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When it comes to getting some valuable advice about career, we almost always think of professional career coaches to give us that. Of course, they are very reliable individuals who have the experience and the knowledge to share with ordinary people some strategies that they know in terms of achieving success in a career.

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Life coach

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2When it comes to getting some valuable advice aboutcareer, we almostalways think ofprofessional careercoaches to give us that.Of course, they are veryreliable individuals whohave the experience andthe knowledge to share with ordinary people somestrategies that they know in terms of achievingsuccess in a career. But without them, is it stillpossible for us to know what we should andshouldn’t do to ensure we will succeed in ourcareers?We all fail in our careers at some point. But not all ofus are able to get up from those failures and move onimmediately. This is an important skill to learn, andone that isn’t necessarily taught by a life coach. Byanalyzing our career failures, we can definitely learnsome very important lessons. This article aims tomake you aware of the ways people normally ruintheir careers and put their career development injeopardy.1. Taking Your Education for GrantedIf you spend so much time partying in college andeventually get a low GPA, you will definitely beoverlooked for a good entry level job. Another thingthat could hurt your pursuit of your career goals is tonot finish your master’s degree.2. Moving without Any PlansConsidering how difficult and competitive the currentjob market is, it is likely that you end up with a jobthat you are not so crazy about. There is nothingwrong with that, but it is important that you have acareer plan that will help you reach what you want tobecome. Every job that you choose to have should bea stepping stone towards your ultimate dream job orcareer.3. Not Telling the Truth in Your ResumeOne of the best ways you can ruin your credibilityand your career is to like in your resume. Companiestake applicants’ resumes seriously, and they couldeven run a background check on those who theythink are too good to be true. Finding out that someparts of your resume are exaggerated will forcepotential employers to put your resume straight tothe trash bin.4. Job Hopping Because of MoneyIt is true that employers do not favor job hoppers somuch. But there are still many of them who see thegood side of hiring job hoppers. However, if it isproven that you change jobs frequently to chasehigher paychecks, you are losing your credibility asan honest and hardworking individual. Finding newcareer is positive if you do it to enrich your skills andyourself in general and not to satisfy your pocketonly.Life coaches are hired by organizations andindividuals who needguidance as they try toset and achieve theirparticular goals in life.Such goals may differsignificantly, and mayinclude personal,spiritual, health, athletic, and even professional goals.If you are seriously considering finding a coach whowill clear your mind as to what you should and
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3shouldn’t do, you may also be wondering whatactually happens during a coaching session.Well, there are many tools that life coaches may useto come up with valuable action steps that will helptheir mentee achieve their goals. In most cases, theyhave this series of questions which are designed in away that can build and even challenge the awarenessof the person they are coaching.Core Values: Coaching is a lot different fromconsulting. Basically, a life coach asks certainquestions with the aim of enabling their clients tothink of solutions themselves, rather than directlygiving them the solutions to whatever their concernsare. The beauty of such questions is that they identifythe core values of the individual or the organizationso that these values will serve as a guide in designingwhich action plans should be taken.Motivation: Not many of us are aware but we all havesome sort of blind spots that actually keep us fromseeing and recognizing things as how they really are.Such blind spots are almost always based on beliefsand assumptions that result from our pastexperiences. The thing is that these assumptions andbeliefs are not always true. So what happens is thatour actions and decisions are likely to lead us awayfrom all our goals in life. The role of a life or careercoach is to make us realize that there are many otheroptions we can explore, and opportunities to takeadvantage of.Actions: It is usually our emotion and instinct that tellus what to do. It is definitely hard to find the wisdomto choose what is right for us. Life coaches ask manydifferent questions, whose answers are meant tomake us realize how we should avoid makingirrational actions and decisions. Actually, everyindividual has the ability to think deeper and realizewhat could be making him or her do unreasonableand irrational things. This could explain why lifecoaches and mentors would usually encourage theirclients to learn to meditate and listen to what is reallyin their hearts. This is also why by merely listening tomotivational words, we usually feel better andwiser.There are times that we know just what direction wewant to go with ourlives, but sometimes wefeel unhappy aboutcertain things we aren’teven know about. Lifecoaching is a veryimportant and helpfultool for us to be able toset our goals in life, and also to figure out what thingswe can, should and want to do. By working with a lifecoach, you will be guided in creating a structure planof what you are going to do with your life to achieveall your goals and dreams.Techniques and Methods that Will Help You ReachYour GoalsA good mentor is an experienced individual who alsoknows a lot of different tools that can map out a planfor you. Your coach will be providing you a lot ofdifferent options, which you may not even think arepossible for you. Life coaches are smart people whoask challenging and very insightful questions that willguide you as you make up your mind on which life orcareer path is best for you. Once you have decided onyour goals and the actions you should take, yourcoach will make sure you are entirely committed toreaching your goals.Overcoming Low Self Esteem and InsecuritiesWe often talk to ourselves about the things we cannotdo and why we just can’t do those things. Self talkingis normal, but what’s not good is when it reaches thepoint where we end up discouraging ourselves fromdoing something because we think we don’t havewhat it takes to get it done. Having low self esteem
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4and a lot of insecurities isn’t good for our growth asindividuals. Doubting your own abilities is the sameas setting the limitations to what you can do andachieve.Life coaching can help you get over all yourinsecurities and the things that make you lose yourconfidence in yourself. Life coaches are equippedwith different tools and strategies that we can use tochange the way we see ourselves and to make surewe develop a more positive image of ourselves.Assessing and Exploring All Your OptionsYou know that you need to take action to achieve allyour goals. But which way should you go? Your lifecoach will present to you all the possibilities outthere and all the options available for you. He or shewill also let you understand what the possibleoutcomes of each path will be so you can weighwhich one you should pursue.