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How a briefing can ruin or win your content results


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How a briefing can ruin or win your content results

  1. 1. How a Briefing can Win or Ruin Your Content Results Jochen Mebus General Manager Textbroker
  2. 2. Why are we competent to talk about content briefings? Jochen Mebus articles written since 2007 Over 100k orders per month on average approx. 65k approx. 20k approx. 8k 2017: ~300 Million words written Unique Content in 30 languages, Translations in all languages of this world >
  3. 3. All Article Types, Quantities, Quality Levels and Languages 3 ArticleQuality Article Quantity Advisory Articles Theme Worlds Landing Pages Category Product Languages You need specific writer briefings for each of these article types Jochen Mebus
  4. 4. Write me Something… Jochen Mebus
  5. 5. „Write Me Something“ Jochen Mebus
  6. 6. Jochen Mebus
  7. 7. You need to express what you want to get Jochen Mebus
  8. 8. Be Logical (1)! Don‘t try to maximize several things at the same time „This text is aiming to be the best text in the Web for this topic. Please also use exclusively the h1, h2 and h3 information given in the briefing. And please note that all keywords must be included in the given quantity. Furthermore, the word count for each paragraph in the briefing is mandatory.“ Jochen Mebus
  9. 9. Be Logical (2)! Don‘t request things that are controversial. „The Keyword quantity is a minimum quantity. Keywords should appear in the text exactly as stated in the briefing. But please also don‘t use them too often.“ … Keyword list states: „Paris“: 5x, with 1x of these 5: „Paris with child/children“ Jochen Mebus
  10. 10. Be Realistic (1)! You can‘t have it all – sorry! Briefing Extract: Product Description for stylish furniture „Article length should be 80 to 100 words, funny, juvenile style, please explain furniture forms and origin + the most important product facts“. Jochen Mebus
  11. 11. Be Realistic (2)! If the author will only make little money, don‘t give him big briefings! Jochen Mebus
  12. 12. Be Realistic (3)! Can you see the pattern? Samples of Textbroker orders that do NOT get written Order ID Order title Classification Time placed Words Author Payment Status Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors Not yet picked available to authors 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 2,60 € 4908193 Kurzripp-Polydaktylie-Syndrom 4 15.09.2017 - 14:27:50 200 4898525 Konnatale Hyperekplexie 4 12.09.2017 - 11:28:46 200 4898519 Kongenitale bilaterale Aplasie des Vas deferens 4 12.09.2017 - 11:28:46 200 4898513 Komplette Androgenresistenz 4 12.09.2017 - 11:28:46 200 4898403 Keratitis-Ichthyosis-Taubheitssyndrom 4 12.09.2017 - 11:28:46 200 4898389 Kawasaki-Syndrom bei Baby und Kind 4 12.09.2017 - 11:28:46 200 4888859 Jirásek-Zuelzer-Wilson-Syndrom 4 08.09.2017 - 12:25:50 200 4870473 IgG4-assoziierte Autoimmunerkrankungen 4 05.09.2017 - 13:14:50 200 4852315 Hypophysenvorderlappeninsuffizienz 4 29.08.2017 - 11:59:03 200 4852309 Hypophysenhinterlappeninsuffizienz 4 29.08.2017 - 11:59:03 200 Jochen Mebus
  13. 13. Be Precise! „Journalistic, scientific Style – elevated quality level“ Author thinks Client means Jochen Mebus
  14. 14. Be Polite – or even nice! - Tell your writer how you would like to have the text, but don‘t tell him/her how he/she has to do the work. - Don‘t explain the obvious; assume that your writer knows what he/she is doing. - Be polite in your wording, don‘t use extreme phrasing. Otherwise, your order will likely not get picked by any author. Jochen Mebus „I need a text without spelling and grammar mistakes!“
  15. 15. Let your content follow best- practice SEO structures Jochen Mebus
  16. 16. Good Briefings - Overview Summary Goals Target Destination Topics Style, Tone Writing Rules Positive Examples Negative Examples Jochen Mebus
  17. 17. What good briefings contain Topic Text Type Jochen Mebus
  18. 18. What good briefings contain (2) Structure Jochen Mebus
  19. 19. What good briefings contain (3) Style Tags Jochen Mebus
  20. 20. What good briefings contain (4) Keywords Jochen Mebus
  21. 21. But: do you have to write briefings at all? • Only if you have concrete requirements in your mind • Once you do, you must be able to concretely express those needs • If you don’t have an idea what you want: don’t start at the lowest author price and quality level • If you don’t have an idea, it might be wise to look at your content strategy first Jochen Mebus
  22. 22. Good Briefings derive from a Good Content Strategy Content-Strategy Definition Keyword Research Content-Calendar & Briefings Content-Creation Content-Seeding Success Control Jochen Mebus
  23. 23. Content Strategy - Target audience, Personas - Find out where they can be found - Analyze competitors that target the same personas - Define what a „Conversion“ is for you. - Research keywords. - Step 1: Level par to competition - Step 2: search for uniqueness - What goes into SEA, what into SEO? Jochen Mebus
  24. 24. Content Strategy - Build an editorial calendar - …and execute it within given budget availability - Ensure you produce content regularly - The better your strategy, the easier it will be to tell the writer what you want (briefing). - Publish content, on own or external sites - Build a thought-through in- and external linking concept - Ensure your website is technically set-up the right way and doesn‘t violate Google best practices Jochen Mebus
  25. 25. Content Strategy - (Almost) Everything is measurable - Content success measurement i.e. through A/B-tests - Force yourself to question the strategy, every time you look into the numbers Jochen Mebus
  26. 26. 2 more things …regarding Expectation Management and Quality in content projects Jochen Mebus
  27. 27. Jochen Mebus
  28. 28. Expectation Management Jochen Mebus
  29. 29. Quality Control of authors? Will any one of those… …run through quality control here? Jochen Mebus
  30. 30. Textbroker Service Options Content- Briefing Engage Authors Upload Orders Proofreading Editorial Export completed articles Textbroker Supported Self-Service Textbroker Managed-Service Textbroker Self-Service Client Textbroker Jochen Mebus
  31. 31. Question Mug How many words have Textbroker authors written in France in 2017? 36.786.139 Jochen Mebus
  32. 32. Thank you! Questions? Jochen Mebus