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SWAP Products & Services


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SWAP Management & SWAP Media are two branches of the same firm providing a wide range of services in artist, fashion and celebrity management, events production as well as digital marketing and advertising.

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SWAP Products & Services

  1. 1. Products & Services
  2. 2. Products & Services Planning Design Production Web DevelopmentDigital Marketing Content Integration & Monetization
  3. 3. Products & ServicesWeb Development
  4. 4. Products & Services Development Process We are experts in designing and building the most effective website for your brand. Planning Design Production Building the best site takes careful Based on the information gathered Once the designs are finalized our planning. We consult with your during the planning phase, our design programmers do the back-end heavy key stakeholders to assess how we team works to build a unique interface lifting. Adding in HTML/CSS and even can make your project a success. that is cohesive with your brand image CMS we build your site to operate in and maximizes ROI. the forefront of new technology.Planning Includes: •Goal Analysis •Feature Prioritization • Site Map •Functionality Break down •Creation Timeline •Financial Planning • Begin Wireframing
  5. 5. Products & Services Development Capabilities We offer a wide variety of cutting edge options for your site to best the competition. E-Commerce Content Management Custom Landing System (CMS) PagesConvert your website into your main Get control over your website. A custom Create a buzz around a new productsales portal and visitors into customers content management system makes release or developing businesswith our custom E-Commerce solutions. updating your site a breeze. segment with a stand alone page. Flash Development Blog Development Social Media IntegrationEngage and Entertain your audience. Blog Designs integrate with existing Allow your audience to connect andOur Flash designs capture your websites for branding consistency and share content with their friendsaudience’s attention like nothing else. branch out into niche audiences. without ever leaving your site.
  6. 6. Products & ServicesDigital Marketing
  7. 7. Products & Services Digital Marketing Maximize visibility, conversions, and interactions with your key audience.Overview of our Marketing Services Search Engine Mobile/Tablet Ready Email Marketing OptimizationKeyword Discovery, Text Optimization, Round out your website by making it Newsletters, List Management,link build, and analytics bring your mobile ready for Tablets and smart conversion tracking, and custombrand in to the top search results . phones. landing pages keep you in contact with your audience. Sentiment Analysis Display Advertising Social MediaBoost your positive feedback, and Increase relevant traffic to your website Reach new audiences strengthen youraddress negative criticism. through display advertising. consumer core through word-of- mouth marketing on social networks.
  8. 8. Products & ServicesContent Integration & Monetization
  9. 9. Products & Services “Develop advertising and branded content as new revenue streams”SWAP Media pairs consumer brands with artists’, fashion designers’, and other celebrities’through original content and the influencers own web property. Your Site Your Site w/ Custom Content integration We work with industry leading content distribution and ad-serving partners to keep our digital sponsorship pipeline continuously full and providing highly targeted and engaging exposure for consumer brands while generating consistent revenue for artists.
  10. 10. Products & Services Integration Options SWAP Media’s proprietary technology & strategic content syndication network enable your sites content to be packaged and sold to consumer brand advertisers in a variety of ways. Video Production w/ Custom Skin Pre-Roll Ads Brand IntegrationWe produce original content that co- Page level customization matches your Pre-Roll ad spots before and afterbrands today’s top entertainers with site background to mirror a sponsoring content delivery create sponsoringrecognizable consumer brands. brand. brand synergies. Overlays Product Placement EndorsementsRollover Screen Overlays including Premium Products are placed within Direct Celebrity/artists endorsementbanners and video player keep brand video content for an integrated drops put the power of referral to usemessaging in front of the audience approach. for your brand.
  11. 11. Products & Services ContactMike PretatWeb Development & Digital MarketingE: Michael.pretat@gmail.comPh: 609.915.1194Ryan ZiembaMonetization & Branded ContentE: Ryanz@swapmgmt.comPh: 646.256.4791 SWAP Media 1375 Broadway, New York, NY