder of Brides by Stephanie. Her business runs on makeup, and if she doesn’t stay absolutely organized there’s a good chance she’ll show up to a job with too much or too little.

Find out what Stephanie takes with her on every job to ensure she has a workable workspace, how she makes sure she never leaves home with a tool that she’ll need, and organizational strategy.

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Working Out with Brides by Stephanie

  1. 1. 34.0522°N/118.2437°W Presented by STAPLES WorkingOut WITH BRIDES BY STEPHANIE For certain businesses, working on the go isn’t just a perk, it’s a requirement. That’s the case for Stephanie Navarro, founder of Brides by Stephanie. With a business centered around weddings, she’s always traveling to a variety of beautiful locations armed with a specific set of go-to tools. Although glamorous, working from surprising locations can be stressful and it’s essential that Navarro be equipped with everything she needs to get the job done. Here are some of Navarro’s tried-and-true systems to keep her organized as she heads out the door and while on-the-job. Take Everything You Need to Do the Job A lightweight chair, a space-efficient light and 2 - 3 bags accompany Navarro to every wedding. Since she doesn’t know what her workspace will look like at different venues, she has to be ready to set up shop anywhere, which requires that she bring everything she may need with her. For more ideas on creating an efficient on-the-go workspace, visit Navarro’s final thoughts on working on the go: “Always whittle down your kit,” she says. “When you’re always buying new products and things to use, it can easily get overwhelming and very heavy.” Get Organized by Item Foundations, mascaras, powders and every other product Navarro uses has it’s own home within her kit to make her as efficient as possible. Locate Your Storage Strategically Labeled bins fill a cabinet in the corner of Navarro’s home and allow her to easily (and quickly) access any tool she needs to take with her. Create Checklists For Every Event Navarro uses brightly colored Post-its, placed close to where she stores her supplies, to write checklists of what she needs to take with her before heading out to a job. This simple practice ensures she doesn’t forget anything. Use Industry-Specific Organization Systems A zuca kit and brushfolio are two well-known beauty industry tools that help Navarro keep her on-the-go organization on point.