Digital literacy terms & definitions


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Digital literacy terms & definitions

  1. 1. CCamcorderA digital video camera used to record and store video.Cell phoneA wireless device that has the capabilities of a traditional wired phone and allows you to make a call fromalmost any location.Compact disc (CD)A storage device used to store data in a digital format.DDigital cameraA camera that stores images digitally on a memory device, such as a flash memory card or a mini hard disk.Digital versatile disc (DVD)A storage device used to store data in a digital format.EElectronic mail (E-mail)The exchange of text messages and computer files over the Internet.HHome officeAn arrangement that allows people to work from home.IInternetA worldwide collection of public networks that are linked to each other for information exchange.Intranet
  2. 2. A special type of network used to communicate and share information within an organization.MMPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3)A format developed by Motion Picture Expert Group to allow compression of audio and video for digitaldistribution.NNetworkA group of computers and associated devices that are connected to share resources and exchangeinformation.PPersonal digital assistant (PDA)A handheld computer that is used as a personal organizer. A traditional PDA includes features such as anaddress book, task list, and a calculator.PixelsRefers to small units that make up a picture. The higher the number of pixels, the better the quality of thepicture.Plug-inA component that provides added functions by allowing the Web browser to access and execute files that areincluded in Web pages.RRegional work centreA remote office that is connected to the company’s head office by either the company’s network or the Internet.ResolutionRefers to the clarity and sharpness of a picture.
  3. 3. SSpeech recognitionA technology that allows you to communicate with a computer by using only your voice to enter data and toissue commands.Speech synthesisA technology that allows the computer to speak to you. In speech synthesis, the computer communicates toyou by converting text to digital audio.TTelecommutingAn arrangement that allows people to work from home or from a remote office.UUniversal serial bus (USB) cableA cable that helps you connect digital devices to a computer without turning off the computer.WWeb siteA collection of one or more Web pages that are linked together and made available through a Web server.Wide Area Network (WAN)A network that connects devices in geographically separated areas.Windows audio wave (WAV)An audio format developed by Microsoft. This format is used to store audio files in a digital format.Windows media audio (WMA)An audio format developed by Microsoft. This format is used to store digital audio files.