What makes you dislike your job?


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According to studies, more than half of the employees around the world would gladly change careers if they just have the chance to do it. Well, this is a very clear sign that a lot of workers are not happy with their careers and jobs.

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What makes you dislike your job?

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre http://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 1 Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre http://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 2 According to studies, more than half of the employees around the world would gladly change careers if they just have the chance to do it. Well, this is a very clear sign that a lot of workers are not happy with their careers and jobs. This is not surprising, though, considering the fact that finding a career that will satisfy you is a difficult thing to do. First of all, employees don’t have control over such things as the company’s money, their bosses, and even the tasks assigned to them. But aside from these frustrations, there are some other reasons you may hate your job, and these are the things you can surely have control over. Being organized does a lot1. You Lack Organization. in clearing your head and making you enjoy what you are doing. If you cannot remember anymore when the last time you cleaned your desk and checked your inbox, chances are you hate being in your workspace. Keep in mind that not being organized with your stuff can make you feel anxious. Work is naturally2. You Have Too Much Stress. stressful, and all of us have many things to deal with also. It is all just a matter of knowing how to face the things that give you stress and how you are going to overcome them. Studies show that those who have a hobby are more likely to find fulfillment at work. Many of3. You Don’t Care Much about Your Health. us don’t know the fact that our health has an effect on how satisfied we can be with our work. If you continuously ignore what your body needs and you keep abusing it, instead, you will never have the right tool to be productive at work. Remember that it is your body that actually makes you valuable in your workplace. If you are4. You Dislike the People You Work With. not in good terms with the people you meet and work with on a daily basis, there is no way you could find enjoyment in your work. In every workplace, there will always be people who dislike each other, but you should not let this affect how you feel about your job. Just think that your coworkers also have problems to deal with and maybe they also want to have a good relationship with you. Be positive all the time so you could see good things around you instead. If you have a lot of5. You Are Financially Troubled. debt, you will likely blame your low salary for it. This will then cause you to hate it and even think of a career change. Well, if you are having money problems, take a look at how you are managing your finances. You could even find a counselor who could help you settle your debts and organize your money. If you have decided to switch to a different career, it is very likely that you don’t have any significant experience yet in the field you’re jumping into. While it is true that this may have an effect on your chances of getting employed, this does not mean that you are not as qualified as anyone applying for the same job. It is
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre http://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 3 important, however, that you demonstrate to your prospective employer that you are indeed the perfect fit for them. To make your job search easier after a career change, you need to make sure your resume contains all the important elements. Make sure that you enumerate every piece of information that is related to the position you are aiming for. These are the things you need to remember: Chronological or Functional Resume? It is very common for job hunters to utilize the more traditional type of resume, a chronological resume. With this type, you will be listing all your work experience and history that should start with your most recent stint. The problem with this format is if you are new in the industry you are entering, this kind of resume will be highlighting your lack of experience. On the other hand, with a functional type of resume, you should start with the summary of your skills. This means that the resume will center on 3 or 4 related skills and how you were able to maximize such skills in your past jobs. Do Not Focus on Unrelated Experience As a career changer, your resume should not draw attention to the part where you will detail the experience that you have that related to the job you are applying for. What you should do is put on the list your job title, the name of your employers, as well as the location and periods of your employment. If you happen to have some experience relevant to the position you are applying to, make sure that you highlight this by putting it in the category of “Relevant Experience”. Enumerate Your Transferable Skills Although the experience you had in your previous jobs or careers is not related to the position you are targeting, you may still be considered qualified as long as you have the right transferable skills. These are the skills that should be highlighted in your resume. It is important also that you use terms that are specific in the field you are entering. This way, employers will have the impression that you are familiar with what that industry is and what they do. If you are still having doubts about the quality of your resume, you can work with professional resume and career services. These professionals will help you come up with a resume that will meet the standards of employers. Internship is considered a crucial part of the training of fresh graduates as they prepare to step into the labor market. The period of internship is when they acquire the practical skills and experience that they need to handle the responsibilities of whatever job they intend to have sooner or later. But do you know that not only students can work as interns? If you are seriously thinking of having a career change but you are worried that you lack the necessary skills to survive in a different industry, you could definitely make use of an opportunity to join an internship program. Where to Find the Right Program Finding an opportunity for internship is not as difficult as you may think. Workers are encouraged to
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre http://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 4 consult their professional network for advice on where to get a chance for internship in a certain field. Also, you should look beyond what internships are advertised around. You should target those companies whose values, mission, goals and culture are relevant to who you are and what your career goals are. Call any company you see these traits in and gladly offer yourself and services. Marketing Your Skills and Experience Don’t act like a student because you are not one. Take advantage of the experience you have had throughout the years you were employed. Selling yourself should not be difficult at all as you know that you have something to offer, which companies can greatly benefit from. The key here is how you present your resume and how well you will talk about yourself. You need to show that you have valuable transferable skills that could become a huge contribution to the company. What You Should Expect There is a reason why you are in this internship program. Thus, it is important that you have clear goals and some expectations right from the start. You should make sure there is a clear understanding between you and the company regarding things like your work hours, workload, and what you need to achieve during the internship. Remember that you will not be spending a lot of time in the internship, so you need to make the most out of this opportunity. Don’t settle for the routine tasks, and instead focus on a particular project to accomplish. One of the best things about joining an internship program is that it helps you widen your professional network. This is valuable as you later on begin to look for a more stable and long term employment. Who knows, you may even use this time to get some business mentoring, which you can use if you are thinking of running your own enterprise.