Determine your career pathways


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If you have a job that you do not like and enjoy, life could be miserable and difficult for you. What could be worse is when you just don’t know what career direction is right for you. There have been reports which reveal that around 75 percent of employed individuals are unhappy with their jobs.

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Determine your career pathways

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1 Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2 If you have a job that you do not like and enjoy, life could be miserable and difficult for you. What could be worse is when you just don’t know what career direction is right for you. There have been reports which reveal that around 75 percent of employed individuals are unhappy with their jobs. You wouldn’t want to belong to this group, of course. Thus, it is vital that you figure out what your dream career or job is. If you don’t know how to determine what career pathways will be appropriate for you, ask yourself these questions so you may eventually discover with what job you will find fulfillment. What inspires you? What is that something about your work that you consider the most important? Answering this question will help you discover a lot about yourself. You should know you are in the right place if your job is consistent with your own beliefs and values. It could be hard to do this on your own, so what you should do instead is to think of the things you hate about your work. Naturally, the opposite of those things will be valuable to you. What is your favorite among your skills? All of us have different skills, and you have a variety of them as well. Now, think which of those skills you love using the most. Once you have figured it out, you should assess if this particular skill of yours is being maximized at your current work. What could be stopping you? As you go on searching for the perfect job, there will be some beliefs that may discourage you from actually going for a particular job. In many cases, such are limiting beliefs about yourself or about the work you are targeting. We all have, at some point, questioned our own capabilities. This is something you should control and not allow to happen. Remember that you become what you think of yourself. Who do you look up to? If there is a person that you look up to the most, there is a big chance that you will also find his/her career interesting. This can be a good start. Many successful people start by having a role model, who later on becomes their mentors as well. Don’t hesitate to ask someone to become your mentor. In most cases, being asked to mentor someone is a pleasure and sort of validity for them. Where can you seek help? These days, employees have the luxury of getting career coaching services if they want to. There are so many career counseling centers around offering help to those who are not certain about their careers. By working with a career coach, you can almost feel assured that all the decisions you will be making are calculated ones and geared towards the achievement of your goals.
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3 A lot of internship programs are offered every year by companies and college programs to college students who want to gain relevant experience before they enter the workforce. These are opportunities that students should not take for granted especially considering that internship allows students to apply everything they have learned in class to the real workplace. Interns can be employed for just a single semester and may not receive an invitation to work for the company. But for motivated interns, things can be different. An intern who successfully demonstrates all the positive traits employers want from their employees has a great chance of being hired by the same company. If you want to turn your internship into real employment, be sure you have the following traits: Dependability. Don’t think of your internship as a mere summer gig or fulfillment of your college requirement. In order for you to be considered for employment by the company, you should follow the way dedicated employees do their jobs. Always arrive on time and dress up accordingly. Avoid leaving the office earlier than others and don’t call in sick. Initiative. Companies don’t hire interns to perform the responsibilities of regular employees. This doesn’t mean, however, that interns are not allowed to volunteer to help with certain projects. As an intern, you have to demonstrate initiative and willingness to do anything to contribute to the organization. You can ask for additional tasks, or you can simply offer help to an employee in your department. Willingness to Learn. There is so much you can still learn as an intern. But of course, this won’t happen if you don’t grab the opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise. If, for instance, you are asked if you know how to use certain software, you must claim that you do even when you are not an expert on it yet. Take it as a challenge to be better. If needed, get some help from an expert and learn as much as you can. Employers appreciate interns who demonstrate willingness to learn and be trained. Team Player. While your internship is the time for you to hone the skills you need for future employment, you should not take for granted the people you are to work with. This doesn’t mean you need to build very close relationships with your coworkers, though. It is enough that you try to reach out and be familiar with other employees. Keep in mind that your performance will also be judged by the people you work around with. Besides, this is also a good time for you to build your professional network, which is an essential component of your career pathways and your eventual job search. You will surely agree when I say that one of the most difficult things to do at work is to concentrate. There are so
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4 many distractions around that can keep us from finishing the tasks we are supposed to complete. Nevertheless, employees need to do a better job of staying well disciplined to make sure they will have a productive day at work. If you are finding it hard to keep your concentration when you work, here are some tips that may help you. Trying to1. Divide your work into smaller pieces. do too many things in one day can be very overwhelming. Thus, what you’d want is to make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish according to which ones are important. This way, your mind will be able to pay attention to a more manageable amount of information. As you finish one task, leave your desk for a while to have a short breather, and then go on to finish another task on your list. 2. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your There is actually nothing wrongaccomplished work. with using your Facebook or Twitter every once in a while. You just mustn’t let them eat up your time for work. What you can do instead is use them as your reward for finishing up some work on time. Every time you complete a task on your list, you can allow yourself to visit any social media site to keep yourself updated. This way, you will have something to look forward to doing after your work is done. Music has this3. Let the right music motivate you. unbelievable ability to keep us motivated. If you haven’t tried listening to music while working, well you may be surprised with what it can do to your mood. Choose a song that is not to noisy or distracting, but don’t go for those songs that could make you fall asleep. Pick a happy song that will just lift your spirit and keep you energized as you work. If you want to avoid all the4. Hide yourself. unnecessary messages or emails from your coworkers or friends while you are at work, you may as well hide yourself. You can do this by turning off the chat options in your computer, or change your status to “Do Not Disturb.” If you don’t want to have even short chats with your coworkers in the office, you should always try to appear busy with your work. You may even wear your headphones to discourage those who want to have a conversation with you. Perhaps the most5. Keep your passion burning. important factor that may affect your level of productivity at work is your passion for what you are doing. By doing what you love, there is no doubt that you will be successful in your job and your career pathways in general.