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M kit english for web

  1. 1. Content: The Project .  the project From 2006 rossiyskaya Gazeta produces and publishes news content (supplements) about russia in leadinG international media.  project mission / strateGic aims Rossiyskaya Gazeta  rossiyskaya Gazeta supplements under the common official publication of the government of the Russian Federation title Russia Beyond the Headlines are published and distributed  Formats monthly with circulations of The Washington Post (USA), printed edition / web resource / digital edition / microsites on partner newspaper websites TOTAL CIRCULATION The Daily Telegraph (UK),  3 702 000 The Times of India, partners The Economic Times (India), major international newspapers O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil), Duma (Bulgaria),  sections Clarin (Argentina), El Pais (Spain) what readers learn from supplements dedicated to Russia and La Republica (Italy). There are plans to increase  presentation the number of covered countries in 2011. how events and facts are covered  advertisinG opportunities The efforTs are TargeTed aT creaTing a posiTive inTernaTional image for russia, To increase The raTing of iTs aTTracTiveness for invesTors, and To assisT russian businesses advertising in the printed edition / web resource / digital editions / on microsites on partner newspaper websites in Their enTry To foreign markeTs.  Feedback From proFessionals Influential quality newspapers are still the main what publishers of major international newspapers, politicians and experts think of us source of daily information for western elites. They are a traditional channel for communications  contacts with key western influence groups, a source that enjoys a high level of audience trust. www.rbth.ru
  2. 2. The mission Rossiyskaya Gazeta . of this project . rG is the oFFicial publication oF the Government oF the russian Federation From 1990. all Governmental documents come into Force aFter publication in rG.  AlexAnder Gorbenko to oFFer ForeiGn audiences an alternative view GenerAl director, rossiyskAyA GAzetA oF major events and Facts about russia State documents, published in the newspaper: constitutional laws, federal laws (including codes), presidential decrees, regulations and ordinances of the RF governments,  statutory acts of ministries and departments (incl. instructions, statutes, etc.), to Global challenGes, but maintaininG its centuries-old traditions parliamentary acts, resolutions of the Constitutional Court and other acts. and individuality. Format: А2 Frequency: daily (excl. Saturday and Sunday) The projecT is TargeTed aT enhancing russia's posiTive image abroad, promoTion of russian culTural Circulation: 220 000 copies and scienTific values, innovaTive ideas and TalenTed personaliTies, supporT of specific regions Average issue readership for Russia and naTional businesses in enTry To foreign markeTs. (100,000+ cities) – 1 302,500 readers Volume: 16-24 pages Distribution: 65% subscription, 35% retail Geography: all Russia Strategic aims . ONe IssUe AUdIeNCe, ThOUsANd ReAdeRs  To provide more  To support Russian  To promote  To promote major Information on Russian trademarks and investment international initiatives business and opportunities innovations In entry attractiveness of Russia and events with Russia's rossiyskaya gazeTa has The biggesT audience among russian for cooperation. to foreign markets. generally and Its participation. individual regions. qualiTy dailies – each issue of rg is read by approximaTely 1 302 500 people. source: tns GAllup MediA, nrs russiA www.rbth.ru
  3. 3. Formats .  digital edition possibility to view the newspaper as it was published in print www.rbth.ru/E-paper multimedia Content: video, audio,  printed edition photos, presentations, etC. interaCtive links to other websites design elaboraTed by design bureau cases i associaTs (spain). from 1990 The company has creaTed design or redesigned over 100 major newspapers in europe and america, including The daily mirror, clarin, The independenT, el universo, eTc.  partner newspaper websites www.telegraph.co.uk/russianow multiple audienCe expansion  web resource www.rbth.ru (the daily telegraph - 3,7 mln, telegraph.Co.uk - 23 mln) Considerable audienCe inCrease, the resourCe Content indexing in newspaper website searCh engines Covers all projeCt Countries multimedia Content: video, audio, photos, presentations daily Content updates: analysis, faCts, opinions, of projeCt partners, etC. www.duma.bg Commentary interaCtive ContaCts with the audienCe www.investimentosenoticias.com.br simple navigation (surveys, Contests, etC.) allow for regular Convenient searCh through seCtions and stories researCh and reader feedbaCk free aCCess to arChives of all issues www.washingtonpost.com/russianow www.jb.com.br www.rbth.ru
  4. 4. Partners . Biggest newspaper and web resource Influential French national newspaper in the US capitol Daily circulation - 320 000 copies Daily circulation - 583 000 copies Readership - 1,3 mln. Readership - 1,7 mln russianow.washingtonpost.com lefigaro.fr Biggest quality national newspaper The most widely read newspaper In the UK in Spain Daily circulation - Daily circulation - 461 000 copies 500 000 copies Readership – 2,2 mln Readership – 3,7 mln National business newspaper telegraph.co.uk/russianow The most widely read Argentina's elpais.com belonging to the biggest media newspaper group In India Daily circulation - 330 000 copies Daily circulation - 980 000 copies Readership – 950 000 Readership – 3 mln economictimes.indiatimes.com clarin.com Biggest quality daily in Brasil One of the leading newspaper distributed Daily circulation - 213 000 copies Bulgarian national newspaper throughout the Rome and Milan regions Daily circulation - Daily circulation - 300 000 copies 15 000 copies Readership - 3,1 mln. Readership – 60 000 estadao.com.br duma.bg repubblica.it www.rbth.ru
  5. 5. Sections . Rich content News coverage of the most important events in Russia Economics & Business business trends Politics & Society relevant political and social issues Opinion opinions, commentary, political essays Feature cultural life Business Calendar key business events  Cultural Calendar key cultural events Press Points overview of the Russian press www.rbth.ru artiCles that didn't appear in print video and audio materials photo galleries Comment on artiCles send a link to friends rss feed www.rbth.ru
  6. 6. Presentation .  First Person – Ceo biography first person company presentations referenCe data regional investment dynamiCs statistiCs and faCts  FOCUS – Region Presentation presentation international status of regional projeCts traditions and tourist highlights experts' Comments experienCe in the russian market head of region address advertising (video/audio file of regional acceptable Companies for digital edition) arguments in favor of Commentary from  Expert’s comments – commentary from experts on issues, regional investments foreign experts relevant for foreign readers  Event Calendar  Business news – key news from Russian companies and corporations *all paid content of this type will be clearly labeled as sponsored content www.rbth.ru
  7. 7. Advertising  digital edition Opportunities . www.rbth.ru/E-paper  in printed editions  partner newspaper websites  online edition www.washingtonpost.com/russianow/ www.rbth.ru www.telegraph.co.uk/russianow www.jbonline.terra.com.br www.investimentosenoticias.com.br www.lefigaro.fr deTails on adverTising opporTuniTies in differenT counTries www.rbth.ru
  8. 8. Feedback Contacts from Professionals . the paramount aim of this project is to help the foreign community Nikolay Malinov, Publisher go beyond their stereotype perceptions of russia, to offer a view of russia as a country, that changes in response to global challenges, of Bulgarian international projects department but maintains its traditions and distinctive character. newspaper tel. +7 (495) 775 3114 DUMA fax +7 (495) 988 9213 Sergei Lavrov, Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia the russian supplement in our rbth@rg.ru newspaper has given the opportunity to our readers to have a new serious american readers now have a wonderful guide to modern russia. and proffessional approach to modern rbth covers many aspects of our life, demonstrating true journalistic russia. this media project is really talent. i cannot express all my feelings to this media project. interesting for our readers an we rossiyskaya gazeta has a very serious and professional approach. consider that we have managed to i can confidently state that rbth is already recognized in the highest offer them a supplement with good echelons of us power and has made the lists of the washington elite‘s quality. must read literature. Yuri Ushakov, Russian Ambassador in the USA (1999 - 2008). eugene abov director of international projects, this series of supplements sets a new global standard in depth, quality and impact, and is already generating considerable interest in deputy Ceo of rossiyskaya gazeta many countries that want to follow its example. i have been working in this field for ten years, and russia chose a much better approach than abov@rg.ru others, because it has a comprehensive thought through plan. Amer Yakub, Publisher, Foreign Policy, Washington Post Media we are very happy with the russian supplement. it gives our readers julia golikova an opportunity to learn the russian point of view from the inside. deputy director of international projects this is confirmed by our readers’ feedback. golikova@rg.ru Catherine Weymouth, Publisher, Washington Post www.rbth.ru