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Freedom360 Orientation Workshop Overview


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Published in: Education
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Freedom360 Orientation Workshop Overview

  1. 1. Freedom360 Orientation Workshop Systems and Tools for Business Join us in an online learning experience... Set up and use the core Freedom360 tools Learn how to create an online marketing strategy Learn to how to run an email marketing campaign Network and collaborate with others within a private, online environment 60 Minutes a day... Online Webinars Private Forums Live Support Q & A Sessions Col TechKnow Knowledgebase
  2. 2. Freedom360 Orientation Workshop Week 1 & 2 The Freedom360 Toolbox is full of the top productivity tools available today...all web based, totally collaborative and fully synchronized.
  3. 3. Freedom360 Orientation Workshop Week 3 & 4 Freedom360 is all about Marketing...Our Online "Zone" marketing program will drive your company or organization growth to new levels. Learn how to automate your marketing efforts and increase sales. CRM Marketing Automation SEO Geo-Targeting Online Rankings
  4. 4. Freedom360 Orientation Workshop Get Started Today!! Our workshop is the first step to building a company that operates... More efficiently together More effectively as a TEAM More profitably as a Company Get started will be the best business decision you ever made...we guarantee it!!