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Google voice m

  1. 1. With a Mobile Phone Do you have a Landline phone you wish you didn’t have to pay for? Eliminate the need for your landline using a free internet application to manage your PhoneIngredients Google E-mail Address (G-Mail) Google Voice Phone Number Mobile Phone Computer with reliable internet connection Best results with Google Chrome BrowserSetting up Google Voice Number:1. Establish a G-Mail account  Visit  Create an Account2. Reserve a Google Voice Number  Visit (sign in if you need to)  Click on Upgrade My Account >>> I Want a New Number or Pop-Up offering you a Phone Number  Choose by Area Code  Choose by Text  Enter PIN & Confirm (make sure to write it down!)  Enter Mobile Phone Number to Forward to  Google Voice will call your Phone: Enter the Verification Code provided on the Screen on your Phone’s Dial pad  Google Voice is now set up!3. Install Google Voice & Video Plug-in  Visit a Phone Call:1. Visit Log in to your Google Account3. Press Call on the top right of the screen4. Enter Destination Phone Number5. Google Voice will call your Mobile Phone – Pick up and wait for the Dial Tone6. Long distance calls to the 50 United States are FREE (carrier charges apply)7. Google Voice can record phone calls when placed from the computer
  2. 2. Receiving Phone Calls:1. Calls placed to your Google Number will be forwarded to your mobile phone a. Screen Calls by following prompts on your phone i. Accept calls ii. Send calls to Voicemail iii. Block future calls from this number2. Calls can also ring in your Gmail Inbox a. Click on the Gear Icon on the Top Right for Settings b. Check the Box: Forward Calls to Google ChatChecking Voicemail:1. Visit a. Log in to your Google Account b. Click on Inbox c. Press Play Button to Listen or read Transcript d. Manage Voice Mails with Google Voice for FREE2. Call your Google Voice Number a. Enter your PINSending Text Messages:1. Visit Log in to your Google Account3. Press Text on the top right of the screen4. Enter Destination Phone Number5. Enter Text Message Body6. Send up to 5 FREE text messages a dayAdditional Features:1. Contacts: Address Book2. Call History a. Placed Calls b. Received Calls c. Missed Calls3. International Calling a. Cost per Minute4. Conference Calling5. Built-in Call Waiting6. Built-in Caller ID with Call ScreeningWith Google Voice, you won’t need a landline! Basically, you won’t need ANY extra features on your phone. Remove all those extras and see your phone bill shrink, and use that extra cash to pay for the internet service to manage it!