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Removing virus tri fold - white

  1. 1. Computer Refurbisher: HOW TO SURF THE For Tech Support Call: (216) 361-9991 x3 INTERNET SAFELY RET3 Job Corps 1814 East 40th Street1. Avoid Advertisements Cleveland, OH 44103  Blinking Ads are attractive to the eye, and may take you places where you don’t need to be. Avoid if possible.2. Avoid free music downloads  Software such as Frostwire or Limewire is the #1 source of viruses as the files come from unknown sources. Working with paid services, such as iTunes or Rhapsody, is affordable and safe. Connect Your Community3. Scan anything you download before opening Partners  Save the file to a location, maybe the Desktop. Right-click the file and select (216) 236-3CYC (3292) Scan to check to see if the file is infected. Keeping4. Monitor the usage of your computer  Just because you’re using good practices, doesn’t mean others are! IT Clean Make sure to educate any other users of the computer to ensure that it is free and clear from infections. HOW DO I KNOW I HAVE A A guide to remove viruses VIRUS? and prevent them from  Computer runs slow or abnormally infecting your computer  Programs/applications close or Computer restarts on its own  Rogue software that poses as Anti Virus software asking you to pay for it  Strange sounds or pictures Date of publication
  2. 2. REMOVING A VIRUS ADEQUATE VIRUS ORANGE: PROTECTION  Update – MSE has virus definitions toRestoring your computer using System Restore download so it is aware of potential Your computer is loaded with Microsoft Security threats out there – similar to getting a1. Completely turn off and shut down your Flu shot every year Essentials, a free malicious removal program. In computer. addition to helping remove viruses, it also will2. Wait 10 seconds before turning the computer help prevent viruses from infecting your  Upgrade – MSE has a new update back on computer. giving it new features to protect your3. When the screen comes up, press F8 system continuously To install, visit Microsoft’s website at:  Scan – If a scan hasn’t been run on  If the Microsoft Windows loading screen your computer in a while, it will ask to comes up, start back at Step 1 run a quick diagnostic to make sure it4. If you are successful, the Boot Menu will Once installed, Microsoft Security Essentials will hadn’t missed anything. come up place an icon on the Taskbar by the system tray. RED:5. Select Safe Mode using your Arrow Keys  Highlight and press Enter  Clean – The MSE software has6. Windows will now load in Safe Mode, as detected a threat that needs your indicated by the text on all sides of the attention to be cleaned. Attempt to clean screen. This icon is what MSE uses to show the security immediately. The software may ask to7. Go to Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> status. Green means that your system is Quarantine, which will hide the threat in protected and up to date. If it’s either Orange or a place where it cannot do damage. System Tools >> System Restore8. Select ‘Restore my computer to an earlier Red, it needs attention. Make sure to click on it to see what it needs to ensure you’re protected.  Activate – The MSE software has been time” disabled and needs to be activated to9. Select one of the dates on the calendar which Microsoft Security Essentials requires a live work properly is before you began experiencing problems internet connection to function properly as it10. Select the System Restore Point, then hit Next needs to get updates and new information from twice Microsoft. Keep in mind that just because you have Anti-11. System Restore will restart the computer and Virus software, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully begin the process which should take protected from viruses. Some new threats are approximately 30 minutes. unknown to the software and can get through12. If you are still experiencing problems contact and infect your computer. Be careful where you Help Line at 216-361-9991 x3 surf the internet, and be cautious about what you choose to download to your computer, and make sure other users are as careful as you are.