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Video analysis lily allen

  1. 1. Video Analysis<br />Rose Newbury<br />17/9/10<br />Pre-production video analysis<br />Video Information<br />URL of Video<br /><br />Artist<br />Lily Allen<br />Title of Song<br />Smile<br />Genre<br />This video is primarily a narrative because it is telling the story of a girl (lily Allen) getting revenge on her boyfriend because he cheated on her. It starts with the exposition which is her alone in her room comfort eating, the rising action which is when she pays for him to get beaten up, then the climax which is when he gets beaten up and his house is wrecked, the falling action which is when you see him find out that his vinyl’s are scratched and ruined and the denouement which is at the end of the video when you see her walking down the street happy. <br />The song is from Lily Allen’s first album called ‘Alright, Still’ and is the first song on the album, so when this album was first released Lily Allen was still making herself known, which means there wouldn’t have been any change of image because it is her first album. The technology used in this video is very simple; there would have been a small amount of cameras used which can be shown by the similar shot types, also there are no special effects used in this video and the overall genre of this album is pop.<br />Star/Artist<br />In the beginning of the video the image in which Lily Allen is being projected as a young, sad vulnerable girl which is shown by her expressions and her actions by comfort eating but as the video goes on she becomes more devious because of what she is doing to her ex-boyfriend and the fact she knows and pays people to do these things and also becomes more happy because of it. Her overall image is portrayed stereotypically as a ‘chav’ which is shown by her costumes which are dresses which she wears trainers with, she wears a lot of jewellery like necklaces and rings and her accent also helps portray this stereotypical image.<br />Audiences<br />The target audience for this video are mainly young females and this is shown by the song itself because Lily Allen is singing about her boyfriend cheating on her and this is something that some girls can relate to. <br />Lyrics/music <br />The music video to this song connects with the lyrics because in the lyrics she says things like ‘when I see you cry, yeah it makes me smile’ and in the video she is making sure that different bad situations happen to her ex boyfriend like him getting beaten up and his house getting trashed and she is saying that by getting revenge for him cheating in her it makes her smile and feel happier. <br />Also Lily Allen does includes some colloquial language in her lyrics like the phrase ‘no it don’t mean jack’ and is singing this song in a cockney accent showing where this video could be set and the type of girl she is.<br />Editing<br />The editing rhythm in this video is appropriate because before the lyrics start in the song there are some fast paced cuts to make the video more interesting but when the lyrics start the cuts and editing stay mostly quick cuts. There aren’t any special effects in this video because again the technology used is simple but in the end scene when she is walking downs the street and she and the lighting have become softer looking which is used as an effect.<br /> <br />